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 Earth (Doton)

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PostSubject: Earth (Doton)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:17 am

(E Rank)

Name) Doton: Pebble Shot
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2
RP Description) The user would infuse their chakra into their foot and kick a rock towards their target. The rock would be be sent flying at their target and do minimal damage.
PvP Effect) 1d4 DMG

Name) Doton: Rock Fist
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2 CP
RP Description) The user would coat their fist in a thin layer of chakra and place it to the ground. Their fist would become covered in rock as they launch towards their target and attempt to punch them.
PvP Effect) Rank Tai + 2 DMG

(D Rank)

Name) Doton: Mud Wall
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) The user would slam their foot or fist into the ground and push their chakra into it. AS they do this, the earth would shoot upwards in a muddy formation and block the incoming attack.
PvP Effect) WIS Block. +1 to WIS Roll vs Water Jutsu

Name) Doton: Durability
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 1 - 5
RP Description) The user would force their chakra into the ground and slowly cover their body in a thin layer of rock. This would allow for a small portion of the impact they take to be removed.
PvP Effect) User gains 1 Destroyable DR per CP Spent. Can be used as DEF.
Special Note) Destroyable DR means once it is gone, it is gone. This DR can not be pierced or ignored.

Name) Doton: Rock Pummel
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) The user would force a rock from the ground to shoot at their target and slam into them. The force would be quite strong.
PvP Effect) 1d8 DMG

(C Rank)

Name) Doton: Quick Sand
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 6
RP Description) The user would send their chakra into the ground beneath the target and cause the ground to become soft. If they do not become aware, they will be trapped and not able to move.
PvP Effect) Physical Stun - WIS vs Dodge. If caught, Target can not move or dodge for 1d4 rounds. Target may still cast Ninjutsu or block freely. Original WIS vs DEX/STR/CON to escape.

Name) Doton: Leaping Tiger
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 7
RP Description) The user would force their chakra into the ground and create a tiger made out of rock. The tiger would launch at the target and pummel straight into them.
PvP Effect) 1d8 + 1d6 DMG

Name) Doton: Rocked Blade
Type) Supplementary
Rank) C
CP Cost) 5
RP Description) The user would coat their weapon or projectiles in rock. This would amplify the damage, and effectively increase the damage that they do.
PvP Effect) Adds +1d6 DMG to all Bokijutsu done for 1d6 Rounds.
Special Note) Can be applied to an allies weapon if chosen.

(B Rank)

Name) Doton: Earth Dragon
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) B
CP Cost) 9
RP Description) Every element is known to have it's own dragon. The earth dragon is known to pummel it's target and slam into them harder than the others.
PvP Effect) +1 VS Block - 2d8 + 1d6

Name) Doton: Earth Dome
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) B
CP Cost) 8 + 2 per Ally Included
RP Description) Utilizing their chakra the user would form a dome of the earth around them. This would be used to protect themselves and any allies. On the rare occasion that the dome would fail, all those that it covered would be covered with the earth and protected slightly.
PvP Effect) WIS Block +2. If failed, all those attempted to protect gain +4 DR vs the incoming DMG only.

(A Rank)

Name) Doton: Clapped Plates
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) A
CP Cost) 15
RP Description) The user would force their chakra into the ground on either side of their target (or targets). The ground would shoot up instantly, and attempt to sqaush them in between the two plates they create.
PvP Effect) Melee AoE - +1 VS Block - 4d6 DMG

Name) Doton: Earthern Armor
Type) Supplementary
Rank) A
CP Cost) 10 + 1 per Additional
RP Description) The user would push their chakra into the ground and bring the rocks up and over their body. This is considered one of the ultimate defensive jutsu as the rock acts as a secondary layer of skin, used to stop incoming damage.
PvP Effect) User gains 15 Temporary DR + 2 DR per additional 1 CP spent. This jutsu is used instead of a defensive jutsu so attacker automatically rolls Damage.
Special Note) Any jutsu that gets blocked by this jutsu can not crit.

(S Rank)

Name) Doton: Earthquake
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) S
CP Cost) 20
RP Description) Considered one of the most dangerous Doton jutsu, Earthquake is devastating. Using their chakra, they would force the plates underneath the earth that they stand on to shift. This would cause a small scale earthquake in their area and drop all those around into small crevices to be crushed by all sorts of rocks and debris.
PvP Effect) 3d8 + 3d6 DMG to all those in the area.
Special Note) Allies must DEF aswell if they are infront of the user. Allies gain +2 to DEF vs Jutsu and take 1/2 DMG if hit.
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Earth (Doton)
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