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 Spreading Influence, Finding Kindness in Darkness(Hei Personal Missions)

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PostSubject: Spreading Influence, Finding Kindness in Darkness(Hei Personal Missions)   Mon May 15, 2017 10:46 pm

Tugging on the tip of his hood Hei would struggle to breath slightly as he slowly tracks through the snow his legs pushing vigorously to keep himself moving forward against the wind and snow that relentlessly crashes against his body lifting his head slightly to make sure he was traveling in the direction he had intending to traverse he'd nod slightly though curse under his breath as the light of day slowly begins to slip over the edge of the mountains.

" Damn it... Progress, progress... Keep moving Hei... "

Shaking his head slightly he'd tug on the hood once more to pull it down further over his face as he continues onward moving his hand down from the tip of the hood to breath into his hands to warm them slightly before reaching up quickly to keep his hood up as a renegade gust of wind would pelt his body. Nearing closer to his destination he'd begin to start running focusing chakra into the soles of his feet to reduce the amount he'd sink into the snow and quickly close the distance to the cave before running straight into the cave. The Small hole was only deep enough to really hold him and protect his body from the bone chilling winds as he'd quickly sling his backpack off his shoulders.

" I need to secure the entrance first. "

Rummaging through his bag he'd quickly draw out the large fabric he had procured in Konohagakure while he was shopping for this trip and taking out four Kunai and about a foot of wire he'd begin moving to towards the entrance stabbing the kunai through the looped ends of the fabric on three corners around the entrance to the cave and leaving the corner on the bottom open for him to slip back into the cave. Drawing the wire tight he'd begin to take a small needle and draw it through the fabric and wrap the wire around the end of the Kunai as he'd stab the kunai into the ground inside the cave allowing fresh air to enter the room while the top of the fabric was loose to allow smoke to leave the small hole in the cave he's procured.

" Now for the fire, I kept my bag beneath my cloak so everything is still dry thankfully. "

Reaches into the smaller pouches of the bag he'd begin to grab some of the fire starter cloth and begin bundling it up as he'd dig a small hole in the ground near the back of the cave and place rocks around the bundle and around the hole. Taking out his flint he'd begin to strike it, causing sparks to illuminate the room as he'd continue to strike he'd watch as the final spark finally lands on the bundle and begins to cinder slightly. Cupping his hands around the cinder he'd blow on it calmly trying to spread the cinders among the cloth of the fire starter. And just as all light had escaped the room of the cave the fire ignited and Hei would fall back slightly looking to the small blaze before him.

" Well, that worked out. Now I need something to burn... "

Licking his lips slightly he'd notice that they began to crack as he'd reach over and draw out his drinking water from the other side pouch taking a swig. Before reaching in his back drawing out a single package of his portioned meat rations and begins to pull the fat off the meat, Cleaning it slightly of all fat aside from a single large chunk that he had placed aside the cleaned meet. Pulling out a skewer he'd begin stacking some of the rocks in the cave on either side of the fire and careful skewer the fat and meat before tossing the remaining fat onto the fire allowing the fat to become fuel to the flame and calmly watches the fire dance beneath the skewer.

" So far all I've found is snow, and more snow... This is becoming more of a hassle then I planned it to be. . . "

He'd look to the fat that was cooking next to the meat as the surface began to shimmer slightly he'd grab a small cup and hold it beneath the chunk of fat allowing the liquid from the fat to drip down into the cup as he held the cup at an angle to not get burned by the flame. The rushing winds would relentlessly churn outside his make-shift camp as he'd look towards the entrance.

" Its going to be a rough night... "

He'd sigh slightly as he'd pull the cup from the fat and dip his finger in the secretions of the fat and begin to dab it on his lips slightly before rubbing his lips together and sigh out slightly setting the cup on the ground and letting the remaining secretions to dry out to thicken to be saved for later use. Looking towards the entrance Hei would blink slightly as he thought he heard something among the howls of the winds, though shook his head as he knew no one would dare to get caught out in this weather. His head would turn back towards the flames as he'd turn the skewer slightly and suddenly lifts his head once more as a scream overwhelmed the howls of nature and he'd quickly move towards the entrance to the cave looking around the outside of the cave seeing very little ahead of him but just in the distance he'd see a few outlines of figures as he'd grin slightly before running back into the cave grabbing his cloak and slinging it over his shoulders and pulling up his hood.

