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 Face your Demons - Part I

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PostSubject: Face your Demons - Part I   Tue May 16, 2017 2:21 am

It was unusually quiet. That night was blessed with an absence of rain for once, which was a rare occurrence indeed for Kirigakure. In a cramped yet oddly neat apartment tucked away in the filthiest of alleyways was a young Shinobi, laying naked and awake on his bed.

Hitori stared intensely at the roof, his face twisted in a most agonising effort to relax while shivering harshly. It was not his forte. It was especially cold that night, however the young man had read that his nudity would encourage a meditative state faster. He was beginning to feel very foolish.

He endeavoured to speak with the monster inside him. The thought terrified him, however it was a necessity if he wanted to grow. Earlier that week Hitori had visited Konohagakure with his mentor, Stitches. Under some pressure from him and another known as Masami, Hitori relented and gave control to the monster. They intended to uncover information about her and were successful, however could only theorise her intentions. Hitori sought for certainty.

His limbs were stiff and numb from the icy air, however he was stubborn if anything. He closed his eyes and ignored the cold burn as he focused on his own presence. He ignored his thoughts and felt his chakra flow. It was difficult. What he ordinarily felt was a warm sensation. The chilling cold paired with his partial terror prevented his focus.

Just as he felt the slightest frustration while on the brink of giving up, the low, tremor of a voice echoed in his head.

You disturb me, human...

The terror paralysed him. He laid rigid on the bed as the roof was sent spinning further and further away until darkness surrounded him. He laid in a pool of his sweat. Or perhaps it was something else? He sat up, no longer feeling the softness of his bed underneath him. It was cold and hard stone... However it certainly was damp.

Hitori pushed himself to his feet. His body was freezing, but there was a warm breeze coming from behind. He squinted around as his eyes began to adjust to the dark. He slowly began to make out shapes. There were several stone columns nearby. He was inside something like a dungeon. His body no longer felt so cold, the tepid breeze warming his naked body considerably. He turned about to continue inspecting the room.

A pitiful being you are.

The voice rumbled again. Hitori's heart pounded as his eyes widened from shock. There in front of him was the monster that plagued his nightmares. Okami. She sat, cramped in the dungeon that Hitori found to be enormous, her white hair matted down with dirt. Even in such a dishevelled state she was a horrifying sight. Hitori trembled as he forgot himself.

Coward. Okami's voice wavered with anger.

"Wh-What do you want?" He asked, unable to disguise the utter fear in his voice.

It was you who sought me. Idiotically I might add. Where are your clothes, little human? Do you seek to live like a beast? Become that which you fear? I can assist if those are your wishes... There was a hunger in her voice, though none like he'd ever heard. A possessed thirst that could only belong to a demon.

"No!" Hitori exclaimed in return.

Grah! Then what? Why do you lay naked and cold? Do you so miss your childhood? Perhaps you should starve yourself. Better yet, why don't you watch on as others starve? Okami growled.

"That - I was a kid! What was I to do?" He defended himself, almost forgetting that it was a demon he argued against.

You would have died if not for me. Pitiful human. You make me suffer with you. You think of me as a monster... Your fear is self-destructive. Look at this broken jail cell you keep me in! She growled again, menace in her booming voice.

"I KNOW! I'm trying to fix it!" Hitori shouted back. He teeth hurt from his tightly clenched jaw. These were feelings that he already had, though he had always bottled them. In this place... Okami knew exactly how Hitori had felt, and it amplified to an extremity for whatever reason while he was here.

How do you intend to do that? She asked, bemused.

"I need your help." Hitori admitted weakly.

Hrm. You request my assistance? I've been helping you all this time, and in return you've caged me as a monster. She growled again, though Hitori heard an interest in her voice.

"I know... and I'm sorry. I know how you feel now. I feel the same way." He began to say.

I know how you feel, boy. I've known since you were a pup. She retorted pointedly.

"So let's work together! I need your strength for now... and soon we can -" Hitori began to say.

Okay, human. I understand. However know this; If you falter... Or if your mind becomes corrupt... I will take over. Even if it means your life. We have a purpose. She growled back lowly.

Her voice was calm, yet Hitori felt a furious acceptance from her. The conflicting emotions oozing from the beast was incredible, enough to make a regular man go mad.

"...I understand." He agreed.

Just then the room seemed to shift and grow. A blur of vision confounded Hitori, and he was once again laying on his bed, still very much naked, cold and alone... However there was a powerful presence in the room.

Do not disappoint me.
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PostSubject: Re: Face your Demons - Part I   Sun May 28, 2017 10:58 pm

Wordcount: 923
Comments: And then they indulged in the horror that only a fanfic can provide~ Good story show's Okami as a monster with good intentions it seems. So You're gonna die a hero or live long enough to be the villain.
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Face your Demons - Part I
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