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 Mission Report: Sand and Cacti

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Mission Report: Sand and Cacti Empty
PostSubject: Mission Report: Sand and Cacti   Mission Report: Sand and Cacti Icon_minitimeWed Jun 21, 2017 1:19 pm

Mission name: Sand and Cacti

Participants: Akirah Inuzuka + Okami<3 ((A little heart is drawn next to the name on the paper.)), Hananki, Yuki and myself.

Rank: D

Orders: See about a shrine

Synopsis: The First Mission Ever!! Sunagakure was an interesting field trip. The academy teacher said there aren't a lot of Raiton users in Fire Country so I was sent off on a trip to see about that. I ended up with a group of people. One of them even had a WOLF. A white one. Pure adorbs. Anyway, for being a small fry I did okay. Followed orders, snuck around, poked some cactis.. cactuses.. whatever.
It all began with me needing a Raiton teacher apparently. When I was learning how to break out from various types of holds, I ended up scorching myself with electricity. It's no surprise, dad always said my chakra is a lot like his. ANYWAY, so we wandered along into Sunagakure 'cuz there's all these Raiton users living there or whatever. And I end up hearing a mission call for D-Rank. I figured it can't hurt.
They had me come along but most of the time I was hiding behind a rock and I literally saw nothing even when I tried to look so it's a bit blurry. But I was useful so it's okay. And we didn't get to fight anyone so double okay.

Casualties: I don't even know, there was just so much death and stench and burned bodies. The dead people were two big monsters I think. And then two shinobi with Heaven headbands and a few others. Slavers.

Enemies: None

Observations: We proceeded cautiously enough and only set off two explosions. People who got hit were not harmed somehow.

Commentary: I think I'm going to train harder from now on so I can be more useful. Now I see what dad meant. His death mattered to the village and he wanted my life to matter too. I'm only 13, totally not too late to get this done. I made up my mind. I'll be a jounin before I'm sixteen like they always wanted me to be.

Hatake Sayuri
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Mission Report: Sand and Cacti Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mission Report: Sand and Cacti   Mission Report: Sand and Cacti Icon_minitimeWed Jun 21, 2017 1:43 pm

((Received 4 tokens from DM Mifune for report.
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Mission Report: Sand and Cacti
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