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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Server Release

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DM Team
DM Team

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PostSubject: Server Release   Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:11 pm


We are finally launching! We have nearly everything done that we need to do, but the only thing left is the server standard jutsu. As we come into launch, we want to get a few things sorted out. Everyone is welcome to create their character and roleplay but the learning of jutsu or use of jutsu will be restricted until such time as the lists are complete. If you wish to help designing these jutsu, please pm DM Hinata and talk to them, as they could use all the help they can get. Until such time the standard jutsu are created, you are more than welcome to create your own abilities and own jutsu.

1) Abilities are all free! There is no limit to what you can create or play. The only thing we want people to remember is that every ability must be approved by the DM Team before it can be played. It is quite simple to get it approved, but please don't send in 3-4 abilities at once. Start with a single ability, then work through that.

2) Higher ranks! We are allowing people to start higher ranks. Currently, DM Hinata is in charge so for it to be approved you must talk to them through the forums or through Discord / Skype. To get in contact with them to get the information, PM them and ask nicely.

3) Villages! Currently, we have the five main villages that have just been formed. Please keep in mind that this module may have some in game errors E.G wrongly named NPC's, glitches etc so please keep this in mind. If you wish to be an Iwagakure shinobi (Rock) then just pick any standard village and a DM will fix your tokens. This is until the DM team can get the

4) DMs/Developers! We are looking for people to join the team, so if you wish to join the team, send an application to DM Hinata. You will be informed if it is or isn't successful.

5) Changes! If you think any changes should be made to the way things are balanced / the rules or if you think something should be added, then send a pm to DM Hinata with what you think the change / addition should be and why.

6) Everyone is welcome! We are here to roleplay which is why such an open system has been developed! Everyone is welcome and that means everyone. We are here to have fun, and that is what we will do.
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Server Release
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