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 [Konohagakure] Inuzuka, Kiki

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PostSubject: [Konohagakure] Inuzuka, Kiki   [Konohagakure] Inuzuka, Kiki Icon_minitimeTue May 23, 2017 4:58 pm

[Konohagakure] Inuzuka, Kiki Coolte10

First Name -Kiyoko
Last Name -Inuzuka
Nickname -Kiki
Gender -Female
Age -10
Height -59 inches
Weight -88 lbs
Village -Hidden Leaf

Body Appearance

Hair Colour -Moss Green
Hair length -Shoulder
Eye Colour -Ice Blue
Skin Colour -Very Light Brown
Body Shape -Tomboyish
Tattoo's -None

Other Information

Likes -Her freedom
Dislikes -Water
Parents -Lidia Inuzuka (Mother)
Siblings -Bishamon "Lil Bro" (Cannine)
Children -None
Sexual Orientation -Uninterested
Partner -None

Ninja Information

Elements -Unknown
Main Focus -Unknown
Sensei -None
Squad -None
Specialty -Unknown
Rank -Civilian
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[Konohagakure] Inuzuka, Kiki
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