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 Masami Hyūga - Interesting Morning

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PostSubject: Masami Hyūga - Interesting Morning   Tue May 09, 2017 2:49 pm

~~ Character Key ~~
Masami - Purple
Tamiko (Clan Member) - Blue
Ahikiro (Father) - Green
Eiji (Uncle) - Red
Hospital Receptionist - Orange

~~ The Morning ~~

The day was young, the birds chirping echoing through the empty spaces and down the wooden corridors. The sun would just be rising with the sun rays beaming through the gape in the curtains, and into the room. The window slightly opened allowing the wind to blow gently inside and move the curtains in a sensual way, almost calming. The tapping noise of a pencil would be heard hitting a soft surface, almost like paper. The sound of low volume music would be heard bouncing of the walls, and filling the small room with a tune of rock.

A gentle sigh would escape from a females mouth, as a slam against a soft surface would arrive abruptly. Masami would be laying on her bed, back to the mattress, her head resting off the edge of the bed. The noise that was made would have been her hands slamming onto the mattress. Her left hand gripping the pencil, her right hand holding an anatomy book. The open page would be the glenohumeral joint (for those who are unaware, the shoulder joint). Text to the text printed on the pages would be some handwritten notes in pencil. A description about humerus and glenoid cavity of the scapula. Masami would have written some notes relating to the detachment of said joint and explained a way of how to reattach it, should it be completely removed.

Bolting upright almost instantly, she would flip the pages explaining the elbow joint. A simple text and pictures explaining the synovial hinge joint between the humerus and the radius and ulna. Once again, next to the printed text would be Masami's hand written notes. This one being a put more in depth, as the elbow had a lot more ligaments and bones to work with. Explaining how, if the limb was to be removed at the elbow, severing the posterior and radial ligament, breaking the olecranon and shattering the Radius, Ulna or Humerus, if it would be possible to be reattached. Her eyes drag across the page calmly, as she would tape the pencil to the picture of the join one more. Her mind flying off in several different ways as she shakes her head with a sigh.

"The only way for me to actually figure out a way to do this is to just attempt it... We have bodies in the morgue from deceased shinobi that I am able to use as practice... All I have to do is get permission from the family and it should be fine. I mean, it's all in the name of furthering my medical training so that I am able to aid in the future... Right? The best thing I can do is hope, and ask... The director should be okay with it, so skip that part and go right to the family. Thinking back, which bodies do we have... An Inuzuka, they won't like that. Preserved and all to be buried as a whole with ones canine partner... A Nara, Sacred tradition, they'd never let me do that. Hyuga.... Hyuga... Of course! There is one of the branch members down there, and as bad as it sounds, I should be able to use my status to get the authority to do this! All I have to do is ask father and uncle... Should probably get dressed first..."

With a slam of the book, she would throw it onto the bed spread and spin on her rear to place her feet on the ground. With a quick push, she allows herself to come to a standing position. Her muscles becoming tense, as Masami would stand in her bedroom in just her underwear. A beautiful set of black lace, matching. Although she was always so serious, a woman has to feel beautiful, and that is exactly what Masami does. Bringing her right hand down, she would run her fingers round the rear to straighten them out and get them out of an uncomfortable position.

A double step later, she would lock her hands onto her wardrobe and pull it open. Lifting both hands, she quickly fixes the straps on her bra, before reaching in to grab her violet singlet. With a quick slip, she pulls this over her head, over her chest and down to her waist. With a quick shuffle, she would ensure it is on before slipping over the light jacket. After she has her top complete, she would reach in to grab her token black tights, pulling them over her feet and up to her rear. A tug at her thigh, knee and ankle to ensure they are not stretched and perfectly on, she gives a smile. Following the tights would come a darker white skirt, that she pulls up and zips at her waist. Her shoes were already there, so all she had to do was slip these on, before pulling her gloves on with a smile. Closing the wardrobe, she turns to look at the mirror. To her horror, her hair was all over the place, so a quick brush would ensure she looked her best. Dropping the brush, she would apply a quick layer of eyeliner to make her eyes pop, and put her necklace on, given to her by her mother. She would turn once more, looking over the mess in her room with a sigh. Not bothering for now, she walks to her bed, grabs her anatomy book and heads out of the room. Making sure to close the door behind her, so no one is aware of the mess that was made.

