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 One Tail (Sealed - Hananki)

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PostSubject: One Tail (Sealed - Hananki)   Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:13 pm

[Brush to Bind]
[10 AP]
Fubuki's early lessons as a potential candidate, mundane as they seemed at first, were that of calligraphy. This was meant first and foremost to integrate her into the more mundane focuses of Clan Kirei's noble endeavors- proper artistry, haiku, a steady hand. While she didn't enjoy paying much attention during these little focus sessions, and she hardly showed interest in the more concrete expressions and letters, what her teachers did take note of were her odd, abstract paintings, showing warped lands and portraits, emphasizing bits and pieces of individuals, odd colourings, and the like.
As she grew older, her potential as Jinchuriki became more apparent as she took to the broad strokes and small details of various seals, the winding tattoos and precision necessary to finish them. No one could deny she had some sort of touch with the clan's ink, and the opportunity to sink the beast into someone who might potentially be able to help control it herself became too great an opportunity to pass up.
This talent grew into something far greater in the years since she acclimated to being a Jinchuriki, the hints of Shinkirou's chakra leaking to poison her talents into something entirely different, perhaps trying in his own twisted way to pervert her seals before she'd had a use for them, Fubuki's affinity only deepened, enabling her to almost feel the ink- to twist and make it flow to her whims, and somehow inundate even regular water with her chakra to thicken it into an inky glob if necessary.

Special Passive - Gives Access to Bokuujuton (Ink Release - Used with INT) techniques, and receive 2x Free E/D/C/B Rank Jutsu, 1x A/S.

[Shinketon | Mirage Release]
(Special Passive - 1 AP)
By altering the ambient moisture in the air- little as it may be in the desert, or as much as Kirigakure itself- Shinkirou can play plenty of tricks of the light to allow himself time to escape or encroach on whatever he may be observing at the time, feeding into his natural curiosity without the need for violence. Or at least, the opportunity to engage in it first. The real strength of this deadly combination of control however, lies in the fact that one can mix the tricks of light with 'solid' creations of water, flowing in creeping and unsettling manners that can mystify, and create semi-real illusions.
Special Passive - Shinkirou's host gains Yoton/Suiton/Shinketon (Mirage) release, as well as 2x Free E/D/C/B Rank Jutsu, 1x A/S Mirage jutsu.
ACN Passive - Shinketon jutsu pierce 2 DR/hit.
Passive) Users starts with Yoton Element

[Blurred Lines]
(3 AP)
Utilizing a mix of the ambient moisture- ink at times when an extra 'oomph' is required- along with some minor tricks of light, Fubuki has managed to create her own sort of quasi-fighting style, playful as it may seem at first. By aiding her movements with small spurts of extra speed, little flickers of light and divergence, she can almost make up for her lack of actual speed when forced into a more physical altercation.
5 CP To Activate, 2 CP Upkeep.
Hana can utilize Int as Dex, sans stat bonus while the upkeep is kept. This can be used when initiative is rolled as her first turn's free offensive action, or during training of melee techniques with the upkeep added into each attempt.

[Endless Inkwells]
(4 AP)
While it may be fairly simple for her to transform water into ink, the act of condensing it into water in the first place had always irked Fubuki, to say the least. The solution then, was fairly simple in her mind- using some of the clan's funds, she commissioned the best potters she (the clan) could find to make and seal the most water-conductive containers possible, enhanced by her own seals to quickly draw in the ambient moisture, helping to ease and fuel her jutsu more readily.
Academy) 0 CP Regen, Gain a secondary CP pool 1 / 1 / 5
Genin) 1 CP Regen, Gain a secondary CP pool 5 / 1 / 10
Chuunin) 2 CP Regen, Gain a secondary CP pool 5 / 1 / 15
Jounin) 3 CP Regen, Gain a secondary CP pool 10 / 1 / 20

[Endless Curiosity]
(2 AP)
Rather than wreck havoc or hide in some cave, Shinkirou has always traveled the world with plain curiosity offered to it and its inhabitants- at least the ones that did not stray too close to him by accident. This allows him to impart some of his experience and observations to his host, sometimes to simply see what they make of it, others to trick or frustrate- but this beast certainly knows his way around.
Academy) +2 to Skill Rolls
Genin) +4 to Skill Rolls
Chuunin) +6 to Skill Rolls
Jounin) +8 to Skill Rolls
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One Tail (Sealed - Hananki)
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