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 Summon / Pet Rules

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PostSubject: Summon / Pet Rules   Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:50 pm

Some shinobi choose to follow a different path and use pets, summons or even puppets as their battle technique. Each of these has a set strength depending on what rank the shinobi is. Some have special rules (Like puppets / Summons) but the general rule is that anything that is summoned via the shinobi (Pet / Puppet / Summon etc) follows the same PvP Rules. The special rules for each are posted underneath the general rules. All Summons go directly after the user in turn order, and do get an action immediately after they are summoned. Summons may gain additional bonuses to them via spending AP according to the ability table. For more information, contact DM Hinata for an explanation as it can become quite complicated.

1 Summon / Pet / Puppet may be active at a time, unless the ability grants increased number of summons / pets / puppets active at a time.

[Basic Rules]


[Summon Specific Rules]
Gained on top of Basic Rules


[Puppet Specific Rules]
Gained on top of basic rules


(Note: These rules are subject to change, and due to the nature of these Dicefight effects, we encourage players to suggest changes / balances or even additions they think should be added. If you have any of the above, please send them to or get in contact with DM Hinata.)
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Summon / Pet Rules
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