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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Stat / Level Rewards

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PostSubject: Stat / Level Rewards   Stat / Level Rewards Icon_minitimeMon May 08, 2017 11:27 am

As of the time of this post, players are able to request from DM's who are on DM client rewards. If you believe you, or someone else, has earned a level or stat through RP, you are able to send the DM a PM or through the /dm code and request one. Do not send these requests to a DM that is on their PC, only if they are on the DM Client. The DM in question, whom is on the client, is able to make the decision as to if the reward is actually granted. Each DM has the right to accept or deny the reward and DOES NOT have to give a reason if they decline it. You, the player, are able to take a screenshot and send it to myself if you think that it was unjustified, unfair or if you really think you or someone else deserves the reward.

This has been put in to place to allow players to earn more rewards whilst RPing. As a side note, you are STILL only allowed to earn up to 6 Stats / levels a week. You, the player, are responsible for keeping track of this and if you earn more then 6 a week, you will be dealt with. DM's are not responsible for keeping track of how many stats / levels you earn as we have a lot to do and that is just more work.

For clarification and/or a suggestion towards this change, send me a PM or contact me on skype / discord. I hope you are all enjoying your time and hope that you will stay with us to RP your heart away.

Love, DM Hinata <3
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Stat / Level Rewards
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