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 Learning Jutsu

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PostSubject: Learning Jutsu   Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:44 pm

[Learning Jutsu]

There are two ways on Naruto Elements that we allow people to learn jutsu. The first is simply using a DC based system that allows the person to roll and spend CP accordingly. This system is used for those that don't have the time or don't want to sit and roleplay for a increased length of time. The second is purely roleplay based and can be used at any time. Jutsu are learned by having someone that is willing to teach you a jutsu, a jutsu in mind you want to learn and the time required. Below is the way that both of the systems work.

[DC System]

The DC system is a simple system set up to allow people to emote and roll accordingly. This system can be used instead of the RP system, if chosen, but does not have to be used. To use the DC System, you must first have someone that is willing to teach you. They must know the jutsu or have access to the jutsu to be able to teach you. Depending on your rank, and jutsu that you are learning, the DC will be higher or lower. The CP spent for each rank is set and does not change according to rank. You gain bonuses through abilities to learning through the DC system that you would normally have in battle (E.G +Fire Jutsu has effect when learning Fire Jutsu, but not enhancement. +Ninjutsu has effect when learning Medical Ninjutsu but not Medical Taijutsu etc). You also gain bonuses to learning according to the MOD used for the jutsu you are learning, and how high the specified MOD is. If you fail a jutsu learning attempt, you gain a +1 to your next attempt. This bonus stacks, to a maximum of +5 (If you are unfortunate enough to fail 5 times in a row.) and this bonus is kept throughout the process of learning the jutsu. (E.G if you fail twice on the first DC, then finally get it. You still have +2 towards the second and third DC.) To successfully learn the jutsu you must roll equal to or above the DC three times before you can add it to your known jutsu list. Each Jutsu you are learning has a set stat that it must be used with. Below is the list of DC's for each rank, and the CP Spent. You may learn a maximum of 5 jutsu per week, regardless of what system you use. (Monday 00:01 -> Sunday 23:59)

(Learning of E ranks whilst an Academy Student is not limited to the rules above. An academy student may learn UP TO 2 E ranks per day, with no set maximum per week and do not count towards your maximum weekly learning.)

Ninjutsu = WIS
Genjutsu = INT
Taijutsu = DEX/STR
Kenjutsu  = STR/DEX
Fuunijutsu = WIS
Medical = WIS/DEX/STR (Dependent on Jutsu)
Enhancement = WIS/INT/DEX/STR (Dependent on Jutsu)

[CP Per Roll]

E Rank) 1 CP Per Roll
D Rank) 3 CP Per Roll
C Rank) 5 CP Per Roll
B Rank) 8 CP Per Roll
A Rank) 11 CP Per Roll
S Rank) 15 CP Per Roll

[Mod To Learn]

E Rank) 0 MOD
D Rank) 4 MOD
C Rank) 8 MOD
B Rank) 12 MOD
A Rank) 16 MOD
S Rank) 20 MOD

[DC's to Learn]

The DC Rolls is a straight 1d20 and you gain bonuses to your roll according to abiltiites / bonuses / academy etc. The DC can be lowered according to the MOD of the jutsu you are trying to learn. For every 2 MOD's you have over the required mod to learn, the DC of the jutsu is lowered by 1. (E.G Learning a B Rank with a 17 Mod would lower the DC by 2. Making it 11.)

E Rank) 10
D Rank) 11
C Rank) 12
B Rank) 13
A Rank) 14
S Rank) 15

[RP System]

The RP system is purely used for those that do not want to use the DC system, and prefer to roleplay their jutsu lessons. This includes Failures and positives. To use the RP System, you must first have someone that is willing to teach you. They must know the jutsu or have access to the jutsu to be able to teach you. RP sessions when learning jutsu must have AT LEAST a minimum of 5 emotes towards the person learning the jutsu. This system can be good as it allows for people that prefer to RP longer sessions and progress their characters. You may learn a maximum of 5 jutsu per week, regardless of what system you use. (Monday 00:01 -> Sunday 23:59)


When teaching a jutsu, you are required to know the jutsu or have access to the jutsu scroll, and then have a required MOD to teach it. If the user is teaching from a scroll, they do not have to have the required MOD, but their student will gain no bonuses from them.

E Rank) 2 MOD
D Rank) 6 MOD
C Rank) 10 MOD
B Rank) 14 MOD
A Rank) 20 MOD
S Rank) 22 MOD

Teachers grant bonuses to their student according to the mod that they actually have. These bonuses stack with any other bonuses the student already has, and even stacks with the bonuses they gain to DC's. For every 3 MOD's the teacher has over the required MOD to teach, the students DC is lowered by 1. (E.G Teaching a C rank with a 14 mod would lower the DC by 1. Making it 11 for the student.)
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Learning Jutsu
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