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 Yuki, E rank Mission turned A, Mail Delivery GONE WRONG!

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PostSubject: Yuki, E rank Mission turned A, Mail Delivery GONE WRONG!   Thu May 04, 2017 11:25 pm

It all began in rice country, a publication, Missing Magazine, had been long running giving targets for missing nin to strike for profit and gain from authority, gaining praise over time for being good scores whilst secretly working as a puppet organization for secret powers to strike an enemies and control the balance of power.... One such article had many a missing nin abuzz, "Konoha Hidden Goldmine" providing a map konoha couriers take to sunagakure, just in time to cut off correspondence and destroy trade. Missing nin who get a subscription and those who steal a subscription, grinning from ear to ear across the land, an easy mark with at treasure drove of personal information on konoha nin, and they even assign it to low ranking shinobi what fools!

Meanwhile, in Konoha, Yuki after her last assignment went wrong, her own employer trying to murder her in a most elegant fashion beautiful though she be, was looking for an easy one to follow it up. Just deliver the mail she thought as she signed up for the abyssal pay. An odd feeling of uneasy coming over her, it was just the mail, nobody ever attack non-special couriers, she put her odd thoughts away and began her path. Yuki having the power of far sight would use it to check the distance was clear, but this day it seemed a bit foggy, something, not right, she couldn't see much past the gate. Going through the outskirts she checked in with patrol and started on the not so short, but nearly straight road to Sunagakure. It hadn't rained in some times, but some puddles were on the ground ... Yuki didn't think much of it, but that was her mistake as soon as she passed them two ... not so good looking gentlemen with stubbled hair and bad acne rose from there "Hey girlly watcha got there?". Yuki knew something was amiss, not just two, but her vision glancing around as several trees started to take the shape of men and others moved forwards... her special mail carrier bag gripped tightly she pulled it back she responded "N-no-nothing" her path back already closed off just outside the outskirts, looking to the guard towers she could see the nin there hanging over the edge.. one stuck on the ladder by his boot, Yuki knew this was going to go real real bad.

She'd try a subsitution, to get some distance, it would fail though several kunai striking her in the legs and arms. The group of missing nin closing in she drew out her hands in and out holding explosive tags that were charging and tossing them both in the air to gain distance, several kunai being deflected in the blast, she'd push onwards running as fast as she could away from the group as they gave chase. To the tree line she thought leaping up. A trap .... several wires crissrossed with tags attached she'd catch with her sharingan and would throw a kunai to set it off.... weaving through with her smaller frame as several lesser thugs would get caught up in the blast.

Shadows moving along the edges of her feeling, an overbearing presence of being watched from above, what the bloody hells was going on! Leaving a blood trail to follow wasn't helping either, green chakra glowing she'd enhance her regeneration, chakra to her feet moving faster and faster, more kunai... A tree exploding next to her, she'd use the clone jutsu splitting off in three directions, the main one going south towards tea, this mission was likely a wash she could lay low there maybe call on friends the way back to konoha off, most of her followsing breaking off along the choosen path towards suna, why did they know which way the mail was going anyways?! Thats when Yuki remembered it, the words that would forever damn her since she uttered them... a flash back to the academy.... those in the class being asked to say their nindo... and Yuki rising... and saying on all of her honor "To be badass".

That when she stopped running her clones likely dead by now... turning towards the hoard her sharingan unleashed she'd put a genjutsu upon two of them binding them up to make them run in circles, only five weaker goons, fodder to test her, she could sense more beyond so many, all along the path she was destined to take. Checking their chakra levels she'd guess the strongest as several mixed elemental attacks came at her from those still moving, weak ones she thought even as a wound was blasted into her arm by a rocket launched pebbles. Her sharingan twisting she'd hypnotise at least one into attacking the others - her enemies fighting one another like mad, she had made them all nearly salivate the mail was one thing, BUT SHARINGAN was another. Yuki realized her damning mistake right soon as she displayed too much of her prowess. This was going to go quite badly, and she knew it, she'd pilfer one of the genjutsu users moving up and in... then move off, henging herself as a derpy looking fellow to throw off the group... She figured on following the path.

To her surprise not many were following her, that still looming presence as if being caught in someones terrible web well set in, making her skin crawl, it was good her enemies were stuck fighting one another. What she didn't know was that they were discussing their game plane to shut her down. All in all by now she had counted twenty, most of them quite weak more like brigands. Up ahead however were stronger challenges. She'd move west and east, keeping them at the distance of her far sight vision. Even backtracking it was a big country and Yuki's main method of avoiding foes was to see them first.

Meanwhile in Konoha, ANBU reporting on the activities of missing nin, would of course be subscribed to Missing Magazine, hurriedly bringing the threat to the village back into operations. Hoping to avoid the damaging threat to the couriers. A team soon dispatched masked though they be, a hoard of missing nin to capture bounties all, and other brigands and despots.

As Yuki would press further and further north trying to avoid a ninja who seemed to be tracking her, a female shinobi who took to talking not to herself but Yuki "I see you, you see me girl, I am Yikara, surrender or die, it'll only cost those eyes!". Yuki was not on board for that, getting chased in circles blocked off at every turn growing tired. Stressed, not to mention the need to look elsewhere to avoid other weaker bastards, picking off what few she could easily with her meager genin strength. She'd been at it for six hours straight, endurance training be damned, she had used three chakra pills, and though she found more among those she could take down, her body was shaking shivering, more would risk death.

From Konoha by then a fanning group of shinobi would spread out like wildfire, tracking various Yuki's and bandits along the path, in a wave of death and capture. It was not healthy for a missing nin to have their time and place known. Fanning further and further towards Yuki's location. Yuki not always getting the right idea of course, would catch sight of one such missing nin getting taken down, competition she thought, and a strong one now stuck between the two opposing forces she'd take her chances with the inescapable Yikara. Moving off towards the missing nin whilst wrapping bandages around her last, looking beyond tired. It was too late when she noticed, it, a sudden jumping blur, a genjutsu laid on an area, a trap, suddenly Yikara wasn't miles away but mere feet, standing there, she had been slowly straining the genjutsu the entire time to close the distance making Yuki lose track of mere feet at a time, right up until the critical moment. A katana flashing into Yuki's arm cutting deeply and severing muscles from flesh, cutting into the nerve and deadening it, a perfect disabling strike, her sharingan eyes fixated, yet she'd find Yikara's closed. The shinobi's hand around Yuki's neck, closing tighter, and tighter.

Yuki would wake up later not in Konoha but Sunagakure, her mail bag empty, two masked fellows.. ANBU from the two villages there, looking through her mail... at least they made it. Yuki drawing her hand up towards her eyes something not feeling right. One missing.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki, E rank Mission turned A, Mail Delivery GONE WRONG!   Mon May 08, 2017 11:43 pm

Word Count: 1433
Quality: Another good story with Yuki this one pushing her to her limits, having her loose something precious but also this could easily be used as fuel by the people that care about her for a revenge story. This now counts as server Canon so from now on RP Yuki missing one of her eyes.
Reward: 7 Tokens +1 Level or Stat of her choice
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Yuki, E rank Mission turned A, Mail Delivery GONE WRONG!
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