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 Tailed! Pt. 1 (Origins)

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PostSubject: Tailed! Pt. 1 (Origins)   Sun May 28, 2017 10:30 am

Outside of the makeshift house, littered with rolled, expensive rugs and textiles, jugs of water, and covered canvases, a man from the still-forming ninja village of Sunagakure stands- as he has for almost an hour now, listening to the moaning and groaning inside. Sometimes he sees what he assumes to be servants scuttling past him with freshly wet cloth, grapes, dates, and other luxuries. Even so, he knows what he must do. The message that must be delivered. Something he had been dreading since the beginning of the week- at least Hagiwara gave him the chance to prepare himself mentally. No more time could be wasted however. The current host was decaying due to the hurried seals, and any day now he might die. It was time- for Sunagakure, he swallowed his nerves and followed close behind a woman holding some sort of balm, hopefully which would calm his target before he struck.

The room was aflutter with nervous movement, people smoothly sliding past each other in such a practiced manner that it seemed to be a normal occurance- and in the center of this hive of activity laid an irate, black-haired woman heavy with child, sprawled under silken sheets. On either side of the bed stood a servant slowly fanning this woman with large palm fronds found locally, with battered fans halfway hidden in the corners of the room. Pitied gazes laid upon him from those flanking the woman- Kirei Shinbou- and no such mercy from the woman herself. With a brief unspoken prayer at the tip of his tongue, the shinobi stepped forward, almost bumping into one of the busybodies moving to dump an old pot of water outside.

"A- Ahem! Kirei Shinbou-sama, we- uh- know it may not be the best time to congratulate you, considering the village is still under construction, and the baby and all, but--" The woman's eyes narrow, and it seem that the word of mouth was right. Though she married into the Kirei family, this woman was no different from them. No sense of empathy came from the hissing behind gritted teeth, her eyes sharply narrowed as if looking to cut deep into his soul.

"Spit- eugh- spit it out, will you!? They're coming any day now, so if you're here to tell me that it hasn't passed whatever tests you lot have been putting me through--"

"-Right, about that. The Hasugami have determined that your child definitely has the potential-"

"POTENTIAL!? Let me tell you about potential, asshole! I-"

"Ri-right! Uh. Right, I'll just uh. Here." Edging closer, he puts the sealed scroll within an outstretched hand from one of the fanning servants, the other leaning down to whisper into Shinbou's ear, something that at least seems to calm her down, creating a smug sort of smirk as the message is opened and turned for easier reading. The moments tick by, dragged on and on by the heat and silence, before a long, labored sigh leaves the woman's lips, rolling her eyes and smacking the servant's leg, a signal to show her progress with the page.

"Tell them that the Kirei are happy to host this... thing, with goodwill and the help of the temple monks, of course with the consideration that we're essentially- rgh- sacrificing our precious child to do so. I- ugh-  Why are you still here? Out. Shoo. Out, out. OUT!" All too happy to leave, he pushes past servants left and right on the way out, muttering 'sorry' to each in turn, almost a continuous stream. He just hopes that she read the bottom part, where it stated that they'd begin as soon as possible, which may or may not be the next day- which thankfully, was not his job!

Mission Accomplished.

Though the next week, months, then years went by slowly for the compound, certainly Shinbou, it escapes Fubuki for obvious reasons. A Hasugami monk along with several Fuuinjutsu specialists oversaw the transfer of the Ichibi from his unfortunate host, technically its first Jinchuriki, rapidly losing grip on reality from housing the beast within himself straight from the sands. Prayers were said, mantra chanted, but no one could be certain how any of them would know how well the unborn child might take this unspeakable burden. All that was certain, is that the newly-born Kirei Fubuki lived, coming into the world kicking and screaming no differently from any other child, save perhaps the seal that remains upon her stomach to this day.

Even through her childhood, it was hard to tell if housing the tailed beast had much an effect on the young girl- certainly whether it had any more than the upbringing of one wanting for naught within the cradle of the merchant family, on top of all the attention she'd garnered from the higher-ranked ninja of what was now an officially recognized village by the Daimyo of Wind Country- and Fubuki was recognized as a potential weapon for them to eventually use, if nothing else as a preventative measure against the other burgeoning shinobi villages. To ensure that she never had any unforeseen 'accidents' growing up, the Hasugami provided a child around her age named Jade to monitor Shinkirou for signs of breaking through- on top of the severe doting of her mother, who insisted that Fubuki's seal be checked and reinforced almost weekly, much to the young girl's chagrin. It wasn't until Fubuki finally started getting 'homeschooled' that she even had a word edgewise about anything other than her calligraphy, paintings, or leaving the clan's premises without an adult or three to hold her hand. Still, it could hardly have been called difficult. Sheltered, sure, but thusfar the Ichibi seemed satisfied enough in position, waiting and watching for an opportunity to break free perhaps?

It wasn't until Fubuki had started her personal lessons away from the somewhat newly-formed academy that she had truly shown signs of 'instability' as far as her handlers were concerned. Talented more in the clan's hijutsu than in other forms of chakra molding, she'd leaned far more heavily into the creative uses of her family's techniques when in class, often times utilizing it in conjunction- or simply instead- of her instructors' incessant insistence on following their rubrics. Who needs clones when you can shape ink into cute little animals that move around? Why walk on water when you can coat your feet with ink and have it help you move on any surface you want? Most of the time her handlers attributed this advanced chakra control to the beast within her, assuming that some form of its overwhelming power had translated into natural talent- but time would show that the young girl only showed such fluidity when not utilizing more traditional methods to mold elements. Abysmal with mundane Suiton common to the clan's shinobi, those watching Fubuki made the mistake of releasing a few of the extra protective layered seals. This would mark the first time she'd lose control to her partner, but certainly not the last, marked as the now-infamous Report SJ-5837.

While releasing the outer layers of the more restrictive seals surrounding the then-12 Kirei Fubuki, a sudden burst of malevolent chakra exited her body, unforeseen due to the somewhat recent moving of her close friend Hasugami Jade and a lack of fill-ins to monitor the young girl's bijuu, and caused a sudden transformation within the courtyard of the newly-finished Kirei compound, lacking a proper bunker at the time to contain such outbreaks. It began as translucent red cloak of malevolent chakra forming a singular claw-tipped tail but quickly overtook her body in its entirely while her high-pitched shrieking took on a distinct lower growl that took the surrounding fuuinjutsuists off-guard, none of them having born witness to the beast itself in that original, unfortunate expedition. Quickly growing out of control in a literal manner, the burgeoning mass of chakra had begun solidifying into something reminiscent of an ocelot mottled with oily, blood-tinted shifting shapes. With a blood-curdling scream heard throughout the section of the village, witnesses report seeing the Kirei clan's golden gateways bent over themselves and propelled almost an entire block down the road, with blood splotching the streets- but no cause that could be seen. It was said that the current Kazekage herself was able to catch the beast and subdue it with the help of her puppeteer wire, as very few if any could reliably track the bijuu's movements. Kirei Yamato, father of Kirei Eiji and the replacement handler for the Hasugami monks, died of chakra and blood loss resealing the rampant Ichibi before its host's death. Eiji was to replace him, as he had been present to most of the redundant seal reinforcements before.

Waking up caked in blood- very little of it her own- definitively marked the end of the girl's era of innocence.
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PostSubject: Re: Tailed! Pt. 1 (Origins)   Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:56 pm

Feedback: Once again, a very well thought out and eloquently written story. Those last paragraphs are damn heavy though. 
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Tailed! Pt. 1 (Origins)
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