oO( Thought : First person I've seen since I've been in this barren tundra, damn right I'm coming to help you! )

He'd chuckle slightly before he'd shiver slightly and pause almost second guessing whether leaving the warmth of his cave is worth saving anyone... then shakes his head proceeding onward into the darkness of the snowy tundra heading towards the figures in the distance, as he began to near the figures he'd blink slightly as his eyes would fall upon a rather large wolf snarling as it approached a girl roughly Hei's age and a wound on her leg. Hei would hesitate slightly as he heard something about this from Hinako not long ago before stepping a little closer and noticing her clothes and lack of weaponry differed from the details depicted to him from her as he'd gather chakra to the soles of his feet something he didnt like to do as just being in this weather would drain you out rather quickly but knew he had nourishment waiting for him back at the cave.

" Get back! "

Hei shouted as he ran skidding between the wolf and the girl his hands begining to glow with a purplish hue of chakra the wolf would pause almost as it had instinctively felt the malicious that carried not only in that chakra but in the young man standing between it and the meal he had prowled on. The wolf would snarl slightly as it had lowered its body. Just as the wolf did Hei did as well, bending at the knees slightly as he'd prepare himself looking at the positioning the wolfs hind-quarters to predict the trajectory of its leap, and just as its back paws kicked off the snow Hei would take on the brunt force of the wolfs attack focusing his chakra to the point of which the wolf had dug its teeth into his shoulder before Hei would grasp the wolves frame and force the chakra into its body tightening its muscles throughout its body and prying its mouth from his shoulder and slinging the wolf over the edge of the cliff.

" Bastard ... "

Turning slightly he'd reach down to the girl and help her up and sling her arm over his shoulder before calmly moving back in the direction he came from turning back slightly he'd see the smoke rise a little distance behind him and cough slightly as he'd back track towards the entrance of the cave and allow the girl to crawl in first. Raising a hand slightly he'd rub his shoulder to ensure that the wound treated itself completely before crawling in after her. As he entered the cave he'd look to the girl in the back of the cave with a kunai in her hand held between him and her and Hei would sigh out slightly as he'd sit at the entrance.

" What are you doing ? "

The girl would shake slightly as she held the wound on her leg with one hand in the kunai in the other the blood dripping to the cave floor.

" I've never seen you around here before, Who are you! "

Blinkind slightly Hei would chuckle slightly as he'd move closer into the cave as he'd get closer still laughing he'd suddenly move in a burst of speed snatching the kunai from her hand, shocked by this she'd stagger back as far into the back of the small cave as possible watching Hei in fear. Hei would simply pull the skewer up and trimming a piece off the cooked meat and stick the kunai into it and move to sit next to her and offers the kunai with the meat stuck ontop of it to her.

" Im a medical shinobi. Trying to get my own practice in my field and offer assistance to different areas of the world should they need it. "

He'd lean down to take a closer look at the wound but she would pull her leg away and Hei would huff slightly as he'd show her his shoulder showing no wound where the wolf had bit him.

" Let me take a look at it. "

She'd hesitantly relax lifting her leg slightly towards Hei as he'd begin to look over the wound calmly taking in a slight body examination of the area that has received the wound as he'd allow his chakra to gather around his hand the green hue flowing with a slight whimsy to it as it'd dance around his hand he'd calmly draw his hand down towards the wound as he'd begin to focus his chakra into the wound he'd begin to seep his chakra into the cells increasing their regenerative properties allowing the skin to slowly close itself up starting within as the wound would begin to close up slowly Hei would look towards the girl.

" What are you doing out here this late ? "

She looked to him like he was stupid to ask such a question and Hei would scowl slightly at the look she had given him before she'd turn her head slightly away from him.

" The real question is what you're doing out here. "

Hei would sit up slightly as he'd look her wound over seeing that it has healed but would move towards his medical supplies and grabs and ointment and begins to rub it over the wound before appling a basic wrap around her leg.

" Fair enough, Im sure you've gathered Im not from around here. But as I said Im traveling to offer my medical assistance to those in need and I just happened to travel this way. "

She'd look Hei over slightly as she'd sigh relaxing a bit as he kept to the same explanation earlier almost as if she was testing the legitimacy of his previous statement. Before she'd begin to speak.