~~ The Question ~~

Masami would make her way through the numerous hallways of her home, before exiting through the front door. The water flowing through the garden that rests in the middle of their yard would be filling the area with a tranquil noise. As she exits, she slides the door closed behind her and a few of the houses members would stop to greet her. As she passes them, she stops, locks both of her hands together and gives them all a gentle bow.

"Good morning! By chance, have you seen father? I really need to discuss something with him."

"Ano... Your father is in the main dojo, Masami-hime... He is with your uncle, discussing the latest mission that was failed."

"Perfect! That is exactly what I need to talk to them about! Arigatou, Tamiko-chan!"

"You're welcome, Masami-hime... have a wonderful day!"

Masami gives a pleasant smile, slipping the book under her right arm once more as she begins in her pace once more. The steps she takes are quite wide, as the girl is on a mission. The sound of grass being crushed under her feet and the sound of shuffling dirt as she picks up the pace. Up the stairs she goes, opening another sliding door as she enters the main entrance to the dojo. Once again, she closes the door behind her once more, as the sound of wood hitting wood as it is closed completely. As she turns to face the Dojo, she would see her father and uncle sitting in the middle of the dojo across from one another. With a kick of each of her feet, she lets her shoes loose and steps onto the tatami mat.

"Ohayōgozaimasu, Okasama, Ojisan..."

She would stop just a few feet beside them, gripping the book in both hands as she gives the a bow. Her back would be straight, both of her feet planted and she would form nearly a perfect right angle. She holds the position, until the both of them speak.

"Goodmorning, Masami... Eiji and I were just discussing something important... Is there something you need, my child?"

"Masami-hime... You look like you have been awake for hours..."

She pushes to her feet once more, having the pleasant smile on her face still. Her fathers and uncles eyes both locked on her, the two of them larger, muscular men. Her father having long black hair that flows to the middle of his back, with a white and black robe on. Her uncle, on the other hand, would have shorter hair and wearing a straight black robe. Their eyes, much like Masami's, would be that of the Byakugan, but her uncle would be missing his left. The cursed seal of the Hyuga clan in full visibility on his forehead, and the left eye sealed closed by a medical shinobi. Masami would clear her throat, before carrying on to talk to the two.

"Ano... I have been up since four... Studying something.. Which is excatly why I am here to talk to you and Ojisan, Okasama..."

"I see... Does that have to do with the death of one of the branch members, perhaps? Or, have you finally come to your senses and are allowing me to pick your husband to be?"

"Okasama... You said you would drop that if I dedicated myself to the progression of the Hyuga clan and leave me to find my own husband... When it suits me..."

"Well.. Then it must be about the first subject..."

"Let the girl speak, Akihiro-sama..."

"Hai, Eiji... Carry on, child."

"Hai... Well... I know Rayuma-kun was killed in battle... I also know that he is being held at the konoha morgue, after you activated his seal... I am not interested in that... I am more interested in his arm and legs..."

She would open the book to the page explaining the elbow operation. She moves her hands to point to the different points of the skin, tendons and bones where she would use her chakra to reattach them. With a somewhat quick explanation, she would look back to her uncle and her father. Her eyes filled with hope and dreams, as she watches the pair. Her father bringing his right hand up to his chin, as he would grip it gently and be sent into a train of though. Her uncle, being the head of the branch family, would give a single nod. He is the more vocal one, and would rather get the answers from the source then contemplate it in his own mod.

"I see... Your medical training has come a long way since the first time you told your father you wanted to become a medical shinobi... I assume that you would be attempting to reattach young Rayuma's limbs, in hopes to further your medical study? This could be good for your progression and his families. We were originally going to get the limbs reattached, to keep the body whole so that we may bury him in the graveyard... I would be more then obliged to allow you to practice on him for the coming week, before the ceremony... Akihiro-san, what are your thoughts?"

"I trust in your decision to practice this, Masami... If you believe you are ready to perform such a surgery, it would be best to practice on one that is already deceased. As I am the head of the main house, I can not speak on behalf of the branch members when it comes to this type of thing. If Eiji is willing to give you his blessing, then so am I."

