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 An Almost Average Snow Day

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PostSubject: An Almost Average Snow Day   Sat May 13, 2017 9:48 pm

An Almost Average Snow Day

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Yuki wakes up, chibi shinobi that she is, in a mountain of toys that has long since covered her bed, crawling out of the cave within she starts at a one eye teddybear, clearly the oldest of the bunch before heading off to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash herself off. Wet haired she makes her way downstairs leaning over a litter box and cleaning up after her cat snowy, she hazzily makes her way to her kitchen opening it forever uncertain now what would be remaining within, today she'd end up making pancakes. Hinako would be somewhere around she thought, a house guest of sorts who had a tendency to eat meat, using her sharingan as she stares at the pot, visions of distant places enter her mind as she searches for Hinako, not finding her, likely on one of her hunts, and then further to access the state of the village, how warm or cold it is outside and watch one of her favorite shows, one of her not-so-close neighbors early morning arguments. Today however, was a bit odd, they were just glaring at each other in silence, must of been a bad one, never mind that then, her disembodied gaze would draw up and skywards. Overcast.

Finishing her pancakes she'd set them down with butter and syrup drawing out a senbon, a thin ninja tool primarily used by medically based nin for precision attacks and the like. Drawing along the empty plate, one might think that using ones gifts to watch other people might be slightly immoral, however this is not a lesson that Yuki subscribed to, rather it was a great source of endless interest, though her passing gaze by her front door revealed a rather elderly kunoichi, not knocking just waiting there knowing well Yuki's tricks.

Lifting up in a panic she'd toss more batter onto a quickly heating stove and go to get the door "Elder Saiya please come right in how long were you waiting?" Yuki looked at her mentor with some adoration, and base fear. Recalling one of her most horrific training exercises, in resisting pain, this same elderly woman having mounted poor Yuki's hand with senbon and made her recite mantras, until there was no hint of pain. An unpleasent day that, but Yuki could not disagree that such harsh methods were indeed effective, and Saiya always looked at her with kind eyes.

The two made there way to the table... going on about her day Yuki happy for her guest. Elder Saiya spoke finally "I wasn't waiting long at all, tell me Yuki how has your days found you as of late". Yuki retorted with a quick unyielding rant about the ongoings "Masami, my would be sensei has left the village in a quest to find herself; just up and gone, the hokage wants me to keep up the slack. I asked him about reasons why I could not be promoted after he made a comment about my being of insufficient rank to take a certain mission, and those around me all stood up for me, I was very moved. However, the hokage, cited my inability to take down multiple chuunin and jounin on my own, as a reason for not advancing, I do not think he was really in a good state of mind, he rarely is when Arata is around. Speaking of Arata did you know his mother is suffering from some blood parasite?"

At that Saiya who had been listening quietly to the pink haired girls rant eyes widened, gripping her by the hand "You did not touch her did you?" Mid-pancake flip she'd look at Saiya and respond "Errh, I had to when I went to draw blood from her". Saiya looked distressed for perhaps the first time ever turning off the stove she'd drag the girl by that same hand in her pajamas off to the hospital. Yuki pleaded "Excuse me Elder whats going on" carried like a ragdoll at speeds she wasn't at all used to nor could be expected of an old woman she found herself near instantly at the hospital door, moments later the elder ninja ignoring the staff and finding an empty lab room would draw her blood out with a syringe. Saiya responded "The moment the skin is pierced the parasites are able to spread, even a blood sample left alone too long becomes a source of infection!" Yuki look somewhat concerned "Elder I'm sure its fine"

A grim expression on Saiyas face as she focused in with a microscope, a happy little parasite floating through Yuki's blood. She was already infected. "Yuki-chan, you fool, you've been infected!" she'd draw yuki over to see, and the chibi shinobi couldn't deny it, staring at her own blood and watching the things swim by she was horrified. She knew well this illness to be terminal, a weakening wasting disease. Saiya spoke up again "Do not let yourself get cut among friends, do not bleed among friends, if its your time of the month seclude yourself and burn it." Yuki wasn't quite that developed by was still reeling from the shock of having acquired a terminal disease how could she of been so careless!

Minutes past, the elders words not hitting Yuki as hard, her eyes glazed over. There were multiple choices here, she could kill Arata, that was an obvious one, or she could deal with the infection. Was she going to let Arata on his solo crusade to cure his mother also save her? Or would she follow her nindo, her ninja way she could not, die so far against how she had lived. She blurted out "How long do I have?". The elder responded "About a month since infection, they breed and infest, had you been directly hit by that shinobi's true method, your life would be cut even shorter. Yuki I leave you with this, I will do everything in my power to save you but I have trained you as best I can to follow your Nindo, your only source of true honor in this world. Do not take this lying down like so many others, fight! The elder walked over resting her hand on the girls shoulders leaning down and staring deep into her eyes "The Uchiha do not run, when we face death we use Izanami and cheat it, the Uchiha do not cower, even in retreat we lay plans to destroy our enemies, we set traps so our pursuers die. Yuki, you are Uchiha, and the only advice I can truly give you is fight, fight to the death for your life is already on the line" Elder Saiya was an incredibly powerful influence on her life, one who still carried the 'old ways' of the clan with her, and Yuki was the youngest person to follow her every word, finding them all to be true. She could but nod, "I will oppose this ninja whose name I do not know, I will do what it takes to live." she said boldly as she turned away from the elder still in her pajamas and made her way back home to change and gear up for a ninja mission, and then to the hokages office to seek aide.
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PostSubject: Re: An Almost Average Snow Day   Thu May 25, 2017 11:48 pm

Feedback: You have a very unique style of writing - I really enjoyed the descriptive language used in this story. Some thoughts for your consideration... Dialogue is easier to read when broken out. Give your story a quick read and take note of any punctual errors. 
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An Almost Average Snow Day
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