" I didn't intend to get caught out in this weather, I was coming back from one of my towns greenhouses with some of our harvest when that wolf started to chase me down. Thats when the weather started picking up and i got caught out in it until you arrived. "

Hei would shift from next to her and moves closer to the fire reaching over to grab another kunai from his bag and trim off a little bit of the meat as he'd look to her kunai and the meat he had gave her earlier was already gone. He'd lift the trimming he had trimmed to his lips before biting down and lifting the skewer towards the girl and nods as she'd trim another portion from the skewer.

" So whats your name ? "

He'd swallow his mouth full and look to her a moment as she'd fiddle with her piece a moment.

" Chaimu, Shizuka "

Blinking slightly as Hei would lean back and give a slight 'hmm' before looking towards the ceiling of the cave. Just as she had started to speak Hei would begin to speak.

" Just call me Doctor for now. But right now you need your rest. So get some sleep. "

She'd look Hei over a moment before hesitantly turning away from her. Hei knew she hadn't fallen asleep yet so he would simply remain still looking towards the ceiling. Remaining as quiet as possibly before suddenly he watched her back relax and knew she had finally given into her exhaustion as he'd smirk slightly and pull the chunk of fat from the skewer and add it to the flame and continue to eat his meal for the night staying up a bit longer to make sure the wolf did not return to the cave before taking his own time to drift to sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Spreading Influence, Finding Kindness in Darkness(Hei Personal Missions)   Tue May 16, 2017 8:55 pm

Slowly his eyes would begin to open as the light of day peaks over the mountain tops in the distance. Stirring slightly Hei would pull himself up off the ground and look around the cave noticing the girl still fast asleep in the back of the cave looking to her wound a moment before nodding and pushing himself to his feet the fire had dwindled down to a soft smolder before he'd kick it out slightly and move towards the entrance moving the flap to the side slightly as he'd poke his head out. The sight of the terrain was something else, as the light reflected off the crystals of ice on the ground and the gently falling flakes from the sky causing the terrain to gain a slight shine to it. Shimming back into the cave Hei would turn to look to the girl.

" Its time to get up. "

She'd stir at the sound of his voice and roll over away from the sound of his voice and bring her knees closer, curling herself into a ball... Stubborn. Hei would blink slightly as he'd gain a slight facial twitch at this before shaking his head and stepping towards the back of the cave squatting down next to her saying once more.

" Its time. To. Get. Up. "

She'd stir again and waver a hand dismissively towards Hei as she'd hide her face in her arms and cover her ears slightly. With that Hei would raise his fist slightly and swiftly bop her ontop of the head. Her frame shuddered slightly as the slight discomfort shook her.

" What was that for!? "

She said pushing herself up looking to Hei with an offended look on her face only to meet the expressionless gaze of Hei staring back at her before he'd push himself up to his feet dusting off his pants and jacket. Grabbing his bags he'd sling them over his shoulders and move towards the entrance as he started to release the Kunai from the wall and ground to break down the fabric that sealed the cave from the violent winds from last night. Light breaking through the entrance and into the back of the cave as Hei would turn slightly to look towards the girl whom was muttering under her breath slightly as she gathered her things.

(Chaimu, Shizuka)

Looking towards Hei she would calmly stand up brushing herself off with her belongings in hand before moving towards the entrance walking past Hei without a word, only a sound 'humph' as Hei would sigh out slightly and his eyelids would lower slightly staring back into the cave before turning to follow after her.

" Why are you following me ? "

She exclaimed back towards Hei as he'd continue to push through the snow behind her, Watching her carefully as he found himself curious as to how she was walking ontop of the snow while he was forced to walk through it. Was it chakra ? Was it Weight ? Though he dared not to ask that one, as his intentions were to develop relations with people in this area.

" Well you're the first person I've met since coming out this way, its only natural that you'd help me. "

She'd pause slightly as she'd look over her shoulder to Hei before motioning down the path just around the corner the cave was within as the roofs of the town were spread out non-copacetic, the building scattered and there was no real pathway to which you would walk down a path to reach a home.

