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 [Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki

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PostSubject: [Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki   [Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki Icon_minitimeSun Apr 23, 2017 7:36 am

Yuki Hyūga
[Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki Lenia_2_by_wlop-d9a0a79

Born in the land of tea Yuki didn't know much of her mother or father for that matter. In truth her mother had been the consort (and tea country spy) to a roaming Uchiha gentlemen and had accidentally had a not-so-happy accident, Yuki was given up to an orphanage the same day as she was born. Pale as the snow she was given the name Yuki. Passed up for adoption several times over and more, she stayed at the orphanage until she was six. A fire broke out and her sharingan showed itself as she rushed out of the blaze that took no ones lives, quick reaction and a heroic did had left Yuki a heroine that day as she drew out others from the quickly consuming blaze. Burns here and there, even one kid lost an arm, a gruesome affair, but no one died. The sharingan showing though lead to complications, and eventually she was given over to the uchiha of the leaf village in order to avoid political issues, and indeed she was up for adoption. By her seventh year she was placed in the academy and now at ten years of age she is ripe to graduate only a few more courses left to go.
Yuki tends to be overly friendly, she was never really mistreated but has serious abandonment issues, the idea that the village would never let her go is far more a comfort to her then it is a prison. Yuki starts as an academy student.

(Special Passive)
The Sharingan (Literally meaning: Copy Wheel Eye, Meaning (Viz): Mirror Wheel Eye) is the dōjutsu kekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan that appears selectively among its members. It is regarded as one of the "Three Great Dōjutsu", the others being the Byakugan and the Rinnegan. While its powers originated from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's Rinne Sharingan, its independent form was first manifested by Indra Ōtsutsuki. Yuki acquired Sharingan at an exceptionally young age and has been keen to master her 'gift'.
Dojutsu(4 AP) - Gains Dojutsu. 1x Passive Effect. 2x Custom Dojutsu Abilities
Passive Effect) Sharingan Tomo Active Bonuses (Special Rules)
Custom Dojutsu Abilities) Insight and Hypnotism
[Sharingan Tomo Active]
5 CP To Activate, X CP Per round, Tomo Dependant (Does not benefit from CP Negatives)
1 Tomo) 1 CP Per Round, +1 ATK/DEF Rolls, +1d4 DMG, Can Copy C Rank and Below (See Insight Rules), Can Read CP Levels
2 Tomo) 2 CP Per Round, +2 ATK/DEF Rolls, +1d6 DMG, Can Copy B Rank and Below (See Insight Rules), Can Read CP Levels
3 Tomo) 2 CP Per Round, +3 ATK/DEF Rolls, +1d8 DMG, Can Copy A Rank and Below (See Insight Rules), Can Read CP Levels

Sharingan Tomo must be active. User may Copy any Jutsu of X rank and below (Depending on their current Tomo). User pays 1/2 the CP of the Jutsu they are copying when they first copy it. If they are copying a jutsu that was created by a player, they must have direct permission by that player to copy it.

Uchiha are able to use genjutsu without the use of handsigns. This allows them to use Genjutsu whilst physically stunned for a cost of 3 CP + the cost of Genjutsu (2 Round Cooldown). Also, on the user's turn they may, as a free action, spend 3 CP, INT vs INT/WIS/CHA of target (2 Round Cooldown). If successful, User can tell the target what to do on their ATK turn. If the target is hit between the user's and their own turn, the effect is broken. On the target's turn, and anytime the user attempts to control them, the target may roll INT/WIS/CHA vs the original ATK Roll-2 in attempt to break themselves free. This control is visually indicated by the Sharingan's design appearing in the target's eye. Allies of the target can roll Perception vs the targets Concealment to try and spot the Sharingan in their eye.

(OOC Note: Hypnotism may be used on PC's out of combat, but never to kill said player or any other players (Unless direct consent is given). Information gained or controlling an NPC may only be done during DM events or with DM permission.)

[Not So Well Rounded]
(Well Rounded Equivalent)
(8 AP - Must Have - upgraded 4/27/2017), Updated 5/29/2017
The Uchiha were known for having an innate aptitude for all combat-oriented skills and an advanced growth rate. They also have an especially potent chakra quality as well as a natural affinity for the fire nature transformation; Uchiha are not truly considered adults until they can successfully perform the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. Uchiha also frequently use ninja tools in combat, being best known for their use of shuriken. For the foreign born Yuki however the trials and tribulations of her heritage and odd lineage have led her a bit astray, she is not at all proficient in Katon, instead she finds her affinity in fuuinjutsu taking after her mothers clan, (and fueling her chakra reserves endlessly).
Passive) Gives access to Fuuinjutsu. 1x Custom C/B/A Rank Fuinjutsu - Universal Only
Passive) All Uchiha start with Katon
0-10) +0 ATK/DEF Rolls, +1 CP Regen Per Round
11-20) +1 ATK/DEF Rolls, +2 CP Regen Per Round
21-30) +2 ATK/DEF Rolls, +3 CP Regen Per Round

