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 Yuki Reports - Left at the Hokages Office

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PostSubject: Yuki Reports - Left at the Hokages Office   Sat Jun 03, 2017 7:22 am

Report by: Uchiha, Yuki
Date: November 13, 1324

Today I Uchiha Yuki, was attacked with, Yamarou, and Inuzuka Akirah, over by the lake inside the village, by a ninja who used ants as his power, who is henceforth to be called Antman. Antman sealed us within a barrier of ants, and proclaimed his intent to steal my eyes, I informed him that I lost my sharingan in the exam after gouging my eyes, but he then decided us to kill us anyways because we saw too much. During the course of combat fighting for our lives, he mentioned his desire to join the Yaruhitsugi, and this being a sort of initiation test to retrieve the sharingan for "doc" to transplant. The same organization that killed Kurai,  and the same group given the reference to the missing nin Doc who attacked the exams and came to harvest my squad for kekkei genkai eyes. There seems to be at least some imperfect communication as the group who attacked the exams did not let it be known that my eyes were cut so viciously to the organization at large. Antman was killed by the coordinated attacks between, Yamarou, Akirah, Okami (Akirah's ninken) and myself, he was capable of using "S rank" jutsu (though not with any more skill then I possess), but through group attacks and support we managed to take him down, I delivered what littered remains that were left after his body exploded after he was taken down, to the morgue.

A bit of inference from here rather then direct observation, but based on the coordinated attack on our team at the chuunin exams, I believe the group of kiri nin that attacked us at the chuunin exams know more about the Yaruhitsugi, they held us up at our gate, and the missing nin who came for us went straight for us there right as the exams started, it seems like a coordinated assault to take us down, collect our eyes, and exit through the nearby gate and make their escape. I believe had Uchiha Kanae not came to intervene that they would of harvested Kodoku and Uchiha, Noboru's eyes, if they did not do the same as me. I believe the lack in security surrounding the chuunin exams is allowing rampant infiltration, and if the corpses of those killed at the exams by kiri nin were looked at, there would be missing body parts among them, missing kekkei genkai.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Reports - Left at the Hokages Office   Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:30 pm

Dear Yuki,

We appreciate all of your efforts when it came to taking down the one called Antman, and apologize that no reinforcements were sent to assist yourself, and your squad. If he was truly as strong as you say, it must have been quite tough and proves the team work prevails. If he, in fact, was working with the Kurohitsuji, there would have been an alternate motive and jumping to conclusions can sometimes lead to false facts. We have sent a coroner to examine the remains in the morgue, and if any details are found, we will act on it promptly.

As for the Kiri-nin and the chuunin exams, I can assure you that the security placed within Konoha is largely effective. We have had back up from all four of the major villages, and if Kirigakure was in fact working with the missing ninja that attacked you, it would imply they were working with those they were hunting. I have been over the majority of the reports we received, and have come to the conclusion that the ninja that attacked you were, in fact, not in an alliance with Kirigakure and were missing from their village. They are even within the bingo book, and if you wish to see this, you can ask one of the higher ranks to show you (If they ask, show them my signature and they will abide. The ninja that attacked you, were infact hunted down and killed, and we have your bag for you to collect at your earliest convenience.

I understand the concern when it comes to the situation, Yuki, as many of the shinobi in the village are suffering from the same situation. It is hard to come to reality of the events that are happening, but I can assure you that the great Konohagakure and other villages are all doing something. You may not see it, but a lot is happening behind the scenes. If you wish to meet with me in person, that can be arranged, but for now, I ask that you forgo voicing any more conspiracy talk and believe in the village that you belong to.

Sincerely, Tera Uzumaki.
May we live and breath the will of fire that is in all of us.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Reports - Left at the Hokages Office   Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:27 am

Dear, Uzumaki Teru
Thank you for your response to my report, I wasn't sure I'd get one but they are required so the village can be informed, most do not write them. The second part of my report of it was just inferences hence my preface about it being such, I had mentioned as it was not based on direct observation but I do not believe that I was jumping to conclusions. Since writing your letter, you may well remember the the Mizukage went on a rampage in the middle of Konoha, with reports of her being possessed. It is safe for me to say that Kirigakure was compromised at the top. Perhaps in the future my judgement based on personal experience with my own eyes rather then a collaboration of reports from mixed sources may be better appreciated. In the end my report with accusations of conspiracy were based around either being at the top or the lowest level, a single participant being offered support from outside forces to get through the exams may well be tempting for ninja in kirigakure who are less likely to die the higher rank they are; I did not actually think their kage could of been compromised but, one need only look at the central district, to know I was wrong about that, I am not omniscient -- but it does seem I was right to the degree that I mentioned.

A side note though do double check that the shinobi that attacked me were not taken down by kirigakure nin, in whole or in part.

Finally it is unwise to tell someone who is actively being hunted that things are being done behind the scenes and to rest easy, its not paranoia when your attacked in your home; I will be on my guard, you may not realize it but since graduating the academy, I have been personally hunted and hounded by more then twenty ninja, be that just after my eyes well I was delivering the mail, those related to Ryota the man who killed my parents and seems intent on building and harvesting my eyes, those in the chuunin exams, this antman fellow, and more. I am a Shinobi, I accept this risk as part of the day to day, and I accept that when people attack me I will most likely not have back up, why else would they attack me if not on their own terms? To get direct to this point, people have been ordered to -not- help me when I've been attacked and hunted for my eyes by outside forces, it only happened once that I know of, but this is the life I lead. I believe in Konoha's future but I am not blind to my present reality, the death toll proves it.

You seem to of forgotten how shinobi operate, it is through subterfuge, and conspiracy. It is our weapon against our enemies, its baffling to me that you assume that our enemies would not commit subterfuge and conspiracy against us. They are ninja, its what we and they do. Or am I wrong about everything and those ninja who came for my eyes sign their exam forms mentioning they are not genin, and were just here to slaughter people and steal kekkei genkai? Lying on their forms to get into exams is in itself a conspiracy.

Uchiha, Yuki
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Reports - Left at the Hokages Office   

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Yuki Reports - Left at the Hokages Office
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