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 Sea Monster Mission

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PostSubject: Sea Monster Mission   Sea Monster Mission Icon_minitimeSat Jun 17, 2017 3:02 am

Mission name: Heroes of the Storm

Participants: Katashi Takeyama, Kamiko, Akirah Inuzuka, Noboru Uchiha.

Rank: B, Became S Ranked.

Orders: Retrieve a stolen book.
Synopsis: We left konoha after being informed a squad of three had stolen some book from a temple in fire country and had fled towards Tea Country. We pursued them and after managing to survive the trip through a rather unusual storm, we landed upon an island. The island hidden in the storm, the elder would later tell us it was called. Progressing further inland, the villagers at first reacted with fear towards us. Telling us that we certainly had been on the right path. Eventually we came to a cave shaped like a wolf's skull and entered to retrieve the book. We arrived just as the ceremony was almost completed, the thieves gave their lives in a sacrificial manner to revive some beast. I barely managed to save the book before the center of the room collapsed and released a frightening beast of terrifying power. Kamiko suggested that the book was connected to the beast, So i ordered the squad to flee and we escaped the cave with the book. She was right and the beast was sealed once more. Mission completed.

Casualties: None on our squad.
Enemies: Summoned beast of limitless power.

Suggestions: I suggest that the we safeguard this book.

- Squad followed my instructions well.
- Kamiko's knowledge proved invaluable to the success of the mission.
- Katashi and Akirah's tracking skills both assisted in locating the subjects.
- Akirah's knowledge of sailing proved vital.

Uchiha, Noboru.
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Sea Monster Mission
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