31-40) +3 ATK/DEF Rolls, +4 CP Regen Per Round

[Devouring Seal]
(1 ap)
A creation by Yuki to assist in destroying effects that bind her, an ever present seal, small and bound to the back of her head hidden away by her hair, it constantly attempts to 'consume' negative effects that are plaguing her, with chakra applied this effect is increased dramatically, consuming more and more.
0-10) Innate Reduce Effect Duration on user for 4 cp per 1 round
11-20 Reduced cost to 3 cp per 1 round
21-30) Reduced cost to 2cp per 1 round

31-40) Reduced cost to 2 cp per 2 rounds

[Far Sight; detection focus]
(5 AP) Updated 6/18/2017 - scaling + atk/def changed to special passive to fit server rules
Yuki's Chakra perception via the sharingan is very far gone past the norm for even the uchiha, a latent talent for binding and unbinding things has left her eyes with a crystal clear view of her own chakra and the chakra of other places. Her sharingan unleashed she is able to not just look at the immediate area but distance places whenever she (and not even people who steal her eyes!) makes use of sharingan she can see further into the distance, past physical barriers, with a higher focus than average, seeing things in the distance in relatively high detail. This even includes auditory components and is directly akin to scrying. But would be blocked by anything designed to defeat doujutsu in such a manner.
The ability to see past and inside people offer yields greater combat proficiency, using farsight on herself to eliminate holes in her vision

Passive: +1 ATK/DEF Rolls
0-10) +1 Detection Range
11-20) +2 Detection Range
21-30) +4 Detection Range

31-40) +6 Detection Range

[Patient Healer]
(5 AP)
Yuki has decided to go down the medical shinobi route, practicing and developing arts through her sensei Masami. With a focus on long running healing techniques she hopes to maintain others as best she can in the battlefields.
Passive) Gain access to Medical Discipline
Academy) +1 Duration Jutsu Universal
Genin) +1d4-1(Min 1) Duration Jutsu Universal
Chuunin) +1d4 Duration Jutsu Universal

Jounin) +1d6 Duration Jutsu Universal

[A Little Bit of Everything/Jack of all Trades]
(2 AP)
Yuki takes lessons on what it means to be a ninja rather seriously, where many people specialize Yuki does the opposite spreading out her capacities into many fields, and thus being a true master of none, surely never to the degree someone who has dedicated their life to a single pursuit would be. But versatility is its own advantage. Yuki finds herself seldom without use.
0-10) Healing: 0, Universal Skill Rolls: 0
11-20) Healing: 1, Universal Skill Rolls: 2
21-30) Healing: 1d4, Universal Skill Rolls: 4

31-40) Healing: 1d6, Universal Skill Rolls 6

[Custom Item: Blitz Seal Gloves]
A small set of fuinjutsu mark Yuki's gloved fingertips and thumbs, each one of them baring one of the twelve seals, save for tiger and ram which mark her glove's palms. Whilst sealing through jutsu and the like, she can carefully run chakra through each one in order to perform a secondary mixed jutsu, combining the arts of handsigns into fuinjutsu to create jutsu, though bound by her progression in how far she can improve the gloves. Reinforcing and redrawing the fuinjutsu. Creating the gloves involving abusing Nao Senju's blood to lock in the seven elements and make it all the easier.
DF: Multicast Ninjutsu - Perform another Ninjutsu per round. May still use free actions. E Rank Ninjutsu and below. 2 Round Cooldown. Applies Bonuses.
May be upgraded in future to allow for higher ranks to be used.
D: +10 Token Cost (20 Total)
C: +10 Token Cost (30 Total)
B: +10 Token Cost (40 Total - Requires Chuunin)
A: +10 Token Cost (50 Total - Requires Jounin)

[Custom Item: Shadowsilk]
Upon forcing herself to grow to her final life long height Yuki, invests her time working at the tool shop with her friends there. Particularly the woman she knows only as the Weaver, trying to better her equipment for the challenges to follow, a creation of spidery chakra, and silks. An under mesh like many others, but much stronger burn resistant flame retardant and more, made from condensed and re-condensed spider web material that has been wrapped together a hundred times or more per thin thread carefully lashed and bound together. A form fitting set of undergarments with portions to cover Yuki underneath her cloths however would be sensible, complete with matching lingerie to wear underneath it. It never gets dirty, ages, or dingy, the 'perfect' undergarment for sexy ninja.
By slowly dousing the silks in chakra infused water it can build up a resistance to chakra based attacks as well, both holding it in when its extracted forcibly and keeping it from getting blasted directly. This process also gives it extended longevity.
+4 HP/hit, +1 CP DR/hit

[Tool: Yuki Summoning Scroll]
A special creation by Yuki Uchiha that's written in her own blood, given out to people whom she trusts she allows them to attempt to summon her at any time to any place. Yuki can of course refuse these summons and determine who is attempting to summon her getting a split second vision of the person using the scroll before making her decision. When summoned Yuki appears on the spot in a pink flash.
DF: Takes up 1 tool slot, can only be given and replenished by visiting Yuki and her giving one IC. Takes 5 cp to perform, and an action. If it fails to summon Yuki the CP cost is not spent.
Thus far Given to:
Hyuuga, Masami
Nao Senju
Hajime Senju - First Hokage
Hananki Shousho
Uchiha, Noboru
Inuzuka, Akirah

