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 Shadows Line the Heart- So don't Cross it! (Reflections)

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PostSubject: Shadows Line the Heart- So don't Cross it! (Reflections)   Sat May 27, 2017 9:33 pm


After crossing through the threshold of the clan compound, Hana knew what was about to happen. Another eight hours of laying down half awake on a cold slab of stone, with fucking Eiji hovering over her, reinforcing her seals and going through the motions. What she didn't know however, was that her mother was right there waiting for her to arrive. Here we go again.

"Hanafubuki, welcome home! I hope you don't intend on sneaking off in the middle of the night and trying to avoid me with this visit, are you? Come, come, Eiji's already set up for your checkup... then you and I can have a nice bath and sit down. You can tell me all about Konoha and your new 'friends' hmmm~?" Without waiting for so much as a breath from her, Hana is pulled into a crushing hug from her mother, wincing and wheezing from the force- her stomach still felt twisted from the previous attempt to find some balance with Shinkie, and this wasn't helping in the least.

"H.. hah, of- ow- of course, mom! Just.. let me breathe first will you? I have to talk about some possible trade with Kusagakure with dad too- is he around?" With a small nudge, she somehow succeeds in pushing her mother further down the hall, counting the steps to the familiar, sealed trapdoor. Servants smile and wave to her as she stepped onward unsteadily, though they look different, or... perhaps she simply saw them differently instead? It was difficult to tell, so much had happened since her first trip out of Sunagakure, and not much of the world at large seemed to be the same as she'd left it. Foreign yet familiar, the gold-lined halls pass her by with each stride, and another pair of feet sound behind- Hana never really needed to look back to know when Eiji was around, and now was no different. The sounds of paper flap in syncopation with his steps. Five talismans. The same as always.

The halls of the compound felt old and drab despite their splendor, though maybe that was just her unbridled anticipation for what was to come. Eight hours between her and Shinkirou. Having to look the beast in the face, having to endure the dizzying vectors of his prison. Having to stay still. Despite the inevitable, Hana clung to her mother, weighing their steps down and frowning while the familiar voice prattled on about what she'd been missing. Small accidents. Moshindo was almost ready to graduate finally. Something about her father finding some guy that might be interesting? A small poke from behind straightens her wandering thoughts, along with Eiji's grinding, gravely voice.

"We're here."

Ever astute her guardian was; Hana looks down with pure misery at the familiar half-hidden latch, and offers her mother a weak squeeze of her own while Eiji unseals the hatch and yanks it open with an unceremonious pull, waiting, expecting her to follow.

"Don't worry Fubuki, we can continue after you've had yourself a nice rest, then we can have you looked at with the clan's medics instead of those foreign brutes. Then you'll be in tip-top shape for when your father gets home- he'll want to test you no doubt, you know how little patience he has sometimes. Go on, love~"

One more squeeze and a peck to her cheek. Hana starts down the stairs with a quietly-mumbled "Right, mom..." and takes her careful steps in the shadowy hall while Eiji follows barely a foot behind her- he knows she's trying to drag this out. The same as always. On her way, Hana drags her hands across the dimly-lit, smooth walls of the bunker, skipping now and then from the odd divot- old mementos of times where the resealing hadn't gone so well- and eventually reaching the thick dome of a room far beneath the compound as they could make it. A stalling measure but not too bad of one, considering there was nowhere else to go, the air stifled and stale, filled with dust. Not much better could be said of the slab that begins to rise at the center of the room after Hana reaches it, grinding against the sandstone and lifting to shin-height. She dips down and blows a plume of dust off of where her head was to lay, coughing and wheezing with a sharp glance back to Eiji. The bastard had been lazy with his maintenance of the place- though it wasn't so hard to tell why. He'd been hard at work following her around, she'd guessed it was acceptable, this time.

"Lay down."

"No shit, Eiji. Didn't even have the decency to clean up the place first either. And it stinks down here- why do you have to suck so much at your job? Tsch." ...It didn't mean she couldn't give him shit for it regardless.

With a roll of his eyes, Eiji starts to remove his thick outer coat, draping it over the ceremonial slab, revealing his sweat-shined skin and slipping off his turban and facemask, revealing the litany of scars marked across his body and throat, some of them courtesy of times Hana couldn't quite recall. Some hint of guilt must have passed her face, because Eiji's stony expression took on an annoyingly compassionate mask. He knows what he's doing. Asshole.

Laying down upon the musty thing, Hana hefts a long sigh and starts to loosen her clothing, folding it neatly to be used as a pillow. No sense in tearing things if they go wrong, such was procedure, and nothing he hadn't seen before. If only stupid Eiji had cleaned the place properly first, it wouldn't be so bad, but... undergarments would do. It was time to get this over with. She lays her head back upon her dress and stares up rather than closing her eyes, waiting while the talismans were set up- one for each limb, and the last draping over her eyes, allowing at first a blurry, filtered look to the sealing room ceiling.

