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 *Report to the Kazekage*

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PostSubject: *Report to the Kazekage*   *Report to the Kazekage* Icon_minitimeWed May 03, 2017 8:18 am

*After Shiro had gathered what he needed for his travels back to Sunagakure he would occassionally begin to go over his notes in his head on how to write his report. After three days had passed he stood infront of the Gates of Sunagakure and headed straight to the Kazekage building*

Dear Kazekage-sama,

I , Shiro Hagiwara, have returned from Konohagakure. Though unintentionally I had stumbled upon some information that may prove valuable to the safety of Sunagakure. During a mission, that I was requested to partake in, I had stumbled upon a conversation amongst the shinobi that Konohagakure has not one Jinchuuriki but two jinchuuriki. The Two Tails and the Three Tailed Beast. No names were stated in the conversation and if they were it was done so prior to me overhearing their discussion. I felt that I was obligated to relay this information to you Kazekage-sama.

Furthermore to stress upon the issues with the mission that I had joined. The Leader of the Bandit was capable of fleeing the scene after utilizing the lives of his allies to do so. The two sensory shinobi that was on the mission with me upon giving the report to the Hokage, had given the description of two missing shinobi :

- Tsubasa " The Stomper " Kujiko. He is an Ex-Iwagakure Shinobi of S-ranked capabilities as I was informed. This Shinobi was said to favor brute strength to his tactics in warfare, Possibly a Taijutsuist or a Kenjutsuist then if such is his form of combat.

- Matsuko " Doc " Aragi. She is an Ex-Konohagakure Shinobi of S-ranked capabilities as I was informed.  Further information was revealed to me at a later discussion and her enjoyments are to cause pain to others, while her abilities are more of a seductress-esque regard. As I was told that she could draw men and women(whom may prefer women) to do her bidding. She was the Ex-Medical Corps Leader for Konohagakure before she went rogue.


Hagiwara, Shiro
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*Report to the Kazekage*
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