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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:00 pm

All Players / DMs that participate in roleplaying on Naruto Elements are expected to know and understand the rules set. If you are, at any time, found to be breaking the rules or intentionally trying to get around them, punishment will follow. By creating a character on the server and logging you, you understand and agree to abide by these rules*.

(*Rules are subject to change at anytime, if decided by the DM team. The above disclaimers includes anything posted under the player rules section of the forums.)

[No Powergaming]
- Powergaming is a no no, period. This is a rp server. Role Play or go elsewhere. If you are going to powergaming, you will be warned and dealt with accordingly. Powergaming is when you do everything you an to make your character god, this isn't just boring its unfair to other plays and people on our server.

[No Public Cybering]
- This is a PG-13 server. Please keep cybering to tells, or in whisper in a private location. We don't want to see it. And you don't want to explain it. We allow you to Cyber if you wish, but keep it out of the public eye. As well, Do not cyber with a character under 18 as for some people that is highly disturbing. Just don't do it.

- Any action that allows you to make any decision you would not normally make due to outside knowledge that your character would not normally possess. If you are caught Metagaming, you will be dealt with Accordingly. metagaming is the act of trying to make your character know something they obviously would not for your own personal IC or OOC gain.

[Other / Enemy Villages]
- If you are a ninja from a hidden village and you go to a village not friendly to you. You are subject to perma. There will be no arguments about if you are killed. You shouldn't be there so do not go there. Entering a village that you have stumbled upon randomly is note permitted unless it is an allied village or you were taken there by someone from that village. This rule will be pushed greatly, and those that do not follow it will be punished.

[Player Property]
- If a area is owned by a player, meaning they have boughten it with tokens, and sent it in adding it to the model, and you stumble upon it, or 'fall in' so to speak, it doesn't mean ICly you found it. Ask the creator first, for all you know that door, or gate, or trapdoor, whatever, was locked and barred with 500 explosive Fuuinjutsu.

[Character Levels]
- Each character, depending on their Rank is subject to a maximum level. For more information, read the Rank Rules. Levels are gained through dedication to character, DM Events or approved by the DM team. When gained these must be recorded on the character biography.

[Mods / Stats]
-Mods and stats relate directly to a characters strength. These are earned / bought in numerous ways either via DM events (Given or via RP Tokens earned), by submission to the DM team or by recommendation of your characters superiors. These must be recorded on the character biography with how many was bought / given, date, and who they were given / granted by. The maximum mods for everyone is determiend by level. For reference as to your max mod, refer to:

[Banned Classes]
-ALL Classes but the following are Banned. If you are caught once with them we will relevel you, slap your wrist gently and point you at this rule. If we catch you a second time you are gonna be in trouble. The Classes that we ALLOW here are: [ Bard / Rogue / Fighter / Barbarian / Cleric / Ranger / Monk / Sorc / Wiz ] Please stick to these Classes. =) Note, Great stat feats are allowed, 'Extra' Great stat feats simply aren't. This is in place to allow you to have Good Skills, as well as good Stats instead of having the complicated to try and make a good leveling build based on NWN.

[Customized 'Extras']
- Each character is aloud their own custom Abilities/Items/Weapons etc. Each of these must be submitted to the DM team before you can use it. For a list on more information, read the Custom Weapon/Items/Abilities Information. All customized extras including Abilities/Items/Weapons etc must be posted on your characters bio for everyone to see. If these are metagamed by another, the player in question will be talked to.

[Concerning DM's]
- If a DM is caught abusing their power, players, or other DMs they will be dealt with severely. IF a player is harassed by a DM please take a screen shot and submit it to the forum DM or Admins. DM Staff is all for one, and one for all. ALL DM's are equal. DM's are players too, please refrain from spamming them with DM questions, unless they approve of. We are all players we deserve some RP time too.

[No Flaming/Bashing]
- Naturally we must request that people treat others with the amount of respect you wish for yourself to receive. It seems quite simple in theory to just assume if your rude to someone that they may not be anything less to yourself, and these are feelings to which we would like to avoid here on the board. Feelings as such can create a hostile environment for the members and that can really kill a mood. Rule of thumb folks, just don't take things too seriously, this is meant to be a fun experience, not something that you should stress over. Any problems you may be having should be addressed to a staff member to be dealt with.

[No Trolling]
- One could assume that this would be mostly said in the rule above, however Trolls crave upon the chaos and to bait people into their world if you will. It will only be said once, Trolls will absolutely NOT be tolerated in any shape or form.

[Player Harassment]
- If a player bugs you, and becomes an annoyance, Get a screen shot of the conversation. And send it to the DM Team. The Person will be dealt with. If you are caught Harassing anyone in tells, party, or otherwise on an out of character level. Punishment will be quick and sever to an automatic level 2 Punishment.

- We all know these groups of people who like to make a mess of things which are for a lack of a better word, not as big as it seems or they try and direct an issue at a member whom they do not like for various reasons. This of course isn't allowed as mentioned before, it can make the environment a bit tense for members not involved. You have a problem with someone, you take it to the staff, they don't feel the same way, well tough. I'm not saying that we will not listen to your case, but if we decide it's not a big deal, well sorry. No taking this sort of thing to the c-box either.

[Have Fun]
- Not much of a rule. but this sort of thing can be what people need to lighten up after reading a list of stuffy rules which really bring a certain aura to the rper. Some may seem strict at times, but its all for the benefit of the players who join the community. Remember that this is a site to not be taken all that seriously, it's a place for one to enjoy one's self and have a fun time. So to all those joining the board, I bid you a welcome, and a fun stay.
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Server Rules
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