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PostSubject: Re: Shadows Line the Heart- So don't Cross it! (Reflections)   Sun May 28, 2017 12:46 am


"That's it... ... relaaaaax~"

Hana felt a sudden tug at her stomach, and the world was set upside-down, vertigo plunging her into a familiar yet foreign place, far more sunken than the bunker with Eiji. She had begun to tread in Shinkirou's territory, and every shadow from the ceremonial room had started to twist and surround her, blurring and bursting outward in a flush of oily colours and hues, both nauseating and fascinating at once.

"Wh- eugh- why do you do this? C'mon Shinkie, I know we don't talk 'face to face' like this often, you could at least make it easier on me."

"Mmmmm~... but is it not obvious already? I've already been taking it far too easily on you Snowflake. If I didn't know better, I would suspect you're actually slipping backwards. We can't have that, can we~?

"You'd call all of that slipping backwards? Shinkie the trip has been the most... the most exciting thing we've done in years In ever! We've-" "You've, Snowflake." "Fine, I've, never seen to much colour, so many different people... then we come back home and it's all drab and sand. It's... it's all... so bland.

Hana lays back, spread out in her skivvies with her gaze still glued above, the greasy pools of black morphing into a collage of vague shapes, varying in size and familiarity. Some shape into leaves, a forest. Some heads and faces of new acquaintances. All of them however, are dispersed into a dripping mess to a sudden tensing of her stomach and moist rattling of the inky cage housing what looked to be a small version of her 'partner'. Still, she knew better than to trust this representation, even in here, Shinkirou was a prankster- to put it lightly. She'd remembered one time where he'd managed to lure her close enough to touch, being drawn halfway into the prison, but very little afterwards. That was... when Eiji's voice had changed to how it is now, if she remembered properly. The pensive expression on her face must have given her away, because another quick rattle echoes out in the claustrophobic chamber, rippling under her body and jerking her attention towards it.

"Not going to come and pet me Snowflake~? Tsk... don't feel guilty about your poor keeper, he knows what his duties are. He's just here to suffer for us anyways. Such people exist~... and always have~."

Hana felt another sharp pull at the pit of her stomach, sliding closer to the bars and kicking up a splash of deep red fluids in the wake of the movement, hissing in pain and starting to pull herself back.  What had gotten into Shinkirou? He knows he can't get out here, he's already tried before. A cold shiver of primal fear crawls down her back as the space again lurches and twists, angling down in some attempt to slide her closer again- something she resists this time while digging heels and nails into the 'floor'.

"What- what the hell has gotten into you?! What's happening Shinkie?"

"Perhaps I've gone about this all wrong? Maybe I've been too lazy~? Maybe you have as well, Snowflake~. Or. Maybe. I'm finally fed up with you. Is it so hard to conceive it? Snowflake? You can hardly stand on your own two feet after almost twenty years of being my host. Why -is- that I wonder?"

The world shifts again.

...And it no longer holds any of its previous ethereal beauty. Hooks of dark crimson protrude from the shadows, glistening despite the lack of light and the entire chamber lurches to the side, shaking with horrendous threat pouring from the supposedly small hound, its tail grasping two of the seal-adorned bars and squeezing it despite the acidic hissing rising out from the contact.

"Sh-Shinkie stop! Eiji... EIJI HELP! HELP!" Desperately, Hana reaches out to grab a hold of one of the protrusions, cutting deep into her left hand but forestalling the fall into Shinkirou's prison at least. The beast starts to grow and expand as the sudden shift in the seal begins settling down, his tongue slithering out between the bars like a snake's, flicking and smoking against the fading strength of his barrier. Sh-shit, he must have the timing down on when the seal is weakest. C'mon-.

"Sssso ssaaad. You know he'ssss busy Ssssnowflake~. How is he to help you~? Come here~!"

Rather than receding, Hana's handhold seems to grow out in a double-edged spike, pushing deeper into her fingers with a sharp, deep pain shooting down her arm. With a sharp breath sucked inward, she opens her fingers and slaps her hands together, dark oozing tendrils of the room's ambient moisture whip up to constrict around the jagged edge, its other end slithering up her arm with a harsh jerk that only serves to increase the burning.

"Argh-! Gh-hh... you pick the worst times t-to act like this Shinkirou! Tell me what's really going on instead of trying to kill us BOTH you IDIOT!

"You know only one of usss diesss Ssssnowflake~. But perhapsss I think it would take more time for you to grow than it would for me to... reincarnate~? A fine catch though~." An obnoxious heckling cackle leaves the beast as he paws at the weakening bars, its seals flickering one at a time around his cage. They begin to bend around his outstretched limb, letting it through to paw at the dangling Hana like some sort of cat-toy. The sickening sound of slurping sounds out just before his tongue is drawn back inside of his muzzle, followed by a goblet of shimmering spittle that rockets up past Hana's body, threatening to pull her free of the quasi hand-hold. "Mmm, that's better~... come on now, we've only got so long to play Snowflake! Come... down... here. COME HERE! COME HERE! I have something for you!"

