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 Four Tails (Sealed - Hitori)

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PostSubject: Four Tails (Sealed - Hitori)   Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:15 pm

Four Tailed White Wolf
(12 AP)

Okami was a tailed beast known for her cunning and fury. She takes the form of a great white wolf with four tails. Her size alternates between 6ft to 100ft tall dependant predominantly on her intent. She was sealed into her Jinchuuriki after nearly a century of freedom gained from clever evasion. She was captured and sealed after the consecutive destruction of six villages, all known for affluence through corruption. It had been speculated that she targeted the villages as a conscious effort to eliminate the most vile of mankind as a priority.

Barren Ash Fields
Okami was known for trailing behind a barren ash battleground wherever she ventured. Her jinchuuriki is able to harness that destructive force and element into their chakra network.
Passive: Gains Katon/Doton/Fuuton & Ash elements at creation
2x Free E/D/C/B 1x A/S Rank Ash Jutsu
-1CP cost for Ash Jutsu

Mind of her own
Okami was never the type to give free reigns to a mere human. Her influence over the jinchuuriki's own thoughts can be dangerously unbalanced, however this allows the two to share a deeper connection even in the battlefield.
Academy Student) Multicast Ninjutsu - E Rank, +0 Ninjutsu rolls, +1 HP dmg for Ash Element
Genin) Multicast Ninjutsu - D Rank, +1 Ninjutsu rolls, +1d4 HP dmg for Ash Element
Chuunin) Multicast Ninjutsu - C Rank, +2 Ninjutsu rolls, +1d6 HP dmg for Ash Element
Jounin) Multicast Ninjutsu - B Rank, +3 Ninjutsu rolls, +1d8 HP dmg for Ash Element

Feral Instinct
Hitori's violent upbringing paired with Okami's influence led to the development of an unnatural sense of instinct. He felt danger outside his ordinary senses and was able to react to it with a pre-emptive precision. Beyond this was an unrelenting will of survival.
Academy Student) +0 ATK/DEF, +0 HP, +0 HP regen
Genin) +1 ATK/DEF, +5 HP, +1 HP regen
Chuunin) +2 ATK/DEF, +10 HP, +2 HP regen
Jounin) +3 ATK/DEF, +15 HP, +3 HP regen
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Four Tails (Sealed - Hitori)
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