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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Stat Limit Changes

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PostSubject: Stat Limit Changes   Stat Limit Changes Icon_minitimeSun Jun 11, 2017 7:26 pm

Stat limit on Naruto Elements works differently to every other server. Instead of being set by rank, we have decided to have it set by level. This means that as your character levels, they are able to progress with stats as well. Below is the calculation used to determine your maximum mod at each level. We have also included a table so that you can determine your maximum mod. As we believe that roleplay is the determining factor when it comes to characters strength and progression, stats will be earned on a weekly basis by everyone. Stat Limit comes into effect from level 20+. Anyone level 1 - 19 is bound by the level 20 rules. The limits are including the mod you have whilst equipping either the stat belt or cape that every character gets. Characters must also have their MOD's equally spread. This means that their highest MOD can not be more then 5 ahead of their secondary, and no more then 7 higher of AT LEAST 1 of their tertiary mods. (E.G A character with an 18 WIS MUST HAVE a 13 MOD and AT LEAST one 11 MOD.

[Maximum Mod Calculation]

Main MOD - 2 x Character Level / 2 (Rounded Down) + 5
Secondary Mods - 2 x Character Level / 2 (Rounded Down) + 2
Tertiary Mods - 2 x Character Level / 2 (Rounded Down) - 1

E.G: Level 24 / 2 + 5 = Maximum 1x 17 / 2x 14 / 3x 12 Mods
E.G: Level 29 / 2 +5 = Maximum 1x 19 / 2x 16 / 3x 14 Mods

(Maximum mod for level 1 - 19 is equal to level 20's max)

[Maximum Mod Table]

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Stat Limit Changes
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