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 [Kirigakure] Yurei, Nagisa

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[Kirigakure] Yurei, Nagisa Empty
PostSubject: [Kirigakure] Yurei, Nagisa   [Kirigakure] Yurei, Nagisa Icon_minitimeFri Apr 28, 2017 5:02 pm

Name: Yurei, Nagisa
Nicknames: Yurei-Hime, Nagi
Age: 17
Birthday: 24/11
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B+
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Long Length Blonde Hair
Eyes: Purple
Home: Kirigakure
Team: N/a
Sensei: N/A
Teammates: N/A
Rank: Chuunin
Chakra Element: Inton
Family: Yurei Clan
Life Story:

  • Kill a Rogue Ninja via neck break
  • Master Taijutsu
  • Kill a Rogue Ninja via Decapitaion
  • Marry a strong guy
  • Kill a rogue ninja via tearing their heart out
  • Find a way to learn/adapt the Hyuuga Juken into the Yurei Clans dead fist
  • Kill Rogue Ninja via Fatal beatdown
  • Recreate the legendary Dead Fist technique known as Thousand Soul Strike
  • Kill a Rogue Ninja with Thousand Soul Strike

Stat Guide (55 skill points)

Skill Name
Village Lore
World Lore
First Aid
Chakra Control


Academy Jutsu:




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Posts : 188
Join date : 2017-04-03

[Kirigakure] Yurei, Nagisa Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Kirigakure] Yurei, Nagisa   [Kirigakure] Yurei, Nagisa Icon_minitimeFri Apr 28, 2017 7:41 pm

(10 AP)

[Kirigakure] Yurei, Nagisa 7585a2710ac7c4ba7176cbe327f4fb3e
A dangerous clan residing in Kirigakure, the fact an extremely violent village houses a rather eerie and mysterious clan is rather fitting but the Yurei clan pass down Fuuinjutsu from generation to generation, these fuuinjutsu are applied as milestones of the clan members life, therefore one does not simply join the Yurei clan, they are born into it as few that manage to join while not being a part of the family manage to survive the fuuinjutsu effects. They focus primarily in Taijutsu and make use of other fuuinjutsu as well as ninjutsu to enhance themselves for combat. In the end though, the Yurei possess Fuuinjutsu no one has been able to replicate making them a clan to be feared among all shinobi.

[Slow Heart beat]
(2 AP)
The Yurei clan is known for it’s questionable use of Fuuinjutsu from a very young age. The first seal to be placed on the Yurei’s body is the seal known only as the cold hearted seal that puts the Yurei youngster through a process that takes over a month to take hold, slowing their heart beat to a near halt. This causes their body to be resistant to bleeding out quickly from wounds dealt to them.
Special Passive - +1 HP DR/Hit (Universal)
Passive) Gain access to Fuuinjutsu

[Dead Fist]
(6 AP)
An art only the Yurei can master, requiring stiff but highly powered strikes the Dead fist is similar to drunken boxing in a way, the user purposefully stumbles and almost flails about like an undead creature. The Dead fist uses these intentional stumbles and mistakes to build momentum for their attacks, this is further enhanced by their inton knowledge allowing them to either make stealthy sneak attacks or outright infuse their body with inton energy.
Passive) User starts with Inton Element
Academy Student) +0 to Taijutsu Damage per hit, +1 HP DR/Hit (Universal)
Genin) +1 Taijutsu HP Damage/Hit, +2 HP DR/Hit (Universal)
Chuunin) +1d4 Taijutsu HP Damage/Hit, +3 HP DR/Hit (Universal)
Jounin) +1d6 Taijutsu HP Damage/Hit, +4 HP DR/Hit (Universal)

[Rise from the Dead]
(2 AP)
You cannot keep a Yurei down for long, they usually take a lot of punishment and just stand right back up. This is due to the Undying Fuuinjutsu that is placed on their body when entering the academy, this allows the seal to grow as the Yurei does in strength, if placed on them too soon the seal becomes unstable and simply fades. With the Undying Seal they eventually start to draw healing power from it, making wounds they suffered slowly fade from their body as a fight progresses. Master Yurei have been known to be immortal simply by just getting up during a battle multiple times as if they are already dead and are simply here to drag their opponents to hell with them.
Academy Student) Secondary HP Pool - 5/1/10
Genin) Secondary HP Pool - 10/1/20
Chuunin) Secondary HP Pool - 15/1/30
Jounin) Secondary HP Pool - 20/1/40

(Secondary HP only useable when primary pool reaches 0. If user goes below 0, extra amounts is removed from Second HP Pool)
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[Kirigakure] Yurei, Nagisa
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