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 Water (Suiton)

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PostSubject: Water (Suiton)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:15 am

(E Rank)

Name) Suiton: Spittle
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2
RP Description) With a quick gather of chakra, the user is able to spit a stream of water at their target. Imbued with chakra, the damage is minimal but noticeable.
PvP Effect) 1d4 DMG to Target

Name) Suiton: Heavy Feet
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2
RP Description) The user would use the water in the ground and attempt to surround their targets feet. If successful, the water woul become heavier and slow the target down.
PvP Effect) -1 DEX Dodge Attempts for 1d4 rounds

(D Rank)

Name) Suiton: Water Wall
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 3
RP Description) The user would use the water within the ground underneath them and quickly erect a wall in front of them. The water would become solid and block anything coming their way.
PvP Effect) WIS Block. +1 to WIS Roll vs Fire Jutsu, Taijutsu and Bokijutsu

Name) Suiton: Water Pistol
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) Forming a seal, the user would raise their hands rapidly towards their opponent and quickly send a shot of water straight at their target.
PvP Effect) 1d8 DMG

Name) Suiton: Water Senbon
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 2 per Thrown.
RP Description) The user would take their senbon and coat them in water which would become slightly harder. Doing this, they  would throw them at their target and attempt to pierce into them.
PvP Effect) Follows Senbon Rules. Each thrown gains +1d4 DMG

(C Rank)

Name) Suiton: Water Puddle
Type) Supplementary
Rank) C
CP Cost) 4 + 1 Per Round Maintained
RP Description) It is known that most suiton jutsu require a source. Over the years, suiton users have used the natural water within the ground. Some shinobi developed the water puddle technique that would allow them to strengthen their water jutsu by creating a puddle, from their body, on the battlefield to utilize for their jutsu.
PvP Effect) 1d6 Rounds - All Suiton Jutsu gain +1d4 DMG (Offensive Only) and Suiton Jutsu cost -1 CP.
Special Note) Can be ended early. Allies and Enemies benefit from this puddle.

Name) Suiton: Water Whip
Type) Ninjutsu / Bokijutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 6
RP Description) Running their hand over their opposite arm, the user pulls water from their body to make a whip made of water. Depending on what their desired effect is, the whip can be used in numerous ways.
PvP Effect - Ninjutsu) 2d6 DMG
PvP Effect - Bokijutsu) Medium Weapon DMG + 1d6 (-1 Weapon Negatives)
PvP Effect - Physical) WIS - Physical Stun for 1d4 Rounds. If caught, DEX/STR/CON to break.

Name) Suiton: Water Ball
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 7
RP Description) The user would form a small seal chain and then hover a small ball in front of themselves. As they do thism they would send this ball straight at the target and slam it into them.
PvP Effect) 1d8 + 1d6 DMG

(B Rank)

Name) Suiton: Water Dragon
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) B
CP Cost) 9
RP Description) Every element is known to have it's own dragon. The water dragon is known for the fact that it packs a punch and those that try to block it will have a harder time to try and stop it.
PvP Effect) +2 VS Block - 2d8 + 1d4 DMG

Name) Suiton: Mini Bunshin
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) B
CP Cost) 4 + 2 Per Bunshin Used (Min 2, Max 4)
RP Description) A technique originally created by one of the original Suiton users. Mini bunshin is a technique that the user would create smaller versions of themselves and then send them, rushing to attack their opponent quickly.
PvP Effect) 1x ATK Roll for All, Each Bunshin does 1d6 DMG.

(A Rank)

Name) Suiton: Torrent
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) A
CP Cost) 14
RP Description) This jutsu requires quite a large amount of water. The user would infuse their chakra into the water and send a large wave of water over the battlefield and at their opponents.
PvP Effect) AoE All Enemies in front of user - 3d8 DMG

Name) Suiton: Raining Needles
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) A
CP Cost) 13
RP Description) Well known by those who are Suiton users as the jutsu that is hard to dodge. The user creates a small cloud over their target and rain water needles down onto their target.
PvP Effect) +1 VS Dodge - 3d8 DMG

(S Rank)

Name) Suiton: Grand Whirlpool
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) S
CP Cost) 20
RP Description) The user would force their chakra into the ground of the battlefield. After doing this, the water would rise up and take over the ground completely, before swirling and becoming a large whirlpool. Those caught are forced into the middle and then pressurized by the water in the middle doing large amounts of damage.
PvP Effect) Mass AoE - 3d8 + 3d6 DMG to all enemies caught.
Special Note: If done on a body of water, all those that are using water walking gain a +2 to DEF vs Jutsu.
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Water (Suiton)
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