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 Memory from the Past a Fragment of his History(Yamarou)

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PostSubject: Memory from the Past a Fragment of his History(Yamarou)   Wed May 24, 2017 8:32 pm

The sounds of the rocking chair would creak as a woman would rock back and forth craddling the child in her arms. The dim light of the room barely illuminating the face of the child as the woman would reach up to brush the cheek of the baby in her arms. The distance howls of the night echoing outside the window of the room as the baby in her arms would stir slightly at the sound and she'd just continue to rock making hushing sounds.

" Its alright sweatheart, your mother will be home soon. And Until then I will protect you. So rest easy Saito-kun... "

A flash of lightning casts its illumination into the room as the woman would glance over her shoulder over the back of the chair towards the window as the large eyes stared back at her a crack in the glass of the window would form as the creatures head would turn to the side slightly laughing subtley before the sound of a bell would resonate in the air over the village.


The distant sound of the man ringing the bell would get cut off as the bell continued to ring heavily in the night just as the rain begins to fall from the skies. Jumping quickly from her chair the woman would guard the baby by pulling him closer into her bossom and back away from the window, the cackling of the demon suddenly shifted turning into an uproar of multiple demons corralling around the home she stood within. The beads of sweat drawing down her cheek as she looks towards the back door seeing the fires of the other homes in the distance through the window of the door only for a moment before a smaller demonic creature would rise to peer in through the window and she'd reach over pulling out a kunai and dropping it down at her foot as the blade would cut a large gash on the side of her big toe she'd begin to draw symbols on the ground around her before making quick single handed seals and lowers her body to the ground placing her hand on the symbol.

" Seal of Respite "

The blood symbols would suddenly begin to glow before a wave or energy erupts from the seal a dome forming around her and Saito in her arms before suddenly the dome would begin to grow slowly spreading as she continued to pour her chakra into it. Kneeling down into the ground she'd calmly set the baby down tucking the corners of the blanket hes wrapped in around him and preforms another set of handseals with her hands as she begins to draw additions to the symbols on the ground.

" Seal of Respite : Expansion "

As the bubble of energy suddenly expanded outwards crashing into the walls of the house the creaking of the beams supporting the home would scream as they begin to snap beneath the force of the dome of chakra, the house begining to collapse around them as the dome continued to spread outwards forcing back the demons crowding around the light. The Howls, the roars, the laughter of the demons, and the distant screams the villagers would fall upon deaf ears as the only sound to echo through the dome of fuuinjutsu would be that of the pitter paddering of the rain. The demons begining to become anxious as a few would begin to claw at the edge of the dome before suddenly they'd all begin to bang on the side of the dome cracks forming scattered around the Dome as the debris clears completely revealing the horde of demons surrounding her and Saito the young woman would grimace slightly before lowering her gaze to Saito...

" I am Kagutsuchi, Niomi Eldest Sister to Kagutsuchi, Saito and Daughter of Kagutsuchi, Meiko. We are the remaining members of the Uskada Clan... And you demons will not bring harm upon my little brother... "

Her body begins to crackle with black strands of lightning dancing around her body as she closes her eyes chakra begining to slowly crawl from her bag as it begins to materialize into wings her body taking on the form of pure black as her body hunches forward slightly as her gaze would shift amongst the crowd of demons. Running her hands through the handseals slowly as she locks in the final seal her foot drawing along the symbols of the pre-existing Fuuinjutsu before slamming her hand down onto the seal on the ground.

" Seal of Respite - Empowerment: Raikuton - EMP "

Seals begin to form around the outer-rim of the pure white dome of chakra. Each seal begining to crackle with chakra as the pulse of black lightning would shudder the very ground the demons stood upon the wave of lightning instantly striking all of them in the single given area as their bodies would stiffen and the dome would slowly begin to disappear the white shell of chakra would begin to rain down upon her and Saito as she lowers herself placing her body over Saito and letting her wings fall down slightly.

In the distance a figure flickers into view peering over the village her eyes would widen slightly as she takes in the scene of the EMP blast all the howling and roars falling silent and she'd look to the clearing where a single being would remain sparking with Black Lightning gritting her teeth slightly as the other figures flicker into view behind her.

" Meiko-sama, We should wait for the others theres no telling what degree of strength those demons are down their... "

The woman would glance back slightly as waves of black chakra began to rise from around her each of the men standing behind her would take a few steps back as they'd feel the chakra's presense grow. As she'd turn back towards the Village the ground begining to crack beneath the force of her chakra as Black strands would begin to whip around her body slowly raising around her body as it would engulf her being and she'd leap into the skies as the men would rush to the edge of the cliffside hands extended outward as if to try and stop her.

