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 Hitpoints / Chakra

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PostSubject: Hitpoints / Chakra   Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:49 pm

Hit points mean two things in the game: the ability to take physical punishment and keep going, and the ability to turn a serious blow into a less serious one. Damage gives you scars, bangs up your body, and gets blood on your cloths, but it doesn’t slow you down until your current hit points reach 0 or lower.
The most common way that your character gets hurt is to take damage and lose hit points, whether from an opponent's Kunai, a ball of fire, or being crushed by a rock. You can record your character’s hit point total on your character sheet on forums, but you should keep track of your total HP in your journal server side. As your character takes damage, you subtract that damage from your hit points, leaving you with your current hit points. Current hit points go down when you take damage and go back up when you are healed.
If you reach 0 HP at anytime, your character is considered Knocked out / dieing. If they do not receive medical attention, they will be considered dead. If at any time your character reaches -10 HP they are automatically killed, unless a DM states otherwise.

[Hitpoints Calculation]
Current Level + Constitution Mod x2 + Rank + Ability/Clan/Bloodline Extras + 10

[Rank Hitpoints Bonus]
Level 1-5: +0 HP
Level 6-10: +5 HP
Level 11-15: +10 HP
Level 16-20: +15 HP
Level 21-25: +20 HP
Level 26-30: +25 HP
Level 31-35: +30 HP
Level 36-40: +35 HP

A Level 20, with a 10 CON Mod would have a HP Calculated Of: 20 [Level] + 20 [Constitutionx2] + 15 [Rank] + 10 = 65 Total HP

Chakra points, or CP, is how much Energy your character has. Your Chakra Points shows how much Jutsu/Techniques or other various things your character can do in and out of battle. Each time you use Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu etc, small or larger amounts of chakra are used. Some moves can even drain your Chakra Points when hitting you. If at any time during a fight, your Chakra Points reach 0, You are knocked out for the remainder of the fight. You cannot be Perma-killed from Chakra Loss or Damage, however if you hit -15 CP you will suffer a -5 to Attack/Defense rolls for 2 IRL Days.

[Chakra Calculation]
Current Level + Charisma Mod + Constitution Mod + Rank Mod + Ability/Clan/Bloodline Extras

[Rank Chakra Bonus]
Level 1-5: +0 CP
Level 6-10: +5 CP
Level 11-15: +10 CP
Level 16-20: +15 CP
Level 21-25: +20 CP
Level 26-30: +25 CP
Level 31-35: +30 CP
Level 36-40: +35 CP

A Level 25, with a 10 CHA Mod and 9 CON Mod would have a CP Calculated Of: 25 [Level] + 10 [Charisma] + 9 [Constitution] + 15 [Rank] = 59 Total CP
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Hitpoints / Chakra
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