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 Kurohitsuji - A Legacy of Hatred

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PostSubject: Kurohitsuji - A Legacy of Hatred   Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:33 am

The Black Ram are a group of enforcers primarily functioning as a strikeforce of high profile elite assassins and mercenaries.

Their former leader, Tsukumi has ordered the group to attack Konohagakure during 1318's chunin exam with the intention to capture the Hyuga Princess, Masami whose performance in the exams in itself was quite impressive to begin with. Whether their intention was to extort ransom or steal her eyes is unknown to this day. It is very well known fact though that five elite Kurohitsuji have massacred an estimated 200 people during their invasion of the Hidden Leaf Village.

It has been alluded to that Tsukumi has had a grudge with the shinobi villages but the information has been classified A-Rank and will not be discussed on grounds of secrecy and honour. Tsukumi has been halted and unfortunately slain by the Lotus Monk Hisui with no choice but to. Hisui is less than willing to share the whole story as for her religion to take a life is not acceptable.

Their recent resurfacing with new members suggests that Tsukumi has had active following other than the former four (allegedly held captive in Hōzuki, Kusagakure) and the group's reforming has been confirmed as such. With the killing of Senju Kurai, the two-tails' jinchuriki and their ruthless behaviour it is no doubt: the new Kurohitsuji are not impostors - unlike other, less convincing renditions with the group's logo in the past.

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Kurohitsuji - A Legacy of Hatred
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