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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Ability Rules

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PostSubject: Ability Rules   Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:41 pm

All Players / DMs that participate in roleplaying on Naruto Elements are expected to know and understand the rules set. If you are, at any time, found to be breaking the rules or intentionally trying to get around them, punishment will follow. By creating a character on the server and logging you, you understand and agree to abide by these rules*.

(*Rules are subject to change at anytime, if decided by the DM team. The above disclaimers includes anything posted under the player rules section of the forums.)

[Ability Rules]

1 - Each ability is worth 2 Ability Points. (E.G Universal Rolls 0/0/1/2 = 2 Ability Points and HP Damage Discipline/Hit 0/1/1D4/1D6 = 2 Ability Points)

2 - Abilities may be made a Passive at which point they are still 2 Ability Points, but gain the 11-20 Equivelant from creation. (E.G Discipline Roll 1 for 2 Ability Points)

3 - Passive abilities may be made 1 step higher for an additional 1 Ability Point. (E.G Discipline Rolls 1 -> 2 for 3 Ability Points instead of 2)

4 - Passive abilities may be made 1 step lower for 1 Ability Point less. (E.G Types Rolls 2 -> 1 for 1 Ability Points instead of 2)

5 - Abilities may be made 1 step higher for an additional 1 Ability Point. (E.G Universal rolls from 0/0/1/2 -> 0/1/2/3 for 3 Ability Points instead of 2.)

6 - Abilities may be made 1 step lower for 1 Ability Point Less. (E.G Discipline Rolls from 0/1/2/3 -> 0/0/1/2 for 1 Ability Points instead of 2.)

7 - Abilities (Passive included) may never go more then 1 step above or below their original values. (E.G Discipline roll can go from 0/1/2/3 -> 1/2/3/4 or 0/0/1/2 for scaling or Type rolls 2 -> 3 or 1 for universal)

8 - All abilities are free, but must still be approved by the DM team before they can be used.

9 - There are four types of characters "Descriptions". Below is the list of them and how much AP they get on creation. These are the set AP limits for when creating a custom Ability. Some server abilities may have higher AP values granted due to the origin of the bloodline / ability in question

"Clan" Characters - 10 - 13 Ability Points + Special Passive (Equal to no more than 2 AP)
"Bloodline" Characters - 12 - 15 Ability Points + Special Passive (Equal to no more than 4 AP)
Jinchuriki - 8 - 10 Ability Points + 1 AP per Tail + Special Passive (Equal to no more than 4 AP)

10 - Characters may have more AP added to themselves, their clan or their bloodline if it is approved by the DM team. (Up to a maximum of 30 AP but this cap is hard to reach and requires in depth RP and dedication to a single character.)

11 - No character may have more than 2 of the same ability genre - See Below Rule. (E.G If ability has +Discipline and +Type for Damage Bonus, they may not gain another in this genre but may still gain +Type for Rolls or DR etc. Does not include special passives or passive, only those gained directly through scaling abilities that cost AP.)

12 - Bonus to rolls gained through abilities (+Type, Discipline and Universal) stack to a maximum of +6 per ATK/DEF Roll. (Does not include Special Passives, Passives and/or jutsu)

13 - DMG Bonuses granted through abilities do not stack. One DMG bonus may only apply to a single attack. (E.G Character has Universal DMG Bonus and Taijutsu DMG Bonus. When doing Taijutsu ATK's only 1 of the two DMG bonus will apply.) This is only DMG bonuses granted via scaling abilities and does not conflict with Jutsu, Stat and/or active abilities (E.G Sharingan, Byakugan etc).

14 - Abilities may never have 2 of the same ability (E.G +1/2/3/4 Type Rolls x2.). CP Negatives, HP Regen, CP Regen, Crit Range, HP Vamp Damage and CP Vamp Damage may ONLY EVER be present once in any single Ability / Item. (E.G May have -CP Type, but may not gain -CP Disicpline, Universal etc. Does not include Passives / Special passives but does Items.) For clarification on this rule, speak to DM Hinata.

15 - Bonus to HP and CP may be apparent twice in an ability but may only grant a total maximum of +50 to the two pools. (E.G If person has +30 HP they can only get a maximum of +20 CP.)

16 - Specific Skill Rolls may now only be present once per ability. (E.G +4/8/12/16 Perception. May not gain anymore +perception but can still gain + lore / Concealment etc.). If Universal Skill Rolls is, no more Skill Roll bonuses can be added to the ability.

17 - When creating a character using one of the server wide abilities, you may change what your character gains. Abilities are interchangeable but when it comes to server wide abilities your character MUST keep any CLAN / BLOODLINE specific abilities that they gain. (E.G Hyuuga Byakugan and Gentlefist, Uchiha Sharingan, Puppetry Kugutsu.)

18 - When making a character with an ACN or Kekkei Tota, the Inton and Yoton elements may be used in the elemental combinations but the Yoton and Inton elements must still be purchased through an AP. A character MAY NOT have both Inton and Yoton, except for EXTREMELY rare circumstances. (E.G DM NPC that is S Rank going to destroy the world, or PC that is the birth of 2x S Rank shinobi with each parent having one of the elements).

19 - Chakra costs will always be a 1, no matter how much negatives an ability / character has. No Chakra cost will ever go under 1.

20 - Special Passive abilities CAN be purchased with normal AP but cost 1.5x the cost. (E.G Dojutsu - 6 AP, Custom Clan - 3 AP etc)

21 - These rule are subject to change, but will be updated via the server updates if done so.

(Original Ability chart created by Ectheledel, Taka, Sleepy, Joa and Erik then adapted to a new system by DM Hinata)
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Ability Rules
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