1: Chakra Pill
4: Kunai
5: Scrolls
2: Ninja Wire
2: Explosive Tags
1: Senbon

Skill NamePoints
Tracking0Chakra Control0
Concealment30First Aid20
Tools0World Lore0
Weaponry0Village Lore0

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PostSubject: Re: [Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki   [Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki Icon_minitimeSun Apr 23, 2017 10:12 am

Custom Fuinjutsu:

Custom Doujutsu

Custom Medical



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PostSubject: Re: [Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki   [Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki Icon_minitimeSun Apr 23, 2017 11:22 am

Copied & Learned Jutsu:













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PostSubject: Re: [Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki   [Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki Icon_minitimeSun Apr 23, 2017 11:23 am

Character Aspects:
High Concept: Renaissance Kunoichi

Nindo: "I am a badass ninja, that is my nindo my ninja way. Those who make me compromise my nindo, lose the benefit of the doubt with it. If I compromise my nindo on my own, I am without honor. To count on atonement is folly, to not try to atone is anathema to my own being"

Religion: "I worship Jashin, my sect believes that dying well, is more important then living well. When I kill others, my greatest kindness is to make them die poetic, meaningful deaths. If I should die, it shall be beautiful"

Trouble: "My age does not define who I am nor how I think, my rank does not define who I am nor how I think. If someone proclaims that I do not have the required rank or age,to do something, they are not to be trusted, either stupid, or an enemy; in either case an obstacle by choice"

Creed 1: "I should recognize that to others, my contradiction in regards to stereotypes about my age and rank is not apparent. I do not think as others my age do, I do not think the way my rank would imply I do. But the world, is full of the vapid, and the casual; I will show them my way"
Creed 2: "I will never abandon my friends, just because someone told me to. Rules are there to protect whats precious, if they put whats precious at risk or destroy them, then the rules are wrong. It is among most important assets to a shinobi to know when to break the rules"
Creed 3: "People imitate me, but they don't notice how soon I am to back down when I know I'm wrong, a gentle switch. When they break themselves on the stone wall that is their own mistakes, not realizing the nuance."
Creed 4: "I think differently then most people. I reject this as a flaw no matter how hard people enforce their will. If everyone thinks the same, then people are not people. I am under no obligation to subscribe to logic that is not my own, but an open mind is what is needed. This goes both ways"
Creed 5: "Everything goes both ways I must be prepared to reap what I sow, if others are not, that is not my problem; showing mercy is nice, but by no means obligation."

Flaw: "I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely. I find it strange that others seem to treat me the same as I treat myself in this regard, I hate them for it, in a meritocracy the bar must be the same for all people."
Flaw 2: "I get bitter if I'm not the center of attention; the world does in fact revolve around me. My pride will probably lead to my destruction"

Bond: "I owe my life to Saiya Uchiha, she is my mentor, my ken, my grandmother. I believe in the clan because I believe in her. She taught me to surpass my limit, it is to her I owe my mind."
Bond II: "Erin Senju is my true and loyal friend"
Bond III: "Noboru shall become the hokage, and save the village"
Bond IV: "Masami Hyuuga, is .. my .. adoptive mother"
Bond V: "Hinako paints her own world, how strange she painted me in it. What did I do?"
Bond VI: "Hananki is my friend. She pities me."
Bond VII: "Snowy is mine and mine alone to care for and protect. She may be a kitty, but she is my family."
Bond VIII: "Arata is sometimes my brother, he is my enemy, he is my pervert stalker, he is dangerous, he is sometimes my friend. I will prepare myself to be the hand that guides him to Jashin."
Bond IX: "I killed Kurai in part due to my actions. She was my friend who taught me things and respected me. In the end she died hating me"
Bond X: "Nao is my Rival. I acknowledge him. This is how things should be."
Bond XI: "Katashi fancies himself a philosopher, he is actually pretty good at it, I will pay attention."
Bond XII: "Well a lot of terrible things go on, sometimes my village really is competent. It is healthy for me to accept this."

Belief: "The world is in need of new ideas and bold action. Tradition however cannot be broken so easily. All things must be put in balance."

Weapon: "I would rather be a predator then prey. One slip one mistake, and the hunter becomes the hunted. If you do me an injury I will crush you, ruin your name, and salt your fields"

Outlook: "I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick, I face problems holistically, mind first, then the rest. I use polysyllabic words that convey the impression of great erudition. The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge and cunning"

Those who would cause mangekyo: (Regardless of circumstance; aside natural death, all others could cause it though relative to circumstances).
Saiya Uchiha
Masami Hyuuga
Erin Senju

Odd things Yuki has done off screen:
Gone to North Western fire country and arranged 9 bolders in a circle, with 1 more in the middle, etching sequentially one to nine in those in the circle, and the one in the center ontop with the label "seal".

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Purchase / Gains:
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[Konohagakure] Hyūga, Yuki
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