"Make me!" Her harsh bark echoes down the chamber, not too long before everything shifts again, gravity moving several more degrees to hang her upside-down, blood trickling down the wound upon her hand, every little bit felt along Hana's bared skin- it seems to be drawn inexorably to the cage, with Shinkirou's maw happily opened to catch each droplet as they come- but her grip remains firm. No gift from a Bijuu ever comes without a price, especially not one so dubious as this 'offer.'

"If you won't... listen to me, what about your Father~?" Holding back a gurgling breath, a haze of red and black pours forth from his maw, trickling along the beast's shifting 'fur' to gradually coalesce into a body, a familiar man of regal bearing, his chin lined with ginger hair that reaches to his crown. Hana knew all too well who this was, even so scant his presence in her life.

"Fubuki! What are you doing? Why must you continue to drag your heels and disappoint your mother and I? You have denied your role in the clan and this village and you SHAME us with your hesitance. Embrace your purpose!"

"Shut... Shut up! That's low Shinkie! REAL FUCKING LOW!" Arguing with the vision does little to help her grip, but what seals her fate is another bullet of bloody liquid that cuts her lifeline short, shrieking on her way down into her father's body. He... or Shinkirou, catches her with a tight squeeze, forcing Hana to look straight up to his face as it starts to peel back, grinning madly.

"There you go Hanafubuki. Now...let.. go, will you?"

All she could do is scream as the burning sensation started to overtake her body, writhing in abject horror and agony- not even shutting her eyes pulled the sights away as she kicked desperately to get free. The sound of creaking bars sound so far away, but she knows they're closer than anything else could possibly be, the furious heat crawling inward from her limbs, encroaching on her stomach. She refuses to look, but she can feel being split open while the bijuu's paw reels her in, accompanied by a creeping chuckle.

"You need to let go~... I can't, or you'll try and worm your way out Snowflake~. Just keep opening up like that though, that's gooood~"

Shinkie had never taken things so far before- it was the first time she'd ever felt ice tracing inside of her veins through the blazing pain. Is... is this...? Am I going to die? Hana's gaze drops down to the numbing sensation swallowing her body, the chord of blackened ichor slipping from the gap in her stomach to drip steadily within Skinkirou's maw. It had never occured to her that such a thing would even be possible, never so soon at least. With her arms quivering, she pushes one hand against the looming specter of her father, the other slipping to clench desperately to her 'leak' in an effort to close it off as she weakly squirms in place. Something was different- though she'd barely have time to note the sharp talons capping her nails, nor the shifting colours dancing across her skin. Nothing of the like mattered in the least right now; the burning slowly began returning to her veins, begetting an annoyed whine from the thirsty beast below that starts to throttle her back and forth.

"That's the opposite of what I asked, Snowflake. You need to let go if you want my gift~. Stop being rude!"

"D-dad would tell you... a good host... knows when... to cut off their.. guests... kh-" Hana digs her sharpened nails into Shinkirou's arm, the consistency bubbling into a gelatin-like bubble before bursting into brackish pus, causing the beast to yelp and the freakish apparition meant to pass for her father fading into the same bloody mist that made it. She continues to kick and struggle, flailing her arms and legs with a renewed thirst to live, letting loose a long guttural scream of desperation- though the bijuu's grasp only tightens for it.

What happens to really loosen Shinkirou's grasp instead, is a sudden shearing of the extended limb clear from his body, causing it to kick up an immense wave of ichor from the floor, Hana's seal wrenching itself back into place as she lands halfway underneath the rapidly dissolving chunk, still writhing and shrieking in blind rage.

"Grrrrrrhhhowww! ...Eijiii... hrrmph. You handled at least what I offered... decently enough, Snowflake. Let's see how it works outside. Time ran out this round, but perhaps next..." Drawing off, Shinkirou lopes into the back corner of his cage, sulking and licking the stump of a limb- which reforms quickly enough to the beast's attentive tongue.

The talisman is pulled off of Hana's eyes and the dimness of the sealing room greets her eyes again, as do several spatters of blood along the walls. A sharp gasp pulls into her lungs as she tries to jolt up, stopped at her chest by a strong arm that pushes her back down.

"Almost lost it." The familiar voice remains stoic and dull. Her hands start to travel down to her stomach, and are immediately slapped away. "Don't touch."

"Hk.. uh.. rgh... d-don't... don't tell mom and dad? Please?" Her body still ached, throbbing soreness pulsing out from her core. And yet, oddly, she felt... stronger? Alive, perhaps, after the unprecedented struggle.

"I must."

"..Fuck y..ou, Eiji." Exhaustion set in slowly once her adrenaline started to fade, letting her head slump back down on what was apparently the floor now and letting her eyes close in a dreamless rest.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadows Line the Heart- So don't Cross it! (Reflections)   Sun May 28, 2017 2:51 am

Feedback: Incredibly well written and thought out. Descriptions were vivid and the story was fluid - very easy to read.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadows Line the Heart- So don't Cross it! (Reflections)   

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Shadows Line the Heart- So don't Cross it! (Reflections)
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