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 Hokage's office - Written report - "Swamp recon" - 09.06.2017.

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Hokage's office - Written report - "Swamp recon" - 09.06.2017. Empty
PostSubject: Hokage's office - Written report - "Swamp recon" - 09.06.2017.   Hokage's office - Written report - "Swamp recon" - 09.06.2017. Icon_minitimeSat Jun 10, 2017 8:40 am

Mission name: Swamp recon

Participants: Ayatsumi Asami(Aloe) C, Saika Arata(Crow) C, Shoshou Hananki(Mask) C, Uchiha Yumi(Pixie) G, Noteki Akira(Zero) G, Takeyama Katashi(Mori) G

Rank: Presumed A or S

Orders: Track down and investigate children kidnapping.

Party prepared by designating codenames, and giving basic rundown of each's skills for the mission as well as procuring maps and intel, and researching it before departure. Note, Akira decided to omit own capabilities.
Party approached the designated area, noticing slightly unnatural, chakra impregnated fog that permeated the swamps. I ordered everyone to attach metal object to back of their clothes so we can keep track of each other as we pushed in. Most of us managed to get trough the swamps to the destination without an issue, Hananki suffering moderate while Arata and Noteki suffered minor damage. It was patched up before we proceeded.
I have moved forward to scout out ruins of the village where marks were stationed. Noticing two, a burly mass of a man named K who wrestles bears, and his unnamed helper (later identified only as T) in heavy robes. Unnamed helper seems to have ability to produce the charka fog and feel any chakra forming coming from the fog itself. Additionally position seemed well defended by traps. Sadly, party managed to trip one of the traps prompting investigation by K that was foiled more due to mark's low dedication to the investigation than anything else. Additional enemy was recognized by sound of whip coming out of the ruined building and commentary of the sentries.
We reconvened to discuss strategy and concluded to split the group in two, one part acting as backup, and another infiltrating further to gather more intel. Infiltration was shaky at best, only quick thinking managing to get us past the two sentries, who were alerted but did again not investigate thoroughly, letting us (Hananki, Asami and myself) to slip past and into the ruin.
Inside we found two more shinobi on high alert guarding a cage holding 5 children. Apparently five out of thirty they have captured total. The two threatened to kill the children as they noticed most of our squad as we entered. We tried and succeeded for a moment to stop their attempt. Enemy called out to their sentries to disperse. We did manage to stop the two shinobi for a brief moment with Yuki running in to provide reinforcement, but then one of them named Zento started an combination Yoton and Fuuinjutsu attack that was self implosion, while his companion Amiya claimed calmly she will be reborn after the explosion. Most of us vacated the building but Yuki decided to stay back and try to protect the children. We braced for the explosion, and then recovered our losses and left the area.

Casualties: Casualty rate following the explosion was as follows. Uchiha Yuki and Saika Arata heavily wounded, requiring immediate medical care. Myself and Noteki minor wounds. Ayatsumi and Hananko uninjured. Hananko took Yuki to the village while myself carried Arata, and my nintora carried Noteki.

- K - Muscular, heavy and capable of wrestling a bear. Also seems to use wasps in some manner. Easy to distract and fool, low patience and low alertness.
- T - Lean, robed. Sensory type, uses fog to recognize chakra use in wide area. Thorough, but not too quick to react.
- Zento - Tall, blonde. Uses whip, Raiton, Yoton and Fuuinjutsu. Capable of self destruction. Somewhat alert, strong mind.
- Amiya - Lithe, female, resistant. Claimed to be capable of resurgence. Very alert, seemed apparent leader.

Observations: Enemy has 25 children left in custody. Their power level is around jounin rating. They provided little resistance, preferring to run and cut their losses instead of fight even again lesser opponents. Their defenses and recon were near superb, and hard to bypass.

- Squad lacked cohesion and application for some of the members during the engagement.
- Additionally while most did well with stealth, lack of such capabilities from two members endangered everyone.
- Medical ninja should not let herself fall down first.
- Planning during missions needs work in general.
- I would suggest harsh environment training for most participants.
- I would suggest that next time superior declares one of the highest ranking team members as a leader so the authority hierarchy can be established faster and with less confusion.
- While understanding the squad was organized hastily due to circumstances, not all of its members had skills or capabilities required for a reconnaissance mission
- Lack of Jounin level member to take over in case of jounin level opposition was evident downside.
- Lack of sharing information about own capabilities between mission participants caused some division and lack of understanding of squad's potential.

Takeyama Katashi

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Hokage's office - Written report - "Swamp recon" - 09.06.2017.
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