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 Balance Changes

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PostSubject: Balance Changes   Balance Changes Icon_minitimeWed Jun 14, 2017 9:32 am

Increased DC - Has been removed from the Ability Table. If you have an Item and/or ability with this on it, please send it in for chaning.

Two new Jutsu have been added to the standard lists. One Academy and one Genjutsu)

Name) Mind's Wall
Type) Genjutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2
RP Description) All good Genjutsuist's know that the trick to a genjutsu, is not allowing it into your own mind. Mind's wall is a simple technique that allows those that use Genjutsu to place a line of chakra throughout their mind, blocking in any coming Genjutsu.
PvP Effect) DEF vs Genjutsu. +1 to DEF Roll if User knows the Genjutsu DEF against.

Name) Kai (Release)
Type) Ninjutsu
Rank) E
CP Cost) 2
RP Description) By focusing their chakra whilst under a genjutsu, the user is able to force it to their mind and attempt to release themselves. This is effective in most situations, but depending on how strong the genjutsu is, the user may have to spend more chakra.
PvP Effect) WIS/INT/CHA vs DC to escape from Genjutsu. User spends more CP depending on the Rank of the Genjutsu.
[b]Special Note) +1 CP for D Rank, +2 CP for C Rank, +3 CP for B rank, +4 CP for A Rank, +6 CP for S Rank.
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Balance Changes
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