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 Taijutsu (Hand to Hand)

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PostSubject: Taijutsu (Hand to Hand)   Taijutsu (Hand to Hand) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 05, 2017 10:31 am

[Taijutsu Rank Damage]
Level 1-10: 1d4-1 (Min 1) DMG
Level 11-15: 1d4 DMG
Level 16-20: 1d6 DMG
Level 21-25: 1d8 DMG
Level 26-30: 1d10 DMG
Level 31-35: 2d6 DMG
Level 36-40: 2d8 DMG


Name) Dodge
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) ~
CP Cost) ~
RP Description) The user is able to quickly move out of the way of any incoming attacks. This is commonly known by most shinobi as "Dodging".
PvP Effect) DEX vs ATK to Dodge

(E Rank)

Name) Taijutsu: Light Strike
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 1
RP Description) The user would coat their body part with a minuscule amount of chakra. As they launch towards their opponent, they would attempt to hit them with whatever body part they chose. The damage would be slightly amplified.
PvP Effect) Rank Tai DMG + 1
Special Note) Prerequisite to learn any other Taijutsu.

(D Rank)

Name) Taijutsu: Chakra Strike
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 3
RP Description) The user is able to expand chakra and coat it over a body part. As they do this, they would launch at their target and attempt to hit them, inflicting minor damage.
PvP Effect) Rank Tai DMG + 1d6 DMG

Name) Taijutsu: Reversal
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 3
RP Description) The user is able to follow the movements of their enemy. IF they launch a taijutsu attack onto them, the user is able to quickly turn the attack around on them and inflict minor damage.
PvP Effect) DEX Def VS Taijutsu, If successful, Attacker takes Rank Tai DMG + 1 DMG
Special Note) Can be used on Basic Attacks and up to A Rank Taijutsu, DMG Bonuses do not apply.

(C Rank)

Name) Taijutsu: Double Strike
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 5
RP Description) Dashing forward, the user would push chakra to their fists or legs. The chakra would allow for the impact onto their target to be stronger. Each time it hits, the shot would be amplified and inflict extra pain.
PvP Effect) Rank Tai DMG + 2d4

Name) Taijutsu: Preperation
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) Preparing ones self for an attack is just as important as the attack itself. Developed to encourage taijutsu users to prepare before just dashing in, the chakra focus would allow for a more inflicted and precise attack.
PvP Effect) Adds +1 to next Taijutsu ATK and +1d6 DMG
Special Note) Can spend 2 rounds focus to double the PvP Effect.

Name) Taijutsu: Cross Bar
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) With chakra infused into their arms the user would cross them infront of themselves into an x formation. The chakra, aswell as the strength of their body, the user would be able to block most attacks coming their way.
PvP Effect) DEX vs ATK to block
Special Note) If Block B Rank, +1 CP. If Blocking A Rank, +2 CP. Can not block S Rank.

(B Rank)

Name) Taijutsu: Dragon's Rage
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) B
CP Cost) 9
RP Description) Forcing their chakra into their fists, the user would dash at the opponent quickly. The chakra would be visible on their fist and int the shape of a dragons head. The impact would be quite substantial and leave wounds that need to be healed.
PvP Effect) Rank Tai DMG + 2d6+1

Name) Taijutsu: Open Palm
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) B
CP Cost) 8
RP Description) Forcing chakra into their palm the user would dash forwards, holding an open palm. The strike on the target would be quite blunt, leaving them temporary winded and unable to act for a small amount of time.
PvP Effect) Rank Tai DMG + 1d8, 1d4 Round Stun. If they are hit, stun is broken. DEX/STR/CON to Break.

(A Rank)

Name) Taijutsu: Unwavering Assault
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) A
CP Cost) 15
RP Description) With a quick leap, the user would appear infront of their opponent almost instantly. With punch after punch, they would get off about fifteen punches within the course of a few seconds. IT is not recomended to block this technique, as the attack can usually break through it.
PvP Effect) +2 VS Block, Rank Tai DMG + 2d8
Special Note) If target blocks and ATK roll is within 5 of the DEF roll, DMG is rolled and target takes 1/4.

(S Rank)

Name) Taijutsu: Turmoil
Type) Taijutsu
Rank) S
CP Cost) 20
RP Description) Turmoil is an attack that can be very dangerous if perfected. The user would move so quickly, that their attacker is unable to locate them straight away. Within seconds, they would be attacking their opponent, leaving them confused as to where and what to defend against. The speed and strength demonstrated by a user of this Taijutsu shows they are at the pinnacle of Taijutsu users.
PvP Effect) Rank Tai DMG + 2d8 + 2d6, 1d4 Round Stun. If they are hit, stun is broken. DEX/STR/CON to Break.
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Taijutsu (Hand to Hand)
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