" Thats where I live at. They call it 'Fuyu no mura'(Winter Village) "

His gaze shifts from the village to Shizuka for a moment before leaping up slightly gathering chakra to the soles of his feet and standing ontop of the snow. She'd look him over slightly a moment before continuing her walk down the side of the mountain, the remaining walk was silent between the two as they'd calmly get closer and closer to the village the sound of the people chattering began to get carried by the wind as a couple kids would run past the two of them, a little girl staring at Hei as he followed behind Shizuka. An elderly man seeing the two approach was walk over calmly.

" A visitor Shizuka ? "

The old man would rest his weary gaze upon Hei and in a moment Hei felt an unease about the old man as he'd calmly reach his hand up towards his neck to start to pick at a stitch though instead decides to rub the nape of his neck looking up towards the Old man. Shizuka would lift her dress slightly to expose the treated wound to the old man as she explained.

" He saved me on the mountain-side, a wolf attacked me and was chasing me when I was returning to the village from our greenhouse. He treated my wounds as well, hes a Doctor, traveling to continue his practice and help those that need it. "

The old man looked Hei over slightly before reaching up slightly to rub his chin a bit. Hei would look to the old man a moment before shifting his gaze away from the man towards the wound he treated, before the old man would laugh slightly.

" Lets hope thats not all he treated! "

Shizuka would blush a moment before hitting the old man in the arm hard as the old frame shook slightly though still laughing. Nervously Hei would just remain rubbing the nape of his neck, Not use to such interaction but that was also apart of his intentions to this outing, putting on a facade to deceive those around him was easy. But to continue to change such 'masks' he has to familiarize himself with all kinds of personalities.

" Ojīchan! "

A couple people laughing in the background at the scene as Hei would lower his chin slightly still scratching the nape of his neck. Before his eyes would catch the glimpse of the old hand stretched out towards him, following that hand Hei's eyes would look up to the old man smiling to him.

" Thank you for saving my granddaughter. "

Taking the old mans hand slowly Hei would give him a firm shake, realizing that is what he was waiting for like he had done with Masami. Nodding slightly before giving the old man a slightly smile, Hei would blink slightly as the old mans hand pulled from Hei quickly and Hei's eyes would look the old man quizzically as the shocked expression on the old mans face caught Hei off guard.

" What ? "

" You don't smile much do you boy ? "

Huffing slightly Hei would stare at the old man deadpan, as Shizuka began to laugh and walk into the village before them as the old man laughed and motioned Hei to follow him. Doing so Hei would move to walk next to the old man as he'd look around the small village.

" I am the Village Elderly, over there is the Village Elder. Hes a stick in the mud. "

Chuckling slightly the Old man would walk over the top of the snow, no tracks left in his wake as he continued to speak to Hei. Hei's eyes migrating back up to the old man a moment before their eyes would meet, the old mans usual expression of joy would've fallen as they stop. And he'd speak quietly to Hei.

" You're a curious one, that I can tell. I may be old but I am not old enough to have forgotten my ways back in the day boy, during your stay here be on your best behavior. I protect this town. "

For a moment Hei would feel a tinge of fear not something hes particularly familiar with as He'd look up to the man and nods slightly before speaking back to the man before him. He appeared larger than he once stood.

" As I told your granddaughter, I'm simply offering my assistance to villages during my travels. I bring no ill will or intentions. "

The old man would look to Hei as if he did not believe him and Hei would rub the back of his neck.

" You have a lot of chakra for a mere Doctor, a medical shinobi no doubt. Have you left a Village ? "

Hei would shake his head slightly.

" I have not cut any affiliations, I am simply trying to broaden my practice and spread my name. "

The old man would look Hei over a moment seemed to be curious and perplexed by that statement.

" Your name ? "

Nodding slightly.

" Rank means nothing to me, but Titles that you earn through your achievements demand my respect. "

The old man would laugh slightly before continuing into the village further as Hei would pick up his pace as well to walk next to the Old man.

" Old fashioned I see. Very well. You can stay at our place and gather some supplies while your here, but you will have to work for it. Understand ? "

Nodding slightly Hei would respond before raising his hands to his mouth and blowing into them to warm them up.

