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 [Kirigakure] Mamoru, Hei

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PostSubject: [Kirigakure] Mamoru, Hei   Fri May 05, 2017 5:29 pm

Name : Hei "Stitches" Mamoru
Age : 15
Hair : Black
Eyes : Blue
Rank : Chuunin
Village : Kirigakure
Clan : Mamoru
Chakra Nature : Inton, Medical

[Team Hei]
Leader : Hei Mamoru aka Stitches
Member : Hitori
Member : Eladar Senju
Member : Chikako

[Ninjatool Bag] :

Skill Name
Village Lore
World Lore
First Aid
Chakra Control

[Unused Skillpoints] : Pending

[Bukijutsu Tables]


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PostSubject: Re: [Kirigakure] Mamoru, Hei   Fri May 05, 2017 5:31 pm

[The Mad Medic]
(3 AP)
Due to his sadistic love for blood, violence, and dead bodies even though this wasnt uncommon within Kirigakure he had embraced it he dreams of having his own army of Cadavers to experiment on. His own body is not left out of the question as should you see his skin beneath his clothes you would see several stitches covering the course of his body.
Special Passive) User starts with Dark Medical Custom Clan Ability. 2x Free E/D/C/B Rank, 1x A/S Rank.
Passive) Starts with Inton Element and Medical Discipline.
RP Passive) Surgical Genius. Can perform surgery on the battlefield (Out of combat still) even though it is not as refined and perfected.

(Dark Medical is a special branch of Medical and all bonuses that apply to Medical apply also to Dark Medical)

[Scalpel Specialist]
(2 AP)
Due to his proficiency with the scalpel not only in surgical means but he has converted his expertise with the small surgical blades into battle, Being capable of creating several cuts with surgical precision in only a few moments in hopes to not only cause continous pain but to strike fear into his opponents. But with this same quick precise style of attack he is capable of great delicacies to the use of his scalpel allowing him to enhance his medical procedures due to his steady hand.
Academy Student) +1 to Medical Jutsu Rolls
Genin) +2 to Medical Jutsu Rolls
Chuunin) +3 to Medical Jutsu Rolls
Jounin) +4 to Medical Jutsu Rolls

[Experiment 971: Himself!]
(5 AP)
Utilizing his surgical precision he created a second network of chakra within his own body, altering the flow of this chakra network to amplify his own network. This of course was done so due to the fact another student in his class had mysteriously gone missing but that being besides the point. Many failed attempts had occured before his attempt on his own body as he would test such experimentations on rats and other living organisms prior to even touching his body, as should he fail it would be his last! Who would want this fun to end. After 970 failed attempts he had collected enough information to proceed with his own attempt upon himself and with great success as he had been capable of merging the chakra network of the child he had taken it from with his own, though peculiarly it would appear to those with extensively keen sight that they could notice the flows of the chakra network of the second to actually expedite the primary chakra network.
Academy Student) Secondary CP Pool 5/1/10, +5 CP
Genin) Secondary CP Pool 5/1/15, +10 CP
Chuunin) Secondary CP Pool 10/1/20, +15 CP
Jounin) Secondary CP Pool 10/1/25, +20 CP

[Living Stitches]
(4 AP)
Through his successful experimentation on himself he learned how to incorporate chakra networks into organisms, with this knowledge he would create long threads to which he'd use to stitch his body together and even connect those same stitches to his bodies chakra network and vital organs. Creating a form of parasitic existence about his body. Should he utilize his chakra to awaken the sleeping stitches and the networks he had incorporated into the long threads as the wounds would appear the Stitches would automatically react to the injury and begin to stitche the would closed. Though these stitches he created have developed a hunger of themselves requiring him to give them a second heart in which to sustain their living essense as his own heart would not support his own body and the 'body' he created in these stitches.
Passive) Each Heart Grants +1 Atk/Def, +10 HP, and +1 Element to a Maximum of 3 Hearts. For each 1/4 Of Hei's HP he loses 1 Heart.
Special Note) Cannot store custom elements.
Special Note) Hearts can only be gained with a DM present and permission of the DM or NPC. Only 1 Heart may be earned per IRL week.
Special Note) Hearts may be swapped out including elements / jutsu at the users choice.
Special Note) If losing a Heart he doesnt get 'inflicted' 10 HP Damage ontop of reaching that threshhold of losing the heart, the Bonus HP is taken from the top of his Maximum HP.

[First Heart Achieved - DM Pakkun Approved, Achieved during Kirigakure Graduation 5/12/2017]
+1 Atk/Def, +10 HP, Doton Element.

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PostSubject: Re: [Kirigakure] Mamoru, Hei   Fri May 05, 2017 5:33 pm

[Jutsu List]

[Academy Jutsu]






[Dark Medical]


[Doton Jutsu]

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PostSubject: Re: [Kirigakure] Mamoru, Hei   Fri May 05, 2017 5:34 pm

[AP Purchases]
- Custom Ability[Mamoru] - 14 AP

[Weekly Progression]
- 2 AP Saved ( Skype message on 5/19/2017, 3:59 EST: "ALL Current, Active, PC's are granted 2 AP as of this post. You may use it and send straight away and send in a 2 AP ability to the DM team or you may save it up and use it later. )

[Token Purchases]

[Hearts Achieved/Lab Appointed Test Subjects and Helpers]
- First Heart Recieved on 5/12/17 ( Doton Element )- DM Pakkun Approved.

[Stats and Levels]
- +1 CON Stat from Event[5/7/17]
- +1 Level from DM Doogie[5/8/17]
- +1 Level from DM Pakkun[5/12/17]
- +1 CON Stat from DM Shadow Reward[5/13/17]
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PostSubject: Re: [Kirigakure] Mamoru, Hei   

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[Kirigakure] Mamoru, Hei
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