" Meiko-samaaaaa! "

The voice trails off into the distance as Meiko would shoot into the skies above the crowds of demons her left hands fingers would begin to curl slowly balling into a fist as black chakra would visibly begin to whip around her body begining to slowly twist and draw itself to the tip of her fist as she'd land upon the ground with a heavy thud and her fist would drive down into the ground fissures begining to appear cracking around her and her children as black chakra would protrude from the ground around the three of them and in all directions burst from the ground the force of her punch alone cutting through the crowds as dust would lift into the air and shudder the very fabric of those around her as she'd place a hand on her stomach the black chakra rushing back towards her body as the wings would begin to form the black chakra horns begining to protrude from her forehead and a tail begins to manifest from behind her. Glancing from each of the demons slowly she'd glance back seeing the men finally flicker into the clearing she had secured.

" Take my children and flee. "

The men would look to Meiko for a moment as she'd raise both hand up to either side of her body her hands outstretched as the tips of her fingers would begin to gather black chakra as she places her thumb to her middle fingers the black orbs growing in size as the men would immediately scramble towards the children wrapping their arms around them and begining to dart off in a direction as Meiko would turn slightly towards that direction and snap her fingers of her left hand as she turned her body the demons began to rush in towards her body from the opposite direction of her attention as she'd raise her hand towards that direction and snap her fingers of her right hand. Cracks forming in the air as a thunderous boom is heard from snapping of her fingers black streaks could be seen forming in the air as the men continue to run towards the crack in the air the demons would begin to rush towards the men and children.

" Inton : Dark Rapture... "

The fabric of the world would seem to vanish from the opposite of sides of the cracks as everything in each of the paths that the cracks would have formed would become non-existant and the as the pathway becomes cleared of all demons infront of the men fleeing with her children. Her gaze shifting from them as they'd begin to pick up their pace leaping off into the tree line the moment they finally reach it. Shifting her attention back to the cackling horde of demons that begin to fill in the gaps around her.

" I am Kagutsuchi, Meiko. The Leader of the Uskada Clan! "

The demons would step back as she spoke her name in the tongue of which they understood the name Uskada was once a dominating fear among the demons that took their residence in the Land of Demons. The smaller demons immediately turning and running away the larger demons begin to step back slightly. As she begins to speak in the tongue in which they understood.

" And you just threatened the safety of my children... None of you will escape... "

She'd gather chakra into her fist as she'd slam it into the ground the earth sinking slightly from the force of her punch. As black spires would shoot up from the ground peircing through the demons all around her. A Few demons slipping in past the spires as they'd move to attack Meiko but only succeed in closing the distance for her as she'd spin on her heel and drive a kick into their bodies the first demon cut in half from the very force of the kick as the second demon in the path of her leg would bend slightly as its body was forced to give in and is launched through the crowds of demons. Immediately raising her hands into the air as she'd moved to block and parry the clawed hands of the demons that approached from the other directions as she would grab the final demons claw as she'd raise her hand and snap her fingers point-blank as its body immediately vanishes only a whisp of black smoke would rise into the air where its body once was. Just as she turned to continue her attack she'd look down as her body jolted upwards slightly.

" Nani... "

She'd cough slightly as the blood drips down from a clawed hand no larger than a mans hand though demonic in nature as it'd turn slightly whilst in her body and quickly rip from her back and she'd fall to her knees her hands touching the ground as blood poured from the hole in her stomach. Weakly she'd glance back towards the figure.

" Hello... Meiko-sama... You remember me don't you ? "

She'd grimace slightly as her head would hang forward coughing heavily as she noted the features of the figure that had delivered this wound to her. A Tall man baring the howling winds wrapping around each of his wings. The winds carrying the sound of the demons actual uproars as he'd chuckle slightly.

" Kagutsuchi, Hibiki... You ... should ... be ... dead .. "

The man stood their laughing as he'd grin watching the demonic form fade away from Meiko and life slowly begin to leave her eyes...Jolting up suddenly Yamarou would sit up within his tent a cold sweat covering his body as he'd stare forward placing his hand on his forehead.

" What ... was that ... "
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PostSubject: Re: Memory from the Past a Fragment of his History(Yamarou)   Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:57 pm

Feedback: Good story. Much easier to read than the first one I read from you! I actually recall the name Meiko too I believe.
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Memory from the Past a Fragment of his History(Yamarou)
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