" Hai. "

Shizuka would be just up ahead waving towards the two to have them hurry up. Stepping up next to her with the Old Man the sound of the wooden door slowly opening to the empty home Hei would immediately catch the thought. ' Where are Shizuka's parents ? '
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PostSubject: Re: Spreading Influence, Finding Kindness in Darkness(Hei Personal Missions)   Wed May 17, 2017 10:25 pm

Stepping into the room calmly behind the old man the sound of wood creaking beneath their feet as they walk into the open space that appeared to be the dining and living area. Hei would look around to note his suspicion was right, there were no signs of others that had lived there besides them. Looking towards Shizuka then to the Old man he'd pause a moment as he heard the old man speak.

" Its not much but we'll lay you down a futon in here, Doctor. We have a house we use just down the road as a hospital, the owners died during a raid on the Village before I became a permanent resident here. "

Hei would then continue to look around the room and nodding slightly in response to the old man. Lowering his bags from his shoulder and setting them next to a leg of the table. Unclipping his cloak and setting it down neatly ontop of the table.

" Are there any patients in now ? "

The old man nods and looks out the window of the dining area just ahead of Hei as he'd speak motioning to point towards the building just a little ways behind the home.

" Thats the house, with the blizzard last night Im sure there are more people admitted for treatment then there was the day before. We receive medicine from Yukigakure from time to time but we have no medical shinobi just regular Doctors in the village so our treatments for some of the injuries are a bit rough. "

Smiling slightly Hei would lower his chin as to not show his smile again to the man whom reacted so adversely to it earlier. Reaching down to rummage through his things calmly Hei would then lift up his medical kit and hold it by the handle next to his side.

" Then I should get to work, shouldn't I ? "

The old man would blink slightly before looking over to Shizuka.

" Take him to the Hospital and introduce him to the Doctor. Tell him I sent him. "

Shizuka would nod reluctantly as she was just about to get comfortable and stands up moving towards the door motioning Hei to follow. Following after her Hei would wave back towards the Old man and step back out into the cold. Raising an arm to shield himself from the wind he'd follow behind Shizuka closely.  Knocking upon the door when they arrived a young lady would answer the door, looking around Hei would try to take in the scene of the village arm still raised to protect himself from the wind as Shizuka would reach back and tug Hei into the Hospital. The sounds of the pattering of feet as Nurses would be rushing through the make-shift hospital carrying the supplies needed to treat the patients, Glass bottles hitting the trash cans and sounds of coughing would fill the home as the Doctor walks up to Hei extending a hand out towards him. Reaching forward to take the mans hand he'd give the man a shake of the hand.

" Im Doctor Kuzo, As you can see we're really busy right now so any help would be greatly appreciated. "

Nodding slightly Hei would look to the Doctors other hand as he drew his hand from the handshake and motioned to the clipboard.

" Is that the patient log ? "

" Hai... "

The Doctor would extend the clipboard to Hei as he'd take the clipboard and begin to read over its contents, Shizuka standing next to Hei watching him as he'd lift the first page up to look to the second page of names an symptoms, pulling out the second page and handing the clipboard back to the Doctor.

" I'll handle these patients, lend me one nurse to gather the things I will need for the treatments and have everyone else focus on those patients. "

The Doctor nodded slightly as he'd begin to shout out the orders to his staff, a nurse running up to Hei as Hei would be writing out a list of things required for the treatments that were listed on the paper he had taken out, Shizuka still watching Hei closely a slight curiosity could be seen in the way she looked at him as he'd move towards the other section of the home where his patients were waiting to be seen.

" I am a stand in Doctor, I will be treating you today. Patients with the most severe cases will be seen first and by me. Those with minor ailments will be seen by the appointed nursing assistant. Those that were involved with the accident at the Greenhouse to the north please follow me to the other room"

Three of the patients would stand and limp towards Hei as he lead the way sliding open the screen and holding it open for the three to enter after him. Letting the screen fall closed after the final patient would enter the area he'd begin to gather his assessment looking each of them over calmly for a moment as He'd place the clipboard down on the table next to him and motions for them to lay down on the medical tables. As they done so Hei would step to the side of the one with a large laceration to their side gathering chakra to his hands the green chakra dancing around his fingertips as he'd move his hands over the wound, allowing his chakra to seep into the citizens body, Shizuka opening the screen slightly to peer into the room as the others in the room would peer in awe as the wound slowly began to disappear, the chakra merging with the cells of the mans wound as the cells would begin to stitch themselves closed.

