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 Silent Red Night

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PostSubject: Silent Red Night   Tue May 09, 2017 1:25 am

Quiet... The low inhuman growl rumbled in his head.

A large man walked through a small and silent village late at night, only greeted by the groans of an old windmill in the distance. His footsteps replied back a dull thud with each step.

"They're sleeping." The man murmured back to the voice. His own was quite deep too.

His muscles felt tight and sore, as if he'd been on the move for days without end and was ready to collapse. Not only, but he was also short of breath and couldn't think properly.

Disgusting. Vermin. Filth of the Earth. The growl responded.

That's right. This village was known for the 'soap houses' and underground gambling. Rich men and corrupt leaders would gather here to spend other people's money on alcohol, gambling and women. Even soldiers spent nights here when they were on duty, away from their wives and families. It was known but overlooked.

"There could be innocent people living here..." He said. His voice was growing weak.

Not for long... Heh heh... Hah! The growl rumbled again, a cackle echoing until it became a deafening buzz.

His footsteps grew louder until all he heard was the rhythmic drumming of his steps blended with a hypnotic drone. There were innocents in the village yes, but he served a greater purpose... The filth needed to be cleansed. With every step his vision blurred just a little bit more and the pain in his body lessened.

A frail wooden building with illuminated windows and the sounds of nightlife stood ahead in his path. His body sped forward, and as he barrelled down the door his vision finally faded. All he heard was the panic of footsteps and all he saw was the confused darkness. He thrashed around in the building in a hypnotic trance, slashing his limbs outwards as he felt his fingers tear through flesh and crush bone. Hot wetness flowed over his hands. He held them up and felt the warmth splash over his face. This was his purpose.

He no longer felt anything else other than the warmth. A soothing comfort that only a fetus in utero could fathom. Unfortunately for that life, the bliss was cruelly short lived before they were forced to experienced the cold hell. They grew into the vile being they represented. He couldn't let it continue. He was the saviour.

The richness of iron appeased the taste in his mouth as he moved to the next building, and the next after that. He felt the warmth spread over his body as he thrashed about in ecstasy. He felt no greater pleasure than when he was cleansing the earth.

The man had built so much momentum that he could push through most barriers in his way. He felt the buildings crumble over him as he thrashed through the village. There was no obstacle in his path of righteousness. He was the only true being, and he needed to erase the filth and constructions. They toppled and snapped like bramble against his weight.

Soon the village was silent again... But he could still hear that sound; albeit fainter. A deep pulsing. He stood motionless. The warmth soon became cool against his skin. He felt a cold, wicked breeze against his skin. The darkness in his vision faded and he could see again.

His body trembled from the sight. The sickening stench of blood and gore filled his nose and tainted the taste in his mouth. He had no control. The grown man felt hot tears swell and run down his cheeks. He was a murderer. A monster. Filth of the Earth.

He dropped to his knees and screamed up at the moon but all he heard was sorrow. All he saw was red.

Hitori awoke with a panicked growl. He sat up in his bed, alone in his cramped apartment. He felt a hot wetness on his cheek. In his hand too. He had torn a chunk of wood off his bedframe, his hand bleeding from the tight grip and sharp wooden splinters.

The pain was nothing compared to the emotional anguish still tormenting his mind... Though it wasn't his own. He wondered what the dream was. Who the man was. It scared him to think someone could suffer so deeply. It terrified him that he recognised the bestial growl.
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Red Night   Sun May 28, 2017 10:10 pm

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Silent Red Night
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