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 A letter copied over and sent to every notable village elder

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A letter copied over and sent to every notable village elder Empty
PostSubject: A letter copied over and sent to every notable village elder   A letter copied over and sent to every notable village elder Icon_minitimeSun May 07, 2017 10:40 am

Dear (Elder!),
I have witnessed a most distressing turn of events in the village as of late. I witnessed the hokage, brutalize, and threaten to kill a young chuunin for kirigakure with his bare hands. The man who was said to bring peace to this world, no better then a common thug to get his way. Following endless torment to his character, a Shinobi known as "Stitches" was brought to the attention of the hokage, by Arata. The hokage himself rather then dispatching someone of lower rank to deal with the situation, elected to come himself to threaten the Stitches on Arata's words alone. I am writing directly after the incident so I will repeat the words spoken once the hokage arrived here so my interpretation will not colour the message unduly.

((Not bothering editing it from log more then this, assume its told from Yukis perspective without too much undo interpretation - removed the ooc comments))
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: Suddenly here looming over Hei...clears his throat
Kisame Nara: . . . Lord Hokage.
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: *tilts his head back looking up towards the Hokage* Oooooooh! Hokage! *twirls about the scalpel vanishing with a twirl in his hand* How do you do~~~~
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "Kisame" he nods to kisame
Yume Keikai: hello, lord hokage
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: He then looks to Hei with a rather displeased look "Young what my Shinobi said true? Are you threatening the civillians of this village and others?"
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: Nope.
Kisame Nara: . . . He's "offering" to give people stitches.
Yume Keikai: lord hokage, with all due respect... this kid isnt right in the head
Yuki: "He.. actually hasn't done anything to anybody..." huff.
Kisame Nara: *nods in agreement as he folds his arms.*
Yume Keikai: yuki, he did, actually. or at least tried
Kisame Nara: Probaby because no one has accepted his offer.
Yume Keikai: remember how he tried attacking izumi before you stopped him?
Yuki: "he walked towards your cat with a scalpel in the arena"
Yuki: "he always has it with him."
Yume Keikai: no, he leaped at izumi trying to stab her
Yuki: "In the arena though" she sighs...
Yume Keikai: yeah, after you and i sparred and were recovering
Yuki: "Its okay for us to be idiots.. but the hokage's act are symbolic for the entire village.. he cannot act in gray areas easily"
Yuki: *acts
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: *picks at a stitch on his neck looking up towards the Hokage*
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "Please stop picking at that stich boy..."
Yume Keikai: lord hokage, i do not believe he acts for all of kirigakure and he himself is just doing all this for his own desires...
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "It'll get infected"
Yuki: "I also hit him several times and he didn't fight back..." she slumps back
Yume Keikai: i mean, kiri shinobi are usually bloodthirsty but they wouldnt just try to start a war like that for no reason
Yume Keikai: most of the time, at least
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: This stitch is my first stitch ... I didnt put it there because of a wound ... *leans back looking to Yume then shakes his head slightly with a chuckle*
Yuki: She sighs thinking this is going rather badly just staring at the hokage~
Yume Keikai: he thinks stitches are a sense of "fashion"...
Kisame Nara: . . .
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "....I reccomend getting some help child..."
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "You seem like the sort to be a Medical prodigy..."
Kisame Nara: *He sighs as he watches the Hokage.*
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "Something I'm sure Kirigakura needs...but as a Chuunin...You're very much disrespecting your village and teachers by threatening the village and it's inhabitants as well as its guests...Please do listen to a konohagakure shinobi's reuests for you to leave if they ask you to do so"
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: Hai, hai... *lowers his hand from his neck and lifts his vest* I did my own work Hokage-sama... See. *^_^ his body scorned with several stitches crossing each direction of his torso moving down from his shoulder to his hip across his stomach*
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "..And now you are wearing down my own patience"
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: I just told you Hokage-sama... I haven't threatened anybody.
Yume Keikai: lord hokage, with all due respect, i reccomend letting the mizukage know so she can explain a few things to this kid...
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "I had a message sent to her the moment Arata reported the child here"
Yume Keikai: alright, fair enough
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: *stares at the Hokage tilting his head slightly up to him letting down his vest patting himself down slightly* So a genin of Konohagakure tells a Hokage something and the Hokage immediately jumps ... Hnnn *scratches his cheek slightly* I wouldn't doubt that the letter would be found in the trash when I get back to Kirigakure ...
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "I trust my genins judgement"
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: Hai, Hai... All well and good. But your Genin lied to you... As I never threatened anybody and I can even break this down further to prove such to you.
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "Arata doesn't have the guts to lie to me...."
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: Then he was misslead in the first place Hokage.
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: *points to Yuki* My sensei would kill me if I hurt the Uchiha. I live for progression, what progression would there be should I die ?
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "I'm sure progress will be made without you"
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: *points to Yume* Shes stating I am threatening the Uchiha, But threatening the Uchiha would be to threaten my own life.
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "Now miss Keikai" he ignores hei entirely "I do hope your stay in Konohagakure is pleseant"
Yume Keikai: i hope so, lord hokage. thank you
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "Child..whilst you've not done anything just yet...I suggest you return that vest you stole from you're far from a chuunin with this behaviour"
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: *tilts his head looking to the Hokage* So you in your position insult, not just myself. But the Mizukage ?
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "Your behaviour is far from a chuunins....the Mizukage is a very smart woman...she most likely wouldn't pick you out as Chuunin material unless you were a prodigy"
Yuki: Yuki almost casually uses her sharingan on the hokage, to make sure its not just arata in a henge. (It was)
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: Im fairly confused Hokage-sama... You just told me moments ago that I looked like a Medical prodigy...
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: So ... now your arguing with yourself at that point ...
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: *scratches his head slightly looking to the Hokage*
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "Now i have work to do..."
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: "I needed a chance to get out of that chair...."
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: You haven't done anything here *throws his hands in the air*
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: Except insult me and the Mizukage.
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: And blindly listen to what you've been told.
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: He picks up Hei by the vest "The I a smart however...have a lot to learn" he ust has a blank look on his face now "Now...I'm tired...I've been up a week straight...I still have a mountain of paper you continue to argue with me...I will not throw you out of the villag..I'll jut break your neck"
Yume Keikai: ...
First Hokage - Hajime Senju: He drops Hei "Now...have a good day..."
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: And now were on the topic of threatening once more... You call me a threat to the village. But then threaten a guest to the village.
Hei 'Stitches' Mamoru: Contradictory *shakes his head slightly* That wasnt the Hokage.

The sad truth is I'm completely certain it was, which is the entire issue. Earlier today he even had me investigated based on other comments from a genin that I didn't follow a suggestion of one of my squad members in a mission (one that I did follow they just ... couldn't noticed) a bit aside the point, hes not in his normal frame of mind, and may well start a war over where someone happens to be standing. I am worried that the Hokages time for retirement is already here, and I'm worried more that that's the case and my continued silence will destroy all the work he accomplished in his life, by his own hands.

An odd aside there may be some play of genjutsu going on, the slanderous insult the hokage made about him stealing his chuunin vest, was one that the guest from Kumogakure with the cat Keikei Yume, had said earlier. I am afraid the hokages mind may in fact not be his own in a very literal sense, either that or hes become a teenage boy who likes to pick on younger kids like a school yard bully.

Please I beg of you, do what needs to be done to save the village.
This is not the same man who could bring to the five villages. The hokage doesn't beat up and kill kids because they happen to be standing somewhere.

Uchiha, Yuki.
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A letter copied over and sent to every notable village elder
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