Placing his hand on the mands forehead he'd force him back down to the table as he tried to get up to look at the wound, shaking his head no Hei would then turn about and place his hand on the forehead of the next patient and easily push them to lay down onto the table, without resisting the woman would lay back as his chakra would once more envelop his hands the green aura would dance among his fingers once more as he'd move his hand over the wound he'd glance away slightly to the side catching Shizuka smiling in the corner of his eye before looking back towards the wound before him with that Shizuka would leave him to continue to do his work and close the screen. This wound taking far longer to treat as the depth of the wound was deeper.

Hours had past as Hei had moved through each of his patients instructing them to remain as they were and to not overexert themselves for the time being. Chattering is heard on the other side of the screen as Hei would move towards the screen before he'd hear a crash and a scream on the other side of the screen, pausing Hei would look towards his recently treated patients and raises a finger to motion them to stay quiet, doing so they'd lay down on the table.

" Give us all your medicine! Now! "

The voice rang out heavily as the sound of another crash is heard as Hei would listen closely he'd wait patiently beginning to count the number of voices '1... 2... 3... Three of them' Stepping from the other side of the screen Hei would look towards the 3 calmly as one of the men grabs Shizuka by the arm and pulls her to him a blade to her throat.

" Who are you!? "

Hei would pause slightly hesitation seeping in a moment as he looks towards those before him his eyes resting on Shizuka before glancing to the Doctor as he was handing over the medicine with a head lowered in defeat. Raising his hands slightly above his head Hei would turn his attention back to the man holding Shizuka.

" Im just a Doctor passing through... "

The men begin to file out of the make-shift hospital before finally the man holding Shizuka would begin to drag her out with him a step of Hei's foot would move forward Hei would look down as he was just as surprised by this then looked back up quickly towards the man with the blade extended towards Hei

" Dont move! Dont try to be a Hero Doctor. "

Hei would sweatdrop slightly as he stared at the man his facade dropping only for a second as it had all washed over him just how much hes been drawn into the act hes been displaying and give the bandit a dead emotionless expression though it was only for a moment as he'd grimace slightly his fingers curling slightly as he closed his hands into a fist the group of men pulling Shizuka along with them as they begin to escape the area. Just as they'd leave Hei would rush towards the door to look to the direction of which they had left off to as they began to disappear into the forest in the distance. Turning towards the Doctor Hei would move over to him making sure they he and his patients were fine as something crawling along the snowy ground outside was seen out the window and people rushing to it. The people hoisted the man from the ground as it was Shizuka's grandfather Hei would move back towards the door before running towards the others the Doctor following behind him as Hei approached he'd notice the several lacerations would come to view the Doctor behind Hei would grimace slightly and Hei knew that they no longer had the supplies to treat such wounds unless Hei were to work on him, himself would he have a chance.

" Ojī-san, they took Shizuka. "

The old man would push himself up slightly coughing up blood as he'd move towards the direction of the forest where he had seen them flee to though the others would move to stop the man, as he'd collapse forward Hei would move to help catch him as the old man would look to Hei placing a blood covered hand on his chest before pushing him off as the Doctor moved up to the two. Stumbling forward Hei would look back to the Old man, he knew what Hei knew. Looking down to the hand print on his clothes Hei would turn slightly as he gritted his teeth stepping ontop of the surface of the snow his back turned towards the old man, no longer looking back Hei would begin to dash off towards the forest allowing his coat to fall off as he'd roll his shoulders allowing his hands to stretch back as he lowered his body forward. 'Wait for m- ' he'd grimace slightly as he'd shake his head 'What the hell am I thinking...' Leaping from the snow he'd land on the lowest branch of the first tree, glancing quickly from tree to tree looking for signs of movement or disturbances to the area to pick up a direction as he'd not a few branches on the snow followed by some footprints on the ground 'This way!'

