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 Yuki in Yuki Country! Princess Deception!

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PostSubject: Yuki in Yuki Country! Princess Deception!   Thu May 04, 2017 5:23 pm

At the same time she comes in just about every day, Yuki comes in to check the mission board in the hokages office, only to find a mans hand taking her by the back and lead her upstairs glancing up warily at the jounin she finds herself promptly sat down in a seat.

The man speaks "I'm so glad you could make it today Yuki, we have a special mission for you, that you must undergo" he takes out a file folder of a girl Yuki is pretty sure is just Yuki "This ... is the princess of the snow country, which has requested a body double for the next week or so, with threats of assassination mounting as she must officially undergo ceremony to become next in line for the throne, your mission is simple, you are to pose as her as you are in her likeness, whilst the ceremony is carried out in secret. In short you must act the part and be prepared for ambush, poison and more. We chose you because no amount of jutsu or kekkei genkai would defeat your perfect... natural.. disguise"

Yuki could just nod, well she never thought about wanting to be a princess before for long, the more she thought about it the more she liked it "so how does a princess act? Will I get to meet her?"

The jounin responded "You will, you are to tail her for several days copying her mannerisms before finally taking her place, first as body guard then as double as the fateful day draws nearer. You will be doing this mission solo, and you will have no backup, such is the state of things do you accept?"

Yuki couldn't say no "I do."

Given time to review the folder on the way over - which she takes to storing in a fuinjutsu seal in her foot for safe keeping should something come up, Yuki makes her way well covered all the way up into snow country. As a practical matter this was considered a low risk assignment, not unusual among shinobi. Moving further and further over she'd unleash her sharingan studying the lay of the land and eventually meeting up with her contact the Daimyo minor though he be, physician, and from there onto the palace and in short order the princesses chamber. Already dressed as a hand maiden with her hair covered to hide the resemblence.

Good evening "I am Yuki" Yuki responded to Yuki "I too am Yuki, you've a fantastic name" it would be hard for most onlookers to tell which Yuki was talking, as princess Yuki and plebeian Yuki began their introductions. It would not take long, Yuki watching Yuki with her sharingan, mimicing mannerisms behaving more haughtily and following the princess around. Things getting only slightly awkward when the princess demanded she actually act the part of a handmaiden and attend her, but it was something Yuki could get over, slightly jealous that the girl was not a perfect double, Yuki having a large scar on her back and the princess rather not. Still though the mission was going swimmingly, as Yuki started to match her speech habits everything.

That is also when things started to go sideways for the princess, a small flu had gotten worse with the pressure of the coming day, and she took to bed with illness even as she was set to seclude herself for the ceremony to come. Yuki unaware of this happily took the roll of a happy healthy princess, which seemed to include a lot of nice food, and saying a lot without saying anything. Yuki becoming rather a professional do nothing.

Yuki's sitting in court had a grand time sitting there listening, watching, seeing the dealings of the country, being admired by onlookers as she fanned herself as the princess does, the perfect copy. Strange though, nobody even mentioned their switch, afterwards Yuki was sure the mission was supposed to include a contact but he never showed. Things continuing on nicely, right up to the night before the big day. Apparently the princess had taken too far into illness and was no longer moving, unable to attend. The physician coming to meet her and take her off from the palace to stand in the princesses place for all to go well, a deception of highest order!

With that Yuki would be taken off down into the depths of the daimyo's castle, to a hidden warm font, a natural spring in the middle of snow country. The princess in a chamber nearby was indeed not moving... just staring helplessly murmuring incoherently as Yuki was ushered into the room and then back out to make it look good, several priests in attendance seeming worried that the princess would not attend the meeting seeming much relieved as the 'princess' made her way in.

The ceremony consisted of several parts, drinking from a ceremonial goblet, bathing in the sacred font, and one part Yuki did not feel much like sharing that involved a midwife! The 'princess' passing all of them with a slight henge to hide her scars before the clergy. Things taking a strange turn as a high priestess approached her placing a tiara on Yuki's head "And with that Yuki-hime, you are now next in line for the throne, I am so glad, that the rumors of that scandalous affair were unwarranted!". Yuki's mind went like wildfire as she just stood there plain faced! The princess wasn't sick at all! She was getting Nookie on the side! "Thank you" was all Yuki could say, "I'm sorry I'm still ill I will be retiring to my chamber now" she performed a curtsy as the princess does.

In the princesses chamber, she just started laughing like mad covering her hand with her sleeve, Yuki the ninja wondering if she might actually be the princess of snow country as the princess removed the Tiara with a shining gem on top of it from Yuki's head and put it on her own. "You were an excellent hire, I am so glad dear Thomas (the physician) found a suitable virgin replacement" Yuki just stared blankly ... the note said the girl was sixteen ... Yuki finally believed it. "I am glad I could be of service to you Hime" she responded finally. "Yes good work pretty little doll" the mischievous princess seemed elated to not be caught with her fantastic deception, "I look forward to a day where we can meet again, Hime, I enjoyed working with you" Yuki the ninja smiled, deep down she was a sucker for praise, and what did it matter, Yuki successfully ninja'd an entire country! Of course she wasn't the master mind so that blew.

To play it up Yuki would have to extend her mission time a few days more, so the princess could 'recover', no one the wiser for the princesses deception no one but Yuki. Yuki figured that much out as she started testing her food for poison from there on out, and indeed it was, the princess trying to kill off her double it seemed. Yuki the ninja was not amused but just figured it was part of the job description, though starting to be starved out on the third day of hiding food via fuinjutsu in her mouth and not dying, the princesses recovery was 'complete'. Little did she know that Yuki the ninja has already gotten her revenge. Having stolen most of the princess wardrobe! Including some fine jewelry and when the princess came up to her chambers to meet with Yuki she made the big sell "Ugggh... I- I have been poisoned" as the princess made her way into the room Yuki could only gasp and moan it seemed. The princess responded "No one could ever know I'm afraid" Yuki responded "th-they robbed you too!" the princess didn't seem particularly shocked looking about the room "figures they ran off, figured I'd kill them too, they were right. Down the laundry shoot with you though" she'd heave her double over towards the window Yuki could only squirm and murmur, "but but but" the princess just sighed.

"Don't complain Yuki, you served your purpose in this life, and this is goodbye. Forever." She shoved her double out the window! Turning away and shutting the window, she grinned to herself feeling quite accomplished, now she only need orchestrate the death of the assassin, who was bringing yet another plate of even more poisonous food into the room, and looked quite stabbable." Yuki would climb down the wall however making her way out ninja style to report in, finding her poisoner crashing down as she neared the end, bleeding out and smashing into the ground below, quite dead. Yuki continued on though using her sharingan to watch and avoid patrols... and staring at her collection of tatoos that served to both drain her chakra and make her look weaker, and help rob the princess blind! In the end though Yuki couldn't help but admire her princess counterpart, it was pretty badass how she managed to get everything she wanted, manipulate the system, how poised she was, that's when she realized. She actually liked the princess, for she, was badass, a dangerous crush? Admiration? who knows. Yuki's report would surely be interesting, and black mail worthy.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki in Yuki Country! Princess Deception!   Mon May 08, 2017 11:23 pm

Word Count: 1558
Quality: A nice story, good word count and easily one that shows Yuki as a talented spy.
Reward: 5 Tokens + a stat or level increase of her choice.
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Yuki in Yuki Country! Princess Deception!
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