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 Few System Changes

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PostSubject: Few System Changes   Wed May 03, 2017 11:57 pm

We have added a few system changes that all players must become aware of.

1) Stat Subbing has been added to the ability table. Below is the two new abiltities.

Stat Substitute | Substitute one stat for another, without bonuses. (E.G WIS used in place of INT for rolls.) | 6 AP
Stat Substitute - Bonuses | Substitute one stat for another, including bonuses. (E.G WIS used in place of DEX for rolls and gains DEX Stat bonuses according to WIS MOD) | 10 AP

2) Skills now have a limit according to your character level. This has been implemented due to a few complaints and suggestions by other players. Maximum skill that you can have is set to: Current Level + 5 = Max Skill. This is HARD CAPPED at 40, so level 35 - 40 all have Max Skill of 40.

3) Skill bonuses granted via rank has had it's scaling changed. It used to be Genin +10, Chuunin +10 and Jounin +20. It is now Genin +10, Chuunin + 15 and Jounin +20.

4) The Advanced Genin and Advanced Chuunin ranks are now able to rise up to 3 levels of the normal Genin and Chuunin. Advanced Genin leveling is now 15 - 23 and Advanced Chuunin is 25 - 33. They still follow their ranks ability scaling. (Advanced Genin follows Genin, Advanced Chuunin follows Chuunin.)

5) New Hiding Rule has been added to the Dicefight. It is underneath re-rolling. Please read and understand this rule.

6) New Hiding ability has been added to the ability table to allow multiple successful concealment's per fight.

7) Rule 15 has been added to the ability rules. Specific Skill Rolls may now only be present once per ability. (E.G +4/8/12/16 Perception. May not gain anymore +perception but can still gain + lore / Concealment etc.). If Universal Skill Rolls is, no more Skill Roll bonuses can be added to the ability.

Cool Summons are now granted a single passive ability that they gain throughout all ranks.
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Few System Changes
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