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 Major System Changes

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PostSubject: Major System Changes   Major System Changes Icon_minitimeSat Jun 10, 2017 2:54 pm


Scaling has been changed to accommodate for character level instead of Rank. Below is the changes made,

Information In Here:


Ranks have been changed so that they hold no DF effect rather IC effect and the way the characters can act. HP and CP bonuses have been removed from ranks, and IC bonuses have been added. Teaching limits have also been applied, for jutsu that the user does not know. Below is the list of IC changes.

Information In Here:

[Learning System]

The learning system has been changed to be more dependant on Mod, rather then ranking. Mod dictates what your character can learn / do according to the power they hold. Below is the new system for learning.

Information In Here:


We have added a new system to teaching. This allows you to teach a fellow shinobi, regardless of the rank you are. The only restriction is access to scrolls, and this is rank dependent. Below is the new system that is used when wanting to teach.

Information In Here:

[Skill Rules]

Skills have not been changed to much, but Handseals and Chakra Control have had an addition added to them. Aswell as this, the total skillpoins that a character gained has been increased. Your character now gains extra skills points when hitting level milestones, that stack on top of one another. Below is the new calculation and changes to Handseals and Chakra Control.

Information In Here:

[Max DMG Bonus]

Due to recent DF observed, DMG bonuses have had a hard cap applied to them. These DMG bonuses are stilled rolled, but may never go over the cap set to your character. Bare in mind that this is not the max DMG that your jutsu can do, it is the max DMG that can be applied from external sources (Ability, Actives, Free Actions etc) on top of the jutsu that you are using. Below is the information required and the calculation used to determine max DMG Bonus that can be applied.

Information In Here:

[HP/CP Bonuses]

HP and CP bonuses are now granted according to level, rather then rank. The change is not to large, but it may lower or increase your HP and CP pool as it stands now. Below is the changes that are being implemented.

Information In Here:

[Rank DMG Changes]

Bukijutsu and Taijutsu have had their Rank DMG changed to a level scaling system aswell. Below is the DMG chart used to calculate your total rank DMG when using those jutsu.

Information In Here:
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Major System Changes
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