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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Player Handbook

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PostSubject: Player Handbook   Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:48 pm

The Player-rights hand-book

Naruto Elements is a roleplaying setting based off, in grand majority, what the players make of it. The players run most of the world, in other words, shape it with what they do and see to its general wellness, the players are the most important assets of the setting, as such, the following is a list of rights a player has, to enhance their experience in the server and prosperity with the staff of NE.

1. About Character creation

• 1.1: A player has the right to create a character of any playable village.
• 1.2: A player has the right to have their current character become a Missing Ninja; always taking into account the risks of undergoing such a path and following the guidelines given in Global Regulations.
• 1.3: A player has the right to create about any form of character; always keeping in mind characters with special abilities such as Clan, Bloodline, Tailed beast, or any form of extraordinary, superb, or exotic ability that is not comprised within the ‘common’ character; needs pre-approval by the members of NV’s staff before the character’s creation.
• 1.4: A player has the right to ask a DM for starting assets, such as rank items, OOC gold for cloth editing, starting levels, etc.
• 1.5: A player has the right to start off as an Academy student, or Genin. In case of a special case, it must be first pre-approved by the members of the staff.
• 1.6: A player has the right to request a specific background, clan, bloodline or anything that does not fall under ‘common’ for a character via a forum PM to a staff member.
• 1.7: A player has the right to resend, or inquire about any pending requests after a week (7) of no news from a staff member, preferably via a forum PM. This applies to any sort of request.

2. About Jutsu

• 2.1: A player has the right to start off with all Academy jutsu learned, in case of starting off as a Genin.
• 2.2: A player has the right to learn jutsu, always respecting rank, limit, and mod regulations.
• 2.3: A player has the right to request a custom ability or technique via a PM to a staff member.
• 2.4: A player reserves the right to resend an already approved request to the staff for reconsideration on any modification to the former request.

3. About Events

• 3.1: A player has the right to participate in DM-run events.
• 3.2: A player has the right to join in on-going DM events as long as their appearance/entrance makes sense and is allowed by the DM running the event.
• 3.3: A player has the right to question once a DM’s action/decision in an event.
• 3.4: A player has the right to demand a private conversation with the DM of the event after this one has ended, either via In-game or forum PMs.
• 3.5: A player has the right to leave on-going DM-run events; always keeping in mind that sometimes, depending on the event, In-character consequences might be applicable.
• 3.6: A player has the right to send a complaint to the appropriate Staff Department about a specific DM behavior, preferably with a screenshot for the material proof.

4. About Purchases

• 4.1: A player has the right to make generic purchases, such as levels, default ninja bag tools, uncommon elemental chakra natures, professions, statistics and any other kind of purchase which does not need pre-approval from the staff; as long as he/she has the tokens for it.
• 4.2: A player reserves the right to make the purchase of any pre-approved request, as long as this one has received the notice from a DM via forum PM.
• 4.3: A player reserves the right to refund a character.

5. About server-wide Parties

• 5.1: A player has the right to partake in a server-wide party.
• 5.2: A player reserves the right to travel from a point to the other to interact with members of a server-wide party, always keeping in mind this action must have In-character reason to happen.
• 5.3: A player has the right to idle chatter in between one another through party-chat.
• 5.4: A player has the right to make his own personal party along with other players.
• 5.5: The creator/leader of a party reserves the right to kick another player from his/her party.
• 5.6: A player has the right to leave any party if he/she so wishes. The only exception to this being an event-party in which a DM strictly needs a party to work accordingly.

6. About Rules

• 6.1: A player has the right to report any harassment they feel subjected to, or imbalance of server content, directing the complaint to the HR Department and following the provided rules and stipulations.

(Originally written by Xeneize and will be removed if he wishes for it to be so.)
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Player Handbook
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