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 [Konohagakure] Tadakuro, Kyuzo

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PostSubject: [Konohagakure] Tadakuro, Kyuzo   [Konohagakure] Tadakuro, Kyuzo Icon_minitimeSat Jun 10, 2017 1:18 pm

[Konohagakure] Tadakuro, Kyuzo Pbucket
[Konohagakure] Tadakuro, Kyuzo Pbucket

First Name - Kyūzō (久蔵)
Last Name - Tadakuro
Nickname - Kyu, "Shining Samurai of Konoha"
Gender - Male
Age - 19
DOB - 5th October
Height - 6'5"
Weight - 82kg
Village - Leaf


Body Appearance

Hair Colour - Black
Hair length - Medium Length
Eye Colour - Red (left eye is under an eyepatch, is a orange)
Skin Colour - Tan
Body Shape - Normal
Tattoo's - Several black and red tattoos on Arms, chest, back, and legs.  The Tattoos on his chest and back are Kanji, the front has Courage (Yu), Honor (Meiyo), and Loyalty (Chugi), the back has Rectitude (Gi), Benevolence (Jin), Respect (Rei), and Honesty (Makoto).  The Tattoo on his left arm is a typical Japanese dragon, intertwining around his arm from shoulder to back of his hand.
Scars: Has a scar going from the right of his right eye down to his chin, and another light (almost faded) scar on his neck from a Noose.  Along his torso and his back he has long, very noticeable scars.  Just recently lost his left eye in Iron Country, fighting corrupt Samurai.


Other Information

Likes - Alcohol, being awesome, protecting people
Dislikes - Idiots, evil, needless death
Parents - Father: Kujūrō (Deceased) Mother: Kyi (Deceased)
Siblings - Shuyin Tadakuro (Missing-Nin, EVIL)
Cousins - Takuho (Missing Nin), Kaene, Jarico, Kairi
Other - Leon Tadakuro (Uncle)
Children -
Partner -
Pets - Cheezers (Mouse), Niblet (Dog), Gliding Battle Bovine (Cow)


Ninja Information

Elements - Medical, Fire
Main Focus - Taijutsu/Kenjutsu
Sensei - N/A
Squad - N/A
Specialty - Kenjutsu
Rank -
Job -
Special -
Fame -
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[Konohagakure] Tadakuro, Kyuzo
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