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 Jinchuriki - New System

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PostSubject: Jinchuriki - New System   Jinchuriki - New System Icon_minitimeMon Jun 05, 2017 3:58 pm

[Tailed Beast System]

Jinchuriki have a special system that allows for them to access the powers of their beast. Depending on how many tails they have, and how long they keep the tails active, they will gains bonuses but also suffer negatives. Jinchuriki will be able to access more tails through roleplay with a DM about contacting and building a relationship with their chakra beast. This scale goes from 0 up to a maximum of 900 (Depending on how many tails their chakra beast has). Different bonuses have different RP and appearances, also different requirements to activate them. Once they have access to all their tails, they may enter what is known as Tailed Beast form, which allows the jinchuriki to take the shape of their chakra beast. Below is the bonuses gained for accessing each tail and for using Tailed Beast Form.

Jinchuriki Passives) +1 ATK/DEF, +20 CP and +1 CP Regen. (These bonuses do not cost AP, but still follow the rules set by AP.)

The user's body would become covered in a thin layer of the chakra that they posses from their chakra beast. It would burn at their skin, but the feeling of power and overwhelming strength would fill their body. This allows them to fight on, regardless of what they are hit by. The cloak is the first stage of using and understanding their chakra beast. Every jinchuriki starts with the ability to use their cloak, regardless of their relationship with their chakra beast.

PvP) +1 ATK/DEF, +5 Temp CP + 5 Per Tail*, 1d4 DMG per round taken (DR does not Apply), +1d4 HP DMG/Jutsu, Suffer 1 Reap Point per round Active*

Partial form is a feared form, and this is dangerous, not only for the user but those they face. Covering their body in the beasts chakra, the user would grow tails, according to how many they wish to activate at that time. The tails, and the users body, are pure chakra. The power that comes with activating this radiates through the user, but also the pain that comes from it aswell. Jinchuriki can activate this when they have a certain relationship with their beast.

Relationship) User can activate 1 tail per 100 Relationship they have with their Chakra Beast, up to a maximum of 1 less then their chakra beast is.
PvP) +2 ATK/DEF, +10 Temp CP + 5 Per Tail*, 1d4+1 DMG per round taken (DR does not Apply) +1d4+X HP DMG/Jutsu (Tail Dependent), 1 Reap point per tail activated and 1 Reap point per round*

(* One tailed Jinchuriki can activate partial, but still only has a single tail.)

Taking on the complete form of the beast that is within them, this is the pinnacle of what a chakra beast and their user can do. Completley swallowed by the chakra that the beast holds, the user, dependant on how they interact and/or get controlled, may lose all memory of what happens. The power that radiates through a jinchuriki's body when in full form is so great, that most can devastate full cities and many casualties will follow. This is not done with ease, as their relationship with their beast must be at it's max to even access this stage.

Relationship) Must have full relationship points with their chakra beast.
PvP) +3 ATK/DEF, +10 Temp CP + 10 Per Tail*, 1d6+1 DMG per round taken (DR does not Apply), +1d6+X HP DMG/Jutsu (Tail Dependent), 2 Reap points per tail activated and 1 Reap point per round*

[Chakra Protection]
While a Jinchuriki is under influence of their chakra beast, they have the ability to warp their chakra around them and take the DMG to their beast's chakra, instead of to their own body. This can be done as long as the jinchuriki has some of the beasts chakra remaining.
PvP) If user has Temporary CP remaining, they can use this in place of HP if they were to be hit HP DMG. Can ONLY be done if they have temporary CP available.
Special Note) Not useable outside of any of the three Jinchuriki Forms.

(* Temporary CP - Temporary CP can be used whenever the user chooses. It is a seperate pool, granted via the Chakra beast that is accesible when the user chooses. It does not beneift from any bonuses (CP Regen, Additons etc) and can not be damaged via CP DMG, unless chakra protection is used.)

(DMG Bonus granted in Partial and full as is follows. 1,2,3 Tails = +1. 4/5/6 Tails = +2. 7/8/9 Tails = +3)

Reap Points - Every 10 Reap Points the Jinchuriki suffers -1 to their ATK/DEF Rolls (Max 5) and -5 to their total CP Pool (Max -50). These reap points are removed at a rate of 1 per 2 IRL days, regardless of tail and can also be removed by a DM or Medical shinobi capable of performing A Rank medical Jutsu, up to a maximum of 5 per week.
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Jinchuriki - New System
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