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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Naruto Elements Timeline

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PostSubject: Naruto Elements Timeline   Sat May 27, 2017 2:48 pm

Setting Time: 4x real life. (1 day IRL = 4 days in-game)
Starting year: 1323, year of the Rabbit
NOTE: Using 2023 as the sample year for 1323 as starting year.

1292-1314 Great Shinobi War: Major Events (Adding more as we go along and flesh out history)
1st September 1292: Land of Wind accuses Land of Fire of infiltration and various other charges
5th September 1292: Land of Earth accuses Land of Wind of forgery and false accusations
7th September 1292: Land of Lightning proposes political meeting to settle differences
10th September 1292: While the Land of Fire's committee heads for the north, Land of Water attacks and occupies Bay capital City.
11th October 1292: United forces drive out the Water Navy.
1291-1298: Senju - Uchiha conflict 
11th October 1295: Second Water Country Naval Occupation in Fire Country Coast
21st May, 1298:  Uchiha - Senju pact, the united forces of the two clans drive out the Land of Water occupying forces.
11th October 1299: Third Water Country Naval Occupation in Fire Country Coast
12th October 1299: Death of the fifth dynasty's daimyo in Fire Country and Wind Country on the same day. Suspicions.
24th October 1299: Senju and Uchiha united forces with Land of Wind puppet squad drive out the Land of Water one last time.
24th October 1299: Death of the Lightning Daimyo's wife (Chinoike clan made as scapegoat, official totalitarian war beginning, glove comes off) 
22nd November 1299: Uchiha and Senju hired by the Daimyo to investigate. Senju refuse.
1299-1303: Extraction of the Chinoike clan from Lightning Country by the Uchiha 
October 17th - December 26th 1302: Chinoike genocide: (6700+ Chinoike dead or crippled. Clan fleeing.)
October 19th 1302: Land of Earth capitulates, occupied by Land of Lightning forces.
February 1311: Land of Lightning temple massacre. Lotus Monks killed by the dozen for refusing to aid the Daimyo in the war.
June 11th - June 13th 1314: Fire Country Massacre "The Three Blood Dawns", open battlefield showdown. 120,000 soldiers and shinobi dead. Civilian casulties unfathomable. 
June 14th 1314: Official peace treaty, Land of Fire and Land of Wind united forces dividing and conquering the other nations into submission. Land of Lightning prompted to remove all occupying forces from Land of Earth.

April 25th 1315 - Konoha Memorial Day: Founding of Konohagakure No Sato the First Ever Shinobi Village.
April 27th 1315 - Suna Memorial Day: Founding of Sunagakure No Sato
May 7th 1315 - Kumo Memorial Day: Founding of Kumogakure No Sato
May 9th 1315 - Iwagakure's founding, Land of Earth autonomy day
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Naruto Elements Timeline
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