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 Medical (Mal)Practice - Story Gathered by Hei "Stitches" Mamoru

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PostSubject: Medical (Mal)Practice - Story Gathered by Hei "Stitches" Mamoru   Wed May 10, 2017 12:55 am

Walking into the Kirigakure Hospital Hei would look over his notes, eyes scanning the intricate detailed drawings and detailed illustrations he had gathered in his studies abroad in Konohagakure. Nodding to the nurse as she'd draw out the clipboard and offer it to Hei as he'd look through each of the patient manifests to surmise what would be a fitting subject to both further his studies and treat today.

" Hmmm, erratic behavior patterns. Unharmed, probable cause : Trauma... Trauma ? What could've happened to traumatize a Shinobi of Kirigakure... "

He'd draw the paper from the clipboard and waver it in the air as he'd hand the clipboard back to the nurse. Moving towards the stairs to enter the corridor to the patient ward. As he takes the final step to the top of the stairs and turns to begin moving down the hall an audible bang and crash would bellow out from the last door of the hallway. Screams filling the air as Hei would simply sigh slightly giving his greetings to Dr. Cox as he passes by. The screams grew louder and louder as he neared the final door, even the sound of the nurses and patient struggling would penetrate the door. Reaching forward as he'd begin to hum to himself filled with a slight tinge of joy from the sounds being made he'd open the door and look about the room.

" Ooooohaaaiii~yooo~ "

Hei would wave slightly towards the patient and nurses. The nurses leaned over the patient trying to pin him down to the bed. The patient baring a straitjacket tied tightly. Eyeing each of the nurses a moment before carefully inspecting the patient noticing that he really had no physical injuries before looking back to the nurses.

" Hmmm~ , Give me a moment with the patient. I'm going to perform a pre-check and give my recommendation of treatment to the Doctor. "

The nurses would pause a moment looking to each other, knowing how Hei is they'd wearily nod as they'd stand up possibly more so persuaded by their difficulties handling the patient then Hei's request. Just as the Nurses closed the door Hei would turn about and walk up to the end of the bed pulling the patients clipboard up looking over the incident leading to the cause of the hospitalization. Flipping through the pages calmly before he'd hear the banging and kicking of the patients legs squirming about the bed.

" No, no... This wont do at all.. I can't have you squirming around like that during my practice.. "

Rolls onto the bed and shifts behind the patient quickly in a single motion as his hand would begin to glow a dark purple chakra with an outer tinge of black wisps of chakra flowing between his fingertips before placing his hand on the nape of the patients neck 'Muscle Binding Technique' releasing a wave of his chakra throughout the patients body as the muscles would begin to tighten up heavily Hei would smile slightly giving himself a nod before calmly undoing the straps of the straitjacket that cross down along the spine of the patient.

" Of course someone would struggle when their sanity is on the brink and you corner them with a straitjacket... Not good, not good... "

As the straps come undone he'd calmly remove the straitjacket from the patients body, though despite having removed the straitjacket the man could still not move having been placed under Hei's technique. Humming to himself as he'd toss the jacket to the side he'd calmly cross his legs and flop onto the bed infront of the man with a big smile as he'd take the mans wrists in his hands.

" Hmmm I wonder what caused all of this~ "

He'd calmly allow his hands to begin to glow for a brief moment before the chakra would diminish and he'd hum to himself a moment. 'Truth Serum' releasing his chakra into the the bloodstream of the patient the chakra would begin to flood the mans system, Slowly his body would relax as his mind would become hazed and his vision would begin to blur. Hei's hands remaining grasped around the patients wrists as he'd look the man over a moment noting the hang of the patients head he'd ask simply.

" Whats your name ? "

A simple question but to test the authenticity of the effects of the serum taking hold. The man would slowly raise his head slightly, though now having his mind and body in this complex state he'd only do so weakly. As the man would respond.

" Muymoto, Akira... "

His words dripped off the tongue as he'd let his head hang slightly looking towards his lap. Hei would smile slightly as his fingers would tighten around the wrists of Akira's arms and he'd proceed.

" What haunts you Akira... Why are you in the hospital ? "

Akira's eyes widen as he'd lift his head slightly his gaze staring to the light above the two as he'd begin to stutter and stammer with his words fear would become a part of his being as his arms would tense at reliving the incident. Though only briefly did they tense as Hei would release a little more of his chakra into Akira's bloodstream and wait patiently as it'd take its effect.

" I-it was horrifying... Th-they a-all died w-within seconds ... Only t-two men wiped out m-my genin in  a flash b-before I c-could e-even act.. "

Hei would continue to hold the mans wrists and release the chakra into the bloodstream should the man tense at any time. Though carefully taking mental notes of the information Akira was giving him. And awaiting for the man to proceed.

" D-death i-is c-common in Kirigakure... but n-not like this ... O-one was a blonde haired man in red clothing while the o-other was a black h-haired man with a pe-peculiar blue eyes. T-they w-were extremely s-skilled with the blade. I had no o-opportunity to stop them before th-they killed all the genin and left.. "

Hei would stare at Akira a moment seeming to be slightly irritated though also extremely excited by this news. And continues to listen, Akira would go into the gruesome details of the attack that took place to his squad before Hei would nod slightly and release Akira's wrists, the chakra he had injected starting to slowly leave Akira's bloodstream, but before it should Hei would raise his hand calmly and place it upon Akira's forehead. 'Memory Wipe' ...

" Let's clear this up so we can get you back to work already... Wasting everyones time having withheld this information while to kicked and screamed like a child... "

Just as he had said that, he'd release a wave of chakra into the patients forehead targeting his chakra towards the prefrontal cortex of the brain which controls both the longterm and short term memory. The chakra working its way in as the chakra would move between each of the synapse as begin defusing the electrical impulses that carried the information throughout the brain erasing all memories from the very second he had released his chakra into the brain to the very second the previous day.

Sighing slightly he'd roll backwards and off the bed and to his feet. 'Mamoru, Hei. Recommendations : No restrictions to duty.' He'd sign at the bottom and leave the room quietly and pass the clipboard off to Dr. Cox as he'd then pull out his own notebook and begin to write down the information he was given.

" Sounds... Exciting..."
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PostSubject: Re: Medical (Mal)Practice - Story Gathered by Hei "Stitches" Mamoru   Wed May 10, 2017 1:12 am

[Missing Shinobi from the Story]

Name : Hizashi, Iyro
Alias : Skinner
Bingo Book Rank : D-rank
Element : Wind
Affiliation : None, Ex-Kirigakure Shinobi
Skills : Bukijutsu, Combination Ninjutsu

Name : Hizashi, Hiro
Alias : Greed
Bingo Book Rank : D-rank
Element : Fire
Affiliation : None, Ex-Kirigakure Shinobi
Skills : Bukijutsu, Combination Ninjutsu

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PostSubject: Re: Medical (Mal)Practice - Story Gathered by Hei "Stitches" Mamoru   Sat May 20, 2017 7:25 pm

Wordcount: 1273
Grading: Trauma, memory wipe, rinse and repeat....efficient.
Reward: 4 Tokens to Hei
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PostSubject: Re: Medical (Mal)Practice - Story Gathered by Hei "Stitches" Mamoru   

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Medical (Mal)Practice - Story Gathered by Hei "Stitches" Mamoru
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