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 Lightning (Raiton)

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PostSubject: Lightning (Raiton)   Lightning (Raiton) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 05, 2017 10:20 am

(E Rank)

Name) Raiton: Quick Shock
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2
RP Description) The user would form two seals, before sending a shot of electricity straight at their opponent. The shot would move quickly and do minimal damage upon impact.
PvP Effect) 1d4 DMG

Name) Raiton: Weaponize Jolt
Type) Bokijutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2
RP Description) The user would move quickly and as they move send a jolt of electricity into their weapon. As they do this, they would smash it into their opponent with force to give a shock aswell as damage from the weapon.
PvP Effect) Rank Ken + 1 DMG

(D Rank)

Name) Raiton: Stun Gun
Type) Ninjutsu / Taijutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) The user would coat their fist in electricity. The difference between this electricity and normal is that the voltage is not high enough to damage, but enough to temporarily stun. The user can either shoot it at the target, or dash and punch them with it.
PvP Effect) 1d4 Round Stun. DEX/STR/CON to break if caught. DMG breaks stun.

Name) Raiton: Static Skin
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) The user would move their chakra over their body and mix it with their raiton element. As they do this, everyone that gets to close to them would be shocked.
PvP Effect) 1d4 Rounds, Melee Attackers take 1d4 DMG on Hit or Miss.

Name) Raiton: Lightning Spear
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) The user would make a small spear of lightning in their hand. The would throw this at their opponent and hit them with a quick shock.
PvP Effect) 1d8 DMG

(C Rank)

Name) Raiton: Electrified Weapon
Type) Supplementary
Rank) C
CP Cost) 5
RP Description) The user would cover their weapon in electric. This is done instantly before doing another attack and amplifies the damage done right before they would hit their opponent.
PvP Effect) Free Action) Must be used before a Bokijutsu - Adds +1d6+1 DMG to the ATK

Name) Raiton: Jolting Wall
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 6
RP Description) Forming some quick seals, the user would quickly push their raiton element outwards. It would form a semi solid barrier of lightning infront of them to stop an incoming attack.
PvP Effect) WIS Block +1. If Blocking Melee, Attacker takes 1d6 DMG on hit or miss

Name) Raiton: Mini Bolt
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 7
RP Description) With a quick flick of their wrist, the user would be able to form a small bolt of lightning in their hand. AS their hand extends towards their opponent, the bolt would fly at their target and shock them.
PvP Effect) 2d6+1 DMG

(B Rank)

Name) Raiton: Lightning Dragon
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) B
CP Cost) 9
RP Description) Every element is known to have it's own dragon. The lightning dragon is known for shocking it's opponent and slowing their nervous system down.
PvP Effect) +1 VS Block. 2d8 DMG and -1 to ATK/DEF Rolls for 1d4-1 (Min 1) rounds.

Name) Raiton: Static Field
Type) Supplementary
Rank) B
CP Cost) 6 + 2 per round maitained
RP Description) Developed by medical shinobi to protect themselves and those around them in battle. Utilizing the static field of the atmopsher around the user and their allies to damage anyone that comes near them.
PvP Effect) 2d4 Rounds. Melee ATK's made by User and Allies do an additional 1d8 DMG. If User or Allies Block/Dodge Melee, Attacker takes 1d8 DMG on hit or miss.

(A Rank)

Name) Raiton: Triple Bolt
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) A
CP Cost) 15
RP Description) Forcing their chakra outwards, the user would focus their lightning. After a moment, the lightning would shoot in three seperate bolts at the targets the user chooses.
PvP Effect) 3x ATK Roll - Each Bolt does 1d8+1 DMG

Name) Raiton: Uncontrolled Lightning
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) A
CP Cost) 13
RP Description) Considered a dangerous and last resort jutsu, Uncontrolled Lightning utilizes the users chakra and sends arcs of lightning in all directions. It will strike everyone in the same area as the user, regardless of ally or foe.
PvP Effect) Mass AoE, +1 VS Block - 3d8 DMG to All in area (Not user.)
Special Note) Allies can +2 DEF vs jutsu

(S Rank)

Name) Raiton: Perfect Lightning Strikes
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) S
CP Cost) 20
RP Description) Perfect lightning strikes is the pinnacle of lightning techniques. The user is able to force their chakra into the atmosphere and shoot down lightning bolts onto their enemies. The speed of the lightning bolts is extremely quick, so people are advised to block instead of try and dodge.
PvP Effect) AoE, Max 3 Targets, +2 VS Dodge - 2d8 + 4d6 DMG
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Lightning (Raiton)
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