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 Project: 203 - Enhanced Shinobi

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PostSubject: Project: 203 - Enhanced Shinobi   Sat May 13, 2017 10:24 am

Walking into the lab Hei would reach over to the stand grabbing his white coat and calmly pulls it over his uniform looking among those in the lab. Not many as hes to yet receive many more assistants though notable his eyes would rest on the new recruit Jin Kosugi a young shinobi wearing a necklace of ears around his neck he had a peculiar ability that intrigued Hei during the Graduation Exam, perhaps thats why the Mizukage gave him to Hei. Walking up to the Table Hei would look down over Jin's work eyeing the splayed opened arm of the test subject.

" Have you been following the directions I gave to you ? "

Jin would nod slightly before offering the table to him and steps back. Stepping up to the table Hei would raise his hands allowing his chakra to glow and coat his hands in that purplish hue before it would shift to a soft green moving his hands over the arm of the Shinobi he'd begin to slowly draw his fingers along the Shinobi's muscle fibers in his arm, making small lacerations with surgical precision as he'd nod to Jin. Turning about Jin would turn towards the cooler as he'd pull free a small vial and begins hooking up several bags of blood on the stand next to the table.

" First we'll take these small cuts to muscles fibers along the subjects body to provoke the bodies natural regenerative properties and start the blood transfusion soon. During this time Jin you will be focusing your chakra on the point where the blood enters the body, you dont have to try to focus any specific aspect to your chakra, just raw chakra in subtle pulses towards the point where the needle meets the vein. I will also be draining blood from him at the same rate as he allow the blood to enter him. That is where I need to focus, do not mess anything up. This Subject has been the only one to survive this long of modifications.. "

Calmly Hei would move his hands up towards the deep lacerations he had done to the arm and begins to fold back the skin and slowly mend the skin closed over the cuts he had made to the muslce fibers of the shinobi on the table. Watching closely as he moves his hand along the surface of the skin the wound would begin to disappear the chakra melding with the cells of the epidermis to increase the cellular reproduction slowly stitching the wound closed before moving on to the next area's of the body that had received that same treatment, the abdominal , pectorals, and both biceps and triceps. Though the cuts to the fibers were small they task they wished to complete with such experimentation.

" Alright Jin, I went over with you what we are doing right ? "

With a short shake of his head he'd look back towards his notes he had taken for the directions Hei had given him. As Hei would continue to draw his hand along the surface of the shinobi's skin to close the surface of the wound closed to not allow them to be too exposed to the air to ensure infection doesnt occur.

" Well that vial you have there I had worked with the more seasoned lab technicians on creating, they are a little more precise with their medical ninjutsu then myself. But that vial contains the modified DNA of this shinobi merged with some of the local beasts found in the areas around Water Country and some animals found in Frost Country just north of Hot water country. Though the DNA was only capable of accepting a six percentile modification the attributes from two different animals will be incorporated in this mans capabilities. Curious though what exactly they will gain. As we can modify the DNA to accept strands of the DNA from the animals but we cannot pin-point the precise attributes we wish to obtain from the strands. That will be determined through the observation period of the experiment. "

Jin would nod slightly as he'd take the needle and raise it to the cap of the vial and stick the needle into the cap drawing out a small portion of the modified DNA before raising the needle towards the top of the bag and injecting the blood with the blood already within the bag before looking to Hei. As Hei would nod and they both would open the tubes to allow both the entrance of the blood and exit of the old blood.

" Stitches-Sempai, Why didnt we simply create a large amount of this modified blood and introduce it to the subjects body at once ? "

Hei would keep his eyes on monitoring both the flow of the blood in and out of the subjects body, careful as to the rate being as close as possible while giving slight glances towards the subjects complexion to monitor their health during the process as he spoke.

" We have to introduce the modifications slowly or it could be rejected entirely by the subjects body and death would be inevitable. Now focus Jin. "

He said as he'd move a hand over the subjects heart his hand glowing with a soft green hue as he'd both monitor the subjects heart health and even the apply the chakra to the blood as it finally reaches the heart, having gone through the cycle to become oxygenated he'd look at the valve he has flowing out from a vein in the shinobi's foot as Jin's valve is introducing the blood up along the vein in the subjects bicep. Allowing the blood to be transfered into the body completely before it could even begin to reach Hei's drainage bag.

" Get ready for a bag swap Jin. Have you already applied the modified DNA to the other bags ? "

" Hai Stitches-Sempai. "

Jin did not hesitate for a moment to respond as he'd keep a careful eye on Hei as he'd continue to pulse his chakra at the point of which the blood enters the body. Nodding a moment Hei and Jin would both immediately close the valves and using the quick-release snaps of the tubes from the needles they'd re-attach the leads to the needles and bleed the lines before re-opening the valves to allow the blood flow to continue both in and out of the body. Jin returning to focusing on his pulses of chakra as Hei would continue to monitor the flow of the blood. As moments turned to hours and the blood transfusion finally comes to and end Hei would close the valve and Jin would follow suit as the last drop of blood needed enters the body. Looking the subject over calmly Hei would begin to check the subjects vital signs calmly as the subject would awaken suddenly screaming loudly trying to move though as he does attempt he'd notice he cannot. Calmly placing his hand over the forehead of the Subject Hei would lean over slightly with a big smile.

" Now, now. Calm yourself 203, Your body will take a while before it could move again, we will be transporting you shortly to the room and give you some medication for your pain. But before all that, I need you to calm yourself. You're putting the work we just did at jeopardy, and we cant have that. So..."

Hei's hand would take a purplish hue coating as he'd calmly rub the shinobi's forehead as it to sooth the man though as he'd stop in slight moments between the petting he'd force his chakra into the subjects head targetting the pre-frontal cortex of the brain and slowly begins to pick at the memories of the subject allowing his chakra to move between the synapse of the cortex and defuse the impulses that transfer the information registered by the brain and removing the painful memories the man has endured. For the entire day, Hei has done this process every day actually for the course of the several months of which he has been working on project 203. Leaving the last memory the man would have, being that of entering the Lab as directed and being greeted by all the technicians available and then falling asleep.

" Jin take Project: 203 to his room, I will clean up here. You will be monitoring his health for the time being, my senor technician will be coming in shortly so have them help as well. Tell them this is a critical moment, they will understand. "

With that Hei would nod slightly and Jin would begin wheeling the table out from the lab with Subject: 203 fast asleep on the table as he'd take out a notebook and begin writing down the time of which the subject had been finished receiving the Memory Wipe Jutsu so that he can keep this precise amount of memory removal and having no gaps in the times he would have noticeably missing then would close the notebook and slip it away into his vest and begins to clean up the area.
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PostSubject: Re: Project: 203 - Enhanced Shinobi   Wed May 24, 2017 10:56 pm

Feedback: The story was very interesting. I appreciate the detail you go into, much like with your other stories. Some constructive feedback would be to focus more effort into punctuation. It makes for an easier read, especially with lengthy stories. You already have the story well thought out, but it'd flow better if you read it over yourself and paid mind to where a reader might need to pause.
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Project: 203 - Enhanced Shinobi
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