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 Custom Items

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PostSubject: Custom Items   Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:45 am

[Custom Items]

Custom items are granted to players via submission and approval by DM Team. Bonuses gained through items follows the Ability chart and costs tokens per step of the bonus you want. Each step costs 10 tokens. (E.G +2 to Water Jutsu would cost 20 Tokens.) No character may have more than 1 of the same genre gained via an item and may only have a maximum of 2 bonuses per item. (E.G If a character already has +Discipline Damage on an item, they may not gain +Type Damage on another item.) Characters may resubmit their items to have the bonuses changed to suit how there character has progressed. The steps may be changed according to roleplay and have the bonuses increased according to how the ability chart works. (E.G +2 Universal Rolls is currently Jounin equiv and would cost 40 Tokens.) All items submitted MUST have roleplay to them and a small story as to how the item was gained or why it was given to them. Characters may also request an event to gain their item but this is subject to DM availability. If this is how the player requests to gain their item, the item will be given at time of approval and the event will be ran when a DM is available in past tense sense of time. Characters are limited to only having 3 items per character, and if they wish to get another, and already have three, they must swap one of them out or remove one.

(Step's may not be made higher or lower. May only be set to ability Table. E.G Can get scaling +1/2/3/4 Type rolls, not 0/1/2/3 or 2/3/4/5. 10 Tokens per step still applies. Only exception to this rule is none number bonuses like Secondary Attack, Secondary Defense, Mutlicast etc.)

(Secondary Attack, Secondary Defence, Secondary HP Pool, Secondary CP Pool, Summons, Summon Level, Summon Amount, Dojutsu, ACN, Kekkei Tota, Stat Substitution, Inton, Yoton, Medical and Fuuinjutsu may not be present on an item at any time.)

[Custom Puppets]

Custom puppets bonuses that a character wishes to apply for will be earnt via RP and RP Tokens. For balancing purpose, bonuses applied to a puppet is considered type on the ability table. Each player is able to submit for custom puppets (If they have the ability to use them) and will be granted them after the RP dictated by the DM Team has been done. When it comes to adding the bonuses, the custom puppets are each allowed 2x Ability Steps for free, gained via RP (E.G +1 to DMG and +1 to their ATK Rolls. Or +1 to their ATK/DEF Rolls) and then each step after that will cost 10 tokens per step. (E.G +1d4 DMG = 2x Free Steps, +2 to their ATK Rolls = 20 Tokens). They may never have more then 2x steps in their ATK/DEF bonuses and 3x steps in any other bonus they wish to apply for. The puppets will still have to be RPed through the creation and/or gaining of puppet with a DM.


Items / Puppets may be refunded at any time, if the player chooses. The item / puppet will be refunded at a full return to cost spent, if the item / puppet is less then 30 days old*. If it is more than 30 days old*, then the refund is 1/2 return to cost spent. Items / Puppets may also be passed from character to character, but if this happens then no refund will be given at any time.[/i

(*30 Days starts from the date purchased, not from the date of approval.)

Items / Puppets are subject to approval via the DM Team and may be removed from the character at any given time if abused or if the character is found to be extremely overpowered with the items granted.
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Custom Items
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