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 Yuki at the Farm

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PostSubject: Yuki at the Farm   Thu May 04, 2017 12:10 am

Yuki starts yet another mission this time its farm work the nearby Tadakuro farm had been plagued by mysterious beasts in the night yet no trap nor staying up farmer was able to catch them. It was up to Yuki to find and possibly capture the beast. The pink haired girl sitting on the roof after arrangements had been made stared out with her sharingan active throughout the night in constant vigilance. Some odd behavior, one of the women who work at the farm sleep walking to the barn, only to milk one of the cows... literally sleep-milking one of the cows. Yuki kept careful notes of this abnormality as she returned but knew better then to bother a sleep walking person. Some further bumps and howls in the night, the dog they leave outside all too used to it. Yuki however getting progressively nervous, having seen some of the animals she felt certain it was some sort of animal attack but what animal would leave marks like that?

Her mind wandering as the dog below her started to get ancy moaning and groaning and hiding under a nearby wagon; towards three in the morning thats when it happened. A load screech of a dying pig, being horribly mauled, something had bypassed Yuki's surveillance! Hurriedly she focused on the barn as she ran in... everything was dark only opening the door could present light, thats when she saw it THE CHUPACABRA! A wild beast with writhing tenticles and a malformed shape to it. Yuki set into fast action throwing two kunai to take it down, the beast half vanishing with some kind of advanced invisible chakra cloak.. her sharingan eye catching this though providing no detail to overcome it and not before the creature vanished and launching itself onto her, a battle between life and death snow-girl and blood beast!

Thrash! A gash across Yuki left eye up and down.. just barely shallow enough to miss it as the girl freaks and screeches much like the pig, though much much cuter. Rolling to the side to get the beast off of her to no avail she set off a tag blowing up herself and it to gain some distance. The blood dripping from her form she had finally managed a blow. Her sharingan eye focusing on the creature... and finding it just that.. a mindless beast easy to bind without a mind to defend it, she drew it into hypnosis half through desperation half through raw determined control and skill, it was truly her only way out. Before her the beast would steady and stay even as she bound its muzzle shut with rope.

From there she'd maintain eye contact slowly leading it away from the barn and all the way back to the village telling people to stay away, though many a curious onlooker followed the strange beast Yuki found, leaning over and studying its form, in a shinobi village such oddities are often studied. Yuki made her way to the hokages office for them to take hold of the wild farm attacking beast. Yuki earned her mission pay that day, though only very nearly escaped death. Even through the binding jutsu she could swear the chupacabra was staring at her with murder in its eyes. Finally she'd go the the hospital to have her wounds sanitised properly, before healing them over.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki at the Farm   Mon May 08, 2017 11:17 pm

This was viewed on the server, asked her to move it here so i could read it better.

Now that I have read it better, time for grading.

Word count: 563
Quality: I do like a Chupacabra story, but as long as it stays away from automatic weapons I feel safe (Fallout New vegas joke...haha...) But it is a story that opens up plots for the dms later
Reward: 3 Tokens (Already given out)
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Yuki at the Farm
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