Grimacing once more Hei would reach over griping his chest leaping from branch to branch quickly hearing the screams of Shizuka in the distance, though as the scream stopped Hei kicked off the branch harder as he'd grip the next branch letting his hands to slide along the surface of the branch and swing himself forward propelling himself forward at even greater speeds his hair rushing back as the chilling wind would become abrasive against his skin and he'd land ontop of the snow between the three bandits snow lifting into the air around Hei as he'd quickly spin to kick one away from Shizuka as the others shielded themselves from the rising snow. Both of them drawing their Katana's outwards as they'd slash down one blade piercing through Hei as he'd remain still no blood falling to the ground as the other had missed but struck Shizuka as the bandit had fully swung the blood her blood spilling onto the surface of the snow Hei's gaze resting onto Shizuka laying in the snow Hei's gaze would dance searching for signs of life as he'd see her chest rise slightly. Hei would drop to the ground beneath the blade allowing it to leave his body before turning on his back to sweep the leg out from beneath the man, a little blood touching the ground as he leaped next to Shizuka catching a kunai in his back grimacing slightly as blood would trickle from the wounds shaking his head as he scooped Shizuka up into his arms gathering chakra into his hands as he leaped off with her one hand over her chest as the chakra begins to soak into her skin.

Just as he leaped to first branch to set her down and continue the treatment his gaze would catch the flying kunai at him as he'd extend his hands outward a kunai sticking into his chest as the tag ignites and Hei would grimace slightly leaping down from the branch to the ground as the tag explodes Hei would be forced back into the tree blood dripping from his body the shockwave stirring Shizuka as she turned slightly to look down upon the scene unfolding Hei's clothes torn to shreds as his body dripped with blood. The stitches crossing his body would be moving feverishly in response to the injuries as Hei would slowly push himself from the tree the bandit he had kicked away earlier regrouping with his allies as Hei would tilt his head slightly grinning onto the gathering before him.

" Enough! "

Hei would give in his anger overwhelming him, not something that had ever happened to him before as he stepped from the tree the stitches crawling across his skin closing the wounds on their own his hands gathering with chakra as he stared forward and darts in towards the three hearing the scream of Shizuka behind him as the chakra honed forward to a point. The first bandit moving to slash downward towards Hei as hei would suddenly stop watching the blade pass infront of his face and strike the ground as it does so Hei would step on the blade forcing it to turn towards the flat side downward forcing the man towards the ground as he'd reach forward with his hand and touch his arm the chakra seeping into the skin as it'd begin to shred away at the bandits muscle fibers and tendons.

Just as he had done so the second and third bandit moved forward to strike at Hei each blade coming down towards Hei's chest as he'd kick back off the ground slightly allowing them both to strike the ground narrowly dodging the strikes before his other hand would suddenly glow with a purplish chakra with an outer tint of black to it. Moving forward he'd duck to the side as the bandit moved to slash at him he'd place his hand on the back of the bandit forcing his chakra into the bandits body as it quickly spread through the bandits body his muscles seizing up, the Bandit whom got struck by the chakra scale having had lost movement to his arm would start to move towards the back of the group as Hei would look from bandit to bandit a moment as he'd draw his hand up to guard himself from the incoming blade that stuck into his arm no blood leaving the skin as steam would raise from the points of impact before turning sharply to kick the bandit away. Drawing out a Kunai quickly he'd sling it forward the kunai whistling past the man as another followed suit the sound of wire drawing closed as the bandit gets pinned against the tree.

Leaping back he'd land on the branch next to Shizuka grabbing her quickly into his arms as he'd leap off once more she'd squirm in his grasp as he'd look to her confused as his eyes met hers, it was of terror that reflected back to him. He'd pulse his chakra into her body as her muscles would tense up and he'd continue to carry her in his escape 'Why is it always that look... ' getting to the edge of the forest Hei would set her down as he'd place his hand over her forehead as the chakra seeps into her head he'd focus the chakra to the prefrontal cortex of the brain slowly beginning to erase her memories of the fight, So she would not have to have seen his body as it is before leaping back off into the forest as he seen some of the villagers approaching him and Shizuka.

The villagers would crowd around Shizuka as her body relaxes and screams would fill the air of the mountain side. Standing among the dismembered body parts Hei would stare towards the ground covered in blood. Some his some not.

" What is going on, Why am I so angry... "

He'd pause a moment...

" It's always that look... "
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PostSubject: Re: Spreading Influence, Finding Kindness in Darkness(Hei Personal Missions)   Sat May 20, 2017 8:02 pm

Wordcount: 6805
Grade: This was long as hell @_@ But it was interesting
Reward: 6 Tokens to Hei
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PostSubject: Re: Spreading Influence, Finding Kindness in Darkness(Hei Personal Missions)   

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Spreading Influence, Finding Kindness in Darkness(Hei Personal Missions)
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