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 Escort Mission report

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PostSubject: Escort Mission report   Escort Mission report Icon_minitimeThu Jun 15, 2017 1:36 pm

Mission name: [EYES OF HEAVEN]

Participants: Ayatsumi Asami, Yuki Uchiha, Akirah Inuzuka, Yume Keikai, Noboru Uchiha.

Rank: C. Became a B once combat was started.

Orders: Escort Takeyama Togai
Synopsis: We left the village headed towards grass country, the temple of the followers of Byakko. Under orders to escort a man and child. He informed us of being accosted by bandits on the way so i prepared measures in our formation against ambush. We luckily, did not fall for the ambush which took form in a sealed tag, which once activated would summon the enemy. We made it to the temple only to find that it had been besieged and destroyed by a creature that used some manner of seal to create a stairway which drew out more enemies. Fortunately, we planned for this and Takeyama Togai prepared a seal to close the portal. The battle continued for a time with no casualties on our part and we managed to close the portal and subdue the remaining enemies. One of them turned on the other so i had to kill her. The remaining man is in custody and Takeyama is back at his temple. Mission Complete.

Casualties: None on our squad. The Temple on the other hand..
Enemies: A) A yoton user. Deceased.
B) A monster with a large spiked club. Was banished once the portal was closed.
C) Fuuton capable. The prisoner.  

Suggestions: I suggest that the prisoner we returned be interrogated for any information. Perhaps point out that his ally was quick to turn on him and use it as leverage to learn more about this mysterious enemy.

Observations: Enemy has skills in Yoton, Fuuinjutsu, Fuuton and are allied with monsterous creatures and arrives to battle via a staircase that leads to the heavens.  I believe an apt name for this foe would be 'The Village Hidden in the Heavens'.

- Squad followed my instructions well.
- Yuki supported the squad above and beyond what was required.
- Akirah's tracking skills had been essential in locating traps.
- Yume's combative abilities assisted a great deal when faced against the inhuman beast.
- Asami stunned the beast, but otherwise did nothing of note.

Uchiha, Noboru.
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Escort Mission report
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