"Then it is settled... You are given a week, to practice this, Masami. If you are unable to do this within the coming week, then you will pass the duty onto a capable medical shinobi."

Masami would beam from ear to ear with the largest smile. Slamming the book closed, she would launch forward and wrap an arm around each of her family members. Prone to showing emotion more so then her elders, she quickly kisses them both of the cheek. She would quickly realize what she has done, pushing to her feet just as fast as she launched. Grabbing her book tightly, she coughs a single time, before dropping into the perfect right angled bow once more.

"Arigatou, Okasama, Ojisan! I will not let you down! Thank you for this opportunity!"

"Do not let me down, my child... Now, you are dismissed."

"Good-luck, Masami-hime.. You will be fine."

Masami pushes back to her feet, the large smile still on her face as she turns and hastily walks towards the door. The two of them would continue in their speech and conversation, but Masami would take no notice of the conversation. Slipping her shoes back on, she quickly opens the door and closes it behind her. This time, she would head directly for the hospital and her office. Her pace quicker then this morning, as the thoughts begin to process in her mind.

~ I have been thinking about this for the bast few days and I believe I have an understanding of how it's done. The preparation and all the theory work behind it is all done... The only thing now is to do the practical and actually attempt it. As soon as I get to the hospital, I will get the body delivered to my surgery room, make sure no one annoys me and begin my attempts... Perhaps Yuki-chan would like to watch.~

~~ At The Hospital ~~

The pace quickens, as she speeds through the streets of Konoha. Each step would be large then the last, as she finally reaches the ramp to the hospital. The book locked under her arm, as she would push into the doors of the hospital. Stepping inside the familiar place, the cries of mourning members of families, the cries of pain and simply the cries of children would be heard echoing through the halls. As she steps inside, she walks directly to the receptionist. Placing her hand onto the counter, she speaks quickly.

"Have Hyuga, Rayuma's body delivered to my surgery room and clear my schedule of all minor surgeries. I don't want to be annoyed unless it absolutely serious as I wil be practicing for myself."

"Ha-... Hai, Masami-hime.... An-.... Ano, Uchiha, Yuki is also in hospital and wished to see you when you are free..."

"Perfect. Send her to my surgery room as soon as she is free. Hopefully she has been studying as this could be useful for her studies and practice, as well as my own."

Before the receptionist could get another word in, Masami would have turned and walked off in a quick pace. Heading towards her surgery room. Locking her hand onto the door, she would open it hastily and step inside, dropping the book onto her desk. Opening it to the single page, she would recite her own procedure back to herself as she begins to clean her surgery table up. Laying down a fresh new sheet, as well as gathering a protective layer to ensure the blood does not spread. She would also obtain a small bowl, filled with sterile water and some clean towels, flannels and swabs to help with her practice. Each moment that passed, Masami would be doing something productive as to not get herself worked up.

Half an hour passed, as two attendants finally turned up with the body. Slipping the body from their gurney and onto her operation table, they would place the three detached limbs onto a separate mayo stand that was sitting next to her table. Her eyes scanning over it quickly, as she gives the nod of approval to the two attendants. They would give her the respective quick bow and quickly leave the room, ensuring they close the door behind her. Masami would turn to the body, and bring her hands together. Interlacing her fingers, she stretches her arms outwards and clicks all ten of her fingers in one quick motion.

"Only thing I can do now, is practice! Yuki should turn up eventually, so she can watch and assist me as needed... let's hope this goes well..."

(( RP Learning Post for Medical Jutsu, Medical: Limb Reattaching. Rest will be done ICly with Uchiha, Yuki present for character progression and RP Reasoning. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Masami Hyūga - Interesting Morning   Thu May 11, 2017 7:20 pm

Word count: 2618
Quality: Very good, gives a look into Masami's home life and the troubles she has with being a princess. No Complaints from me at all, word count is without the titles too.
Training Comments: Training RP looks good
Rewards: 1 Lvl or Stat of choice, 7 tokens.
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Masami Hyūga - Interesting Morning
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