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A NWN Roleplaying Server based around the Naruto world. Set after the forging of the five great cities in an alternate timeline.
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 Forum RP Rules

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PostSubject: Forum RP Rules   Sat May 06, 2017 7:47 pm

[Forum RP Rules]

1) All Forum rp is considered canon to the server, if you do it on the forums it must be acknowledged on the server as well. If an NPC is killed via forum rp, they will not appear on the server. That said surviving NPCs can appear on the server for personal events and plots.

2) A person cannot control major NPCs in their thread unless they have the permission of the DMs. Major NPC deaths that happen via forum rp must be discussed and approved by the DM team before the thread is made.

3) Battles should be believable, this means no genin single handily bringing down an S-Rank jounin or a Kage level Ninja or several chuunin. A genin beating a Chuunin is believable as is a chuunin beating a jounin. When fighting another player in forum rp there's no auto hitting and no auto dodging.

4) Rewards may be granted for exceptional Forum RP. It is an alternate to RPing on the server, but should not be used in place of actual server RP. If you do not receive a reward from forum RP, do not send a tell / PM to a DM complaining and asking why.

(Rewards are granted by Forum DM's. The Forum RP Section Rewards is led by DM Auri and any rewards mentioned by other DM's can be revoked / changed at any time if he see's fit. The before mentioned note can be overruled by DM Hinata if needed.)
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Forum RP Rules
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