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 Light (Yoton)

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PostSubject: Light (Yoton)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:05 am

(E Rank)

Name) Yoton: Blinding
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2
RP Description) With a quick blast of chakra from their hands, the user would send a beam of light straight at their opponents face. This would do little damage but temporary cause their target to be slightly blinded.
PvP Effect) 1 DMG, -2 to Detection rolls for 1d4 Rounds

Name) Inton: Light Shot
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2
RP Description) With a single seal, the user is able to send a shot of light straight at their target. The shot would be slightly solid, allowing for minimal damage. This can be done with one hand, allowing the user to do it multiple times instantly.
PvP Effect) 1d4 DMG
Special Note) User may spend 2x Chakra to increase DMG to 2d4.

(D Rank)

Name) Yoton: Light Burst
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) The user would form a single seal and explode a burst of light from their hands. The light would be slightly solidified, allowing for incoming techniques to be blocked. This would allow for them to disorient an attacking target and temporarily hinder theim temporarily.
PvP Effect) WIS Block - If successfully blocking a melee attack, user suffers -1 to DEF rolls till the start of their next turn.

Name) Yoton: Knives of Light
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) D
CP Cost) 4
RP Description) Focusing their chakra into their hands, the user would send out a few knives made of pure light. The knives would shoot at their target, doing a little damage if it was to hit.
PvP Effect) 1d8 DMG

(C Rank)

Name) Yoton: Dual Beams
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 3 Per Beam
RP Description) Raising a single hand or both of their hands, the user would focus chakra into their palms. As they do this, their hand would glow briefly before a beam would shoot from the palm and at their target.
PvP Effect) 1 or 2 ATK Rolls - Each successful hit does 1d8 DMG
Special Note) Beams may target a single person, or two separate. If targeting one, any DMG bonuses are applied once. If two targets, DMG bonus is applied to each,

Name) Yoton: Blinding Light
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) C
CP Cost) 5
RP Description) With a quick burst from their hands, the user would send out a burst of light straight at their target. The light would blind them briefly, hinder them for a brief amount of time and making it harder to see.
PvP Effect) -1 to ATK/DEF Rolls and -5 to Perception rolls for 1d4 rounds.
Special Note) If used multiple times, ATK/DEF negative does not stack, but perception does, to a maximum of -10, and rounds continue to stack.

(B Rank)

Name) Yoton: Light Dragon
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) B
CP Cost) 10
RP Description) The Dragon jutsu are known throughout the land. Each of the elements hast their own. The light dragon is made of pure light, making it harder to look at and harder to anticipate a defense against.
PvP Effect) +1 ATK Roll - 2d8 + 1d4 DMG

(A Rank)

Name) Yoton: Crushing Pillar
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) A
CP Cost) 14
RP Description) After a moment of focusing their chakra, the user would send their chakra outwards. The sky above their target would glow as a pillar of light shoots down in attempt to hit them hard. The blow would be enough to stagger their target, causing their senses to be staggered for a brief time.
PvP Effect) 3d8 DMG, -1 to ATK/DEF rolls for 1d4 rounds.
Special Note) (If Applicable)

(S Rank)

Name) Yoton: Heaven's Rain
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) S
CP Cost) 20
RP Description) Forcing their chakra into the sky above, the user would allow their chakra to spread rapidly. After a moment, light beams would begin to shoot down from the sky all over the battlefield at their targets. Those stupid enough to block could find themselves hurt, regardless of how good their defence is.
PvP Effect) Mass AoE - All Enemies) +2 VS Block - 5d8 DMG
Special Note) If Blocked and the ATK Roll is within 5 of the DEF Roll, DMG is still rolled and target takes 1/4 of the total rolled.